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Elizabeth Black  |  10/3/2016 6:23:27 PM

01. Login to CMS

Login to CMS and enter the Dashboard.

Welcome to the LSU AgCenter CMS training series.

This tutorial will show you how to login to CMS.

Start by opening your browser. The preferred browser is Chrome.

Type and press enter.

Type your AgCenter ID and Password and click sign in.

This will take you to your dashboard. Now you're ready to start creating content for the website.

02. Your Dashