Playground Stencils

Build a Healthy Community with Playground Stencils

Playground stencils are designed to create colorful, painted playgrounds that provide physical activity opportunities for children. Playground stencils get children physically active, while also enhancing community spaces with a playful element. Stencils can be placed on concrete at schools, child care centers, libraries, parks, and community organizations. Contact your local extension office for more information on how to get stencils at your organization.

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What You’ll Need

  • At least an 8 hour day
  • A team of 5-10 people
  • A drawing of the playground de-sign
  • A clean, pressure-washed and dry concrete area
  • Stencil set
  • Asphalt paint
  • Paint station (tarp, sheet, or card-board)
  • Paint brushes, rollers, and trays
  • Masking tape
  • Heavy items to hold down stencils
  • Chalk
  • Water and clean up supplies

*Contact your extension agent for more detailed supplies lists

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Age appropriate stencils such as numbers and letters allow children to practice letter awareness, rhyming, color and number recognition, counting, patterning, and measurement.

Activity Rules and paint color suggestions can be found at

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Stencil game options provided by LSU AgCenter:

Mirror Me
Rocket Hopscotch
Four Square
Alphabet Tree
Bike Path

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