Roseau Cane Die-Offs: Status of Research and Funding

Rodrigo Diaz, Iknight

PDF: 5/16/2018) AgCenter update to Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority on roseau cane scale research.

The topics discussed in the attached PDF:

  • Roseau cane in Louisiana provides several ecological services including erosion control
  • Roseau cane can grow up to 9-12 feet tall, 2/3 of the biomass is in the rhizomes
  • What are Roseau cane die-offs?
  • What factors could be responsible for die-offs?
  • Objective: Describe the current state of the project and future opportunities
  • Timeline of the events
  • How the initial funding is being used?
  • LA-39: Marsh restoration in Lower Plaquemines
  • How the federal funds will be used?
  • If more funds become available, additional projects to develop a management plan
  • Gap 1: Where is the problem and how fast Roseau is dying?
  • As Roseau cane dies, areas become invaded by elephant ear, water hyacinth and giant salvinia
  • Gap 2: What are the implications of die-offs?
  • What we can do now?
  • How we will use this information?
  • We thank agencies and people who are contributing to this effort
  • Developing a management plan for Roseau cane must be a multidisciplinary effort
5/18/2018 1:24:04 PM
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