Internal Parasite Control in Louisiana Beef Cattle

Christine Navarre  |  7/25/2018 3:05:44 PM

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Controlling internal parasites in grazing cattle has a significant positive return on investment; in most cases greater than any other management practice. However, there is increasing concern about resistance of cattle parasites to dewormers (anthelmintic resistance) and the ability of cattlemen to continue to have cost-effective parasite control. Worldwide there is documented anthelmintic resistance to all commercially available products in all of the important cattle parasites. But the extent of the resistance varies from country to country and from ranch to ranch. Anthelmintic resistance is a very complex and serious issue. Cattlemen need a basic understanding of parasite biology and control measures so they can work with their veterinarian to develop parasite control programs that balance the short-term economic benefits of deworming with the long-term impact of anthelmintic use on resistance.

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