Performance of Corn Hybrids in Louisiana 2014

Jr. Mascagni, Waltman, William F., Cater, Kylie, Stapp, John, Talbot, Timothy, Kerns, David L., Lofton, Josh, Fromme, Daniel, Buckley, Blair, Brown, Sebe, Price, III, Paul P, Padgett, Guy B.

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Performance of corn hybrids is annually evaluated by Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station (LAES) researchers in Official Variety Trials (OVT’s). The purpose of these trials is to provide to Louisiana growers, seedsmen, county agents of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service (LCES), and other interested individuals and organizations with unbiased performance data for commercial corn hybrids submitted for evaluation by private agencies.

The cooperating LAES units in 2014 were: Dean Lee Research Station, Alexandria; Red River Research Station, Bossier City; Northeast Research Station, St. Joseph; and Macon Ridge Research Station, Winnsboro. The LCES also conducted on-farm core block trials in 2014 evaluating corn hybrids on farms around the state. Results from these trials and the OVT’s provide information to the grower to help in hybrid selection.

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