Cajun Chronicles for January 2020

4-H Summer Camp

This summer, Terrebonne 4-H members have the opportunity to attend summer camp June 8-12, 2020. Camping is one of the most valuable experiences a child can have. It’s a learning experience that helps boys and girls appreciate the outdoors, live together as a group, get along with others and appreciate people with different interests and backgrounds.

Many 4th, 5th and 6th grade boys and girls participate in 4-H Camp Grant Walker. The camp is held at the LSU AgCenter’s Grant Walker 4-H Educational Center, an 80-acre campsite located near Pollock, LA, on Highway 8 about 15 miles northeast of Alexandria.

4-H camp begins on Monday and campers return home on Friday. Transportation is provided to and from camp.

If you are a 4-H member in 4th-6th and you are interested in attending 4-H summer camp you must complete a Summer Camp Application and return it to the 4-H office. You can get the application from your club leader or the 4-H office. Applications are due to the 4-H office by February 7, 2020. The application lets us know that you are interested in attending camp. Once applications are retuned, we send invitations. The invitations are sent based on parish/state 4-H participation and school representation.

Adult Volunteer space is limited. If you are interested, please make a comment on your child’s 4-H Camp Application. The 4-H office will contact you if needed.

Youth Counselors are needed. 4-H Members 10th –12th grade should complete an application. You can contact Mrs. Cherie if interested.

Terrebonne 4-H Livestock Show

Join us for the Terrebonne Parish 4-H Junior Livestock Show and Rabbit Show on Saturday, January 25, 2020 at the Raceland LSU AgCenter Barn (115 Texas Street, Raceland, LA 70394) Come out to support our cattle, sheep, goat, pig, rabbit and poultry exhibitors.

The show will begin at 9:00 a.m. The show order will be sheep, beef, goats, swine. The Poultry show will begin at 8:30 a.m. The rabbit Show will follow, beginning at 1:00 p.m. Concessions will be sold.

We invite our 4-H members to come out to support our Livestock exhibitors.

4-H Layers of Love

Terrebonne 4-H members have been doing a great job growing leaders through community service. We are encouraging you to continue to make a positive change in our community by participating in our “4-H Layers of Love” drive. We are asking each school 4-H club to make one (or more) fleece blanket to donate. The blankets will be donated to special needs people within the community.

Follow these simple steps as a club to make a fleece blanket:


  • 1 yd of fleece for the top
  • 1 yd of fleece for the bottom
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 popsicle stickor index card
  • straight pins - optional


  1. You will need two pieces of equal size, which will then be tied together with knots. You can use the same fabric for both front and back, or you can choose complimentary or contrasting fabrics for a reversible blanket.
  2. Place one piece of fabric face down and one face up. Line them up and trim the edges so that both pieces are even. Separate the pieces of fleece.
  3. In each corner of the two pieces, measure a 3" x 3" box. Mark the box using chalk or pins. Cut out this box, notching each corner in the same manner on both blankets. Discard the boxes or save for another project. (optional step)
  4. Make a guide out of a notecard that is three or four inches long and one inch wide. (A large popsicle stick is a great guide as well. Use this guide to cut even slits around the entire edge of both pieces of fleece. Cut the slits perpendicular to the edge of the quilt, three inches deep (or four inches for a larger blanket) into the fabric from the edges, and one inch wide apart.
  5. Lay the two pieces of fleece on top of each other, right sides out. Take a slit from one piece of fleece and tie it to the slit on the other piece of fleece that's directly beneath it. Double knot it securely, but don't tie too tightly or you may damage the slit. Continue tying slits together all the way around the blanket until both pieces of fleece are joined.

Check the web for more instructions if needed. Search no-sew fleece blankets.

Be Creative!

Please do not add embellishments such as buttons, glitter, beads, or sequence. Iron-on’s and embroidery are OK.


Roll up the blanket and attach a tag with a ribbon or other material. Please do not use safety pins to attach the tag. Your tag should have a nice friendly message with your school name and 4-H emblem.

