2019 Daily Schedule

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2019 Daily Camp Schedule

Note: Plan to arrive between 2:00 pm and 2:45 pm. Please be as punctual as possible because waiting in the heat before assembly will affect campers!


Check-in and pick up keys in Classroom #4

2:00-2:45 pm

Arrive and unpack – complete cabin inventory and conduct evacuation drill

[Campers put on swimsuit, bring towel & report to Greek Theater]

2:45-4:00 pm

Assembly at Greek Theater – Orientation – Camp Pictures

4:00-5:30 pm

Swim Test/Cabin Meetings/Camp Tour according to the following schedule:

Counselors are responsible for leading their campers to assigned areas. Cabin meetings should be used for “get acquainted” activities or explanations of camp procedures. Cabin meetings will be in a shady area NEAR the cabin but NOT inside the cabin as adults will be in meeting and unable to supervise.

Cabin #

4:00-4:30 pm

4:30-5:00 pm

5:00-5:30 pm


Swim Test

Camp Tour

Cabin Meeting


Swim Test

Camp Tour

Cabin Meeting


Cabin Meeting

Swim Test

Camp Tour


Cabin Meeting

Swim Test

Camp Tour


Camp Tour

Cabin Meeting

Swim Test


Camp Tour

Cabin Meeting

Swim Test


Swim Test

Camp Tour

Cabin Meeting


Swim Test

Camp Tour

Cabin Meeting


Cabin Meeting

Swim Test

Camp Tour


Camp Tour

Cabin Meeting

Swim Test


Camp Tour

Cabin Meeting

Swim Test

4:00-5:00 pm

Agents/Adult Volunteers – MANDATORY meeting in Classroom 4

[Turn in cabin inventory & evacuation drill sheet. Make any changes to registration site in computer lab.]

5:30-6:00 pm

Adults must be in cabins – Break – Change from swimsuits & prep for supper

5:30-6:10 pm

Counselors eat & report to training in Classroom 4 with Assistant Camp Manager

6:00 pm

Campers line up for supper by PARISH

Report to Greek Theater after supper

6:10 pm



6:55-8:00 pm

Night Assembly in Greek Theater/Track Dismissal – Camp Manager

Campers will select and sign up for their educational track during the first part of the assembly. Campers will receive colored armbands to designate which track they are in. Camp staff and Junior Counselors will create lists of groups and write name,

parish and recreation group number on each armband.

8:00-9:25 pm

Free Time: Pool, Dance, Sports, Movie, Arts & Crafts, Camp Store

8:30 pm

Snack Break

9:25 pm

Free Time ends

9:30-9:45 pm

Vespers in Greek Theater

9:50 pm

Report to cabins

10:00 pm

Showers/Night Medication/Lights Out


7:00 am

Wake up and clean cabins

Remind campers taking swimming lessons to wear swimsuits and bring towels

7:30 am

Line up for breakfast by PARISH (Assigned 4-H Agent) will lead blessing, Pledge of

Allegiance, and 4-H Pledge. Report to Greek Theater after breakfast

8:25 am

Morning Assembly & Announcements at Greek Theater – Camp Manager

Character Word of the Day & Track Dismissal – Camp Manager

8:30-11:45 am

Track Time

Snack Break - Snacks will be delivered to each track by Assistant Camp Manager

11:45 am

Lunch for Food & Fitness, SET, General Arts, and Outdoor Adventures

12:00 pm

Lunch for Renewable Energy, Wetlands, and Hunter Safety


12:45-2:00 pm

Clean Cabin awards and mail distribution at Greek Theater – Camp Manager. If it is too hot, please distribute mail in cabins or inside Martin Building. After mail call, dismiss to cabins for Rest Time.

All campers MUST HAVE swimsuits on when leaving cabins at 2:00 pm.

2:10-2:20 pm

Report to Greek Theater & group up for recreation activities

2:30–3:10 pm

1st Recreation Rotation [Refer to rotation chart for group numbers each day]

3:10-3:20 pm

Snack Break – Snacks will be available between the Arts & Crafts Building and Dance Pavilion by Assistant Camp Manager

Camp Manager will dismiss campers using the microphone at the Dance Pavilion

3:30-4:10 pm

2nd Recreation Rotation

4:20-5:00 pm

3rd Recreation Rotation

5:00-5:40 pm

Prepare for supper – campers can change clothes/take showers – Adults MUST be

in cabins.

5:45-6:30 pm

Supper – Line up by GROUP NUMBER

Report to Greek Theater after supper and sit by GROUP NUMBER

Each group will present Song or Yell at each evening assembly

5:50-6:20pm - Adults will meet in snack room if there are any issues/concerns

6:30-7:15 pm

General Assembly in Greek Theater – Camp Manager

7:15-9:00 pm

Free Time: Dance, Pool, Movie, Sports, Arts & Crafts, Camp Store

8:00 pm

Snack Break – (Snack Room)

9:00-9:15 pm

Vespers in Greek Theater

9:15 pm

Report to cabins/Showers/Nurse’s station for night medications

9:45 pm

Prepare for bed/Lights Out


6:30 am

Wake up and prepare for departure. Load up luggage on busses

7:30 am


7:15 am – 8:15am

Lock bunkhouses and drop off all keys at the front office.

CGW cleaning staff will clean all bunkhouses after everyone leaves camp.

Please be sure to check areas around cabins, bunkhouses, and the lost and found

bucket at the Greek Theater for any missing articles.


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