September is National Childhood Obesity Month

Youth in front of shelf display in grocery store.

Youth answering questions to the MyPlate Scavenger Hunt at a local grocery store in Jefferson Parish. They are learing about healthy foods from the Fruit and Vegetable Group of the MyPlate. Make half your Plate Fruits and Vegetables. Vary your Veggies.& Focus on Fruits.

Kids raising their hands and playing.

Youth engaging in physical activity to stay health. Let's play and have fun! Children need 60 minutes of physical activity daily to be healthy.

In Louisiana, Childhood Obesity is a major health issue. 13% of 2-4 yr olds are obese, while 21 % of 10-17 yr olds are struggling with obesity. Louisiana is not the only state dealing with this chronic disease. Obesity is a problem throughout the United States.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), September is National Childhood Obesity Month.

Making small changes in the eating habits of families and increasing physical activity for all ages can reduce the risk of overweight and obesity. It is recommended to contact your doctor and registered dietitian for professional help before making any drastic changes in diet and exercise habits.

  • grainwith_MYPLATE2jpgWhat can be done NOW?
    • Talk to your children
    • Be a good role model
    • Use the MyPlate as a guide for healthy eating
    • Avoid sugar sweetened beverages – encourage Water
    • Popcorn instead of chips
    • Have fruit available for snacks
    • Eat a Rainbow with Fruits & Vegetables at dinner
    • Family exercise
    • Family meals
    • Include a glass of milk at meals
    • Take time away from Devices (computer/cell/video games)
    • Take advantage of fresh air in parks & playgrounds
  • Contact your local LSU AgCenter in your Parish and ask about these programs for youth and adults
    • Teaching in the schools
    • Library programs
    • Home schooling groups
    • Head Start toddlers
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