National Nutrition Month® Week 2: Plan Your Meals Each Week

Happy National Nutrition Month®! During the second week, we want to focus on planning our meals. The first tip is to make a grocery list before going to the store. When making your grocery list, remember our MyPlate. We want to include foods from every food group. Sometimes when we do not make a list, we tend to either purchase too much or too little food. If we are hungry, we tend to purchase convenience foods or snacks by the cash register. A good idea is to avoid going to the grocery store when hungry. Look for healthy meals to serve your family. Have the whole family work together to select new healthy recipes to try at home.

The second tip is to be menu-savvy when dining out. Remember that portions tend to be super-sized when eating out. We need to be aware of high fat, high calorie foods. Pay attention to how items are prepared. You can always ask your server about substitutions or changes in meal preparation. Remember to follow your MyPlate goals, even when you eat out. Remember to pack healthy lunches for school or work and even while on the road. Try packing an apple or baby carrots to enjoy as a snack. Remember our food safety tips when packing your lunch. Add an ice pack to your lunch box and heat your food to the proper temperature to ensure proper food safety.

The final tip is to plan healthful eating while traveling. Do not forget to include nutritious options while out of your normal routine. Remember these tips to help ensure nutritious meals during the week.

3/16/2020 2:19:07 PM
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