Blankets are due to the 4-H office by February 3, 2020.

* We will also collect the small blankets you can buy for a low cost at most stores. The more blankets we get the more smiles we will see.

Achievement Day Theme Contest

Achievement Day is our Final Contest Day of the 4-H Year and Awards Program. This year, Achievement Day will be held at H.L. Bourgeois on April 25, 2020.

What will be the theme for the 2020 4-H Achievement Day?

Send us your most creative ideas for a slogan—in 7 words or less. The winning slogan will be one that is brief and “catchy”, capturing the spirit of 4-H; especially Terrebonne Parish 4-H. The winner will receive a $25.00 cash award. Think fast—the deadline is January 24, 2020. Submission must also include the following:

Full name of 4-H member submitting slogan:

School 4-H Club:


Send your slogans to: Terrebonne Parish 4-H, Achievement Day Theme Contest, P.O. Box 627, Houma, LA 70361

One entry per 4-H member.

4-H Top Chef’s

Thanks to all parents, leaders, members, and volunteers who made our cookeries this year a huge success! Our participation continues to increase each year!

Poultry and Egg Cookery Champions

Clover Thanks to the American Legion for allowing us to hold the Poultry and Egg Cookery and Pet Show at their facility! Thanks to all participants for making this event a success again this year!

Congratulations to the following “Top Chef’s” (Grand Champion Winners) from the Poultry Cookery: Chicken– Cohen Belt, Mulberry; Turkey and Turkey Products—Denise Brigoli, Maria Immacolata; Other Poultry and Wild Game—Hollie Trahan, Oaklawn Middle

Grand Champion Winner from the Egg Cookery: Egg Main Dish—Blaire Ledet, St. Francis; Egg Appetizer or Salad– Alex Prestenbach, Montegut Middle; Egg Dessert—Cameron Badeaux, Vandebilt Catholic High

The Margaret Burlew Overall Commodity Winners are: Poultry: Hollie Trahan, Oaklawn Middle; Egg: Blaire Ledet, St. Francis.

Great Job to All 4-H members!

Pet Show Results

We love seeing your love for your pets and your creative ideas for the “Best Costumed Pair”.


  • Grace Thibodaux, HJH – Best Groomed Cat
  • Mirrae Faul, Mulberry – Best Dressed Cat
  • Isabella Amico – St. Francis – Best Costumed Pair Cat
  • Grace Thibodaux - HJH – Overall Cat Champion
  • Isabella Amico – St. Francis – Overall Cat Reserve Champion


  • Reis Eschete- Bourg Elem – Best Pet Trick Dog
  • Amelie Gaudet- Mulberry – Best Groomed Dog
  • Kate Smith- St. Matthew’s – Best Costumed Pair Dog
  • Amelie Gaudet- Mulberry – Overall Dog Champion
  • Kate Smith- St. Matthew’s – Overall Dog Reserve Champion

Any Other Pet

  • Christian Pellegrin – South Terrebonne – Most Colorful Any Other Pet
  • Calleigh Scott – Grand Caillou Ele – Most Unusual Any Other Pet
  • Cori Billiot- Mulberry – Best Costumed Pair Any Other Pet
  • Calleigh Scott – Grand Caillou Ele - Overall Any Other Pet Champion
  • Christian Pellegrin – South Terrebonne – Overall Any Other Pet Reserve Champion

I Wish Pet

  • Benton Walker – Montegut Middle – Most Unusual I wish Pet
  • Mia Silva- Mulberry – Best Costumed Pair I Wish Pet
  • Mia Silva- Mulberry – Overall I Wish Pet Champion
  • Benton Walker – Montegut Middle – Overall I Wish Pet Reserve Champion
  • Amelie Gaudet- Mulberry – Overall Best of Show

Beef and Sugar Cookery Champions

Clover Thanks to Coteau Bayou Blue School for hosting the Beef, Sugar, and Sweet Potato Cookery! Thanks to all participants for making this event a success!

