4-H Virtual Recess: Cleaning for Kids

Not only is cleaning a skill that will serve kids throughout their lives, it will make their and their parents lives easier. Come on kids, let’s do our part and pitch in!

Cleaning Games

6 ways to make cleaning fun! Remember to keep it short and sweet to make it fun for everyone.

  • Beat the Clock – Set a timer and a challenge to get done before it rings. Put away 10 toys or books in one minute.Put away laundry neatly and where it belongs in five minutes.
  • Cleaning relays – start in one room and give an index card with instructions to keep it going. For example: make your bed then pass it to each sibling. If it reaches mom in 10 minutes and they are all done everyone gets 10 min of screen time.
  • Pick a favorite – Allow young kids to pick any chore.Even though you may have to re-wash a dish or two, they will be doing what they enjoy.
  • Set it to music – Make a cleaning play list and allow the kids to pick the songs. This gives them ownership when it is being played and fun while they work.
  • Let them pick their reward – Of course this will have to be within reason or from a few selected things, but they will feel empowered to motivated.
  • Hide and Seek – Hide quarters/ dollars depending on the ages of your kids around the house and tell them how many there are. Strategically place them where you want cleaned and explain to them they get to keep it when done.

Lights, Camera, Clean!

Use your phone to help your kids to film a cleaning commercial while actually cleaning. They can make a new label for the product and write a script. Then clean away. They will love watching this later and can think of the next place in the house that they would love to clean. This video can even be shared to a private you-tube video and let family members near and far enjoy the fun.


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Compiled and Presented by Kim Deville, Evangeline Parish 4-H Agent.

Print out the
Clover Challenge Cleaning for Kids PDF
and have fun with the word search game!

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