2010 Grain Sorghum Hybrids for Grain

Daniel Fromme, Roider, Christopher A., Regan, Ronald P., Mascagni, Jr., Henry J., Hayes, James A., Levy, Ronnie, Ferguson, Robert E., Bell, Robert L., Deloach, Mildred E., Shipp, Jim, Harrell, Dustin L.

The LSU AgCenter conducts yearly grain sorghum hybrid yield tests at several locations around the state. The data in Table 1 are yields of grain sorghum hybrids in 2009 from six locations along with two-year data across all locations where available. This aggregate is done to provide grain sorghum producers in Louisiana with unbiased information on hybrid performance under different soil types and climatic conditions.

9/12/2016 8:13:09 PM
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