Congratulations to the following “Top Chef’s” (Grand Champion Winners) from the Beef Cookery: Low Calorie Main Dish– Alivia Hayes, Houma Christian; One Dish Meal—Da’Ahnja Thomas, Coteau Bayou Blue; Quick and Easy—Mirrae Faul, Mulberry

Sugar Cookery: Any Other Sugar– Kaydence Bourg, Grand Caillou Elementary; Cookies, -Shiann Verret, Dularge Elementary; Cakes– Kate Dozer, Mulberry; Candy– Caleb Lirette, Vandebilt Catholic High School; Pies– Grant Roger, St. Bernadette

Sweet Potato Cookery: Sweet Potato Dessert– Ella-Callais Louviere, Mulberry; Sweet Potato Any Other—Brody Wilson, Mulberry

The Margaret Burlew Overall Commodity Winners are: Beef: Alivia Hayes, Houma Christian; Sugar: Caleb Lirette, Vandebilt Catholic High; Sweet Potato: Ella-Callais Louviere, Mulberry.

Great Job to All 4-H members!

4-H Week Highlights

We were so PROUD of all the green, white and 4-H clovers we saw during 4-H Week! We are especially proud of all the community service projects completed at so many school clubs!! We are seeing an increase in 4-H participation in parish events and activities and we are excited and hope you are having fun, learning new things and making friends. Thanks to all schools who promoted 4-H! We saw many different activities taking place around the parish.

4-H Week Display Results:

All 4-H clubs who participated worked well to show the parish their 4-H Pride– AWESOME job to all clubs who participated!

The winners are as follows:

Outside Displays

  • 1st – Maria Immacolata
  • 2nd – St. Matthew’s
  • 3rd - St. Francis

Inside Displays

  • 1st – St. Bernadette
  • 2nd – Coteau Bayou Blue
  • 3rd – Grand Caillou Elementary

Thanks to the following schools for participating in the National 4-H Week Display Contest: St. Matthew’s, St. Francis, Maria Immacolata, St. Gregory, Houma Christian, Lisa Park, Grand Caillou Elementary, Mulberry, Bourg, Bayou Black Elementary, St. Bernadette, Coteau Bayou Blue, Terrebonne Homeschool, Evergreen Junior High, Montegut Middle.

Christmas Ornament Contest Results

Great Job to all 4-H members who entered an ornament in the 4-H Christmas Ornament Contest!

Results are:


  • 1st— Mallory Hawthorne, Lisa Park; Denise Brigoli ; Maria Immacolata; Bently Wallis, Montegut Elementary; Hayden Ray, Grand Caillou Elementary;
  • 2nd— Aida Pizzolato, St. Francis; Owen Redmond, Homeschool; Hunter Clark, Caldwell Middle; Landon Roberts, Houma Christian; Aymar Martinez, Village East;
  • 3rd— Brady Compeaux, Montegut Middle; Luke Landry, Mulberry; Isabella Benoit, Coteau Bayou Blue; Braelyn Stelly, Gibson; Coby Oliver, Mulberry; Jackson Moreau, St. Francis; Ryleigh Fitch, Montegut Elementary;


  • 1st— Katie Smith, St. Matthew’s; Jamie Trosclair, Montegut Middle
  • 2nd— Julian Paz, Montegut Middle; Brooke Deroche, St. Bernadette
  • 3rd— Caleb Lirette, VCHS; Dylan La Pointe, Montegut Middle

High School:

  • 1st—Preston Perez, Member at Large
  • 2nd– Colton Breaux, Homeschool
  • 3rd—Joy Oui, Houma Christian

Terrebonne Parish 4-H Upcoming Dates:


25: Parish Livestock Show

29-1: District Livestock Show


8-15: State Livestock Show


17-22: Regional Shoot


14-19: State Shoot

25 Achievement Day

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