Corn Hybrids for Grain 2003

Daniel Fromme, Liscano, Jose Felix, Hall, Warner, Mascagni, Jr., Henry J., Deloach, Mildred E., Kang, Manjit S., Lanclos, David Y.

Each year the LSU AgCenter tests commercial corn hybrids which are entered in the state yield tests by private seed companies. From these, a grower should choose several which are adapted to an individual farm. Information in the tables should help you make these important decisions.

Grain yield is probably the single most important trait to consider. Many of the other hybrid characteristics indirectly affect yield as well. The data in Table 1 give two-year average yields for hybrids recommended by the LSU AgCenter. All yields have been adjusted to 15.0% moisture for comparison.

Any hybrid which has been tested for two years and whose average yield falls within 90% of the average yield of the top three hybrids by location is recommended provided it is acceptable in other agronomic traits. Hybrids are listed alphabetically and not in order of performance.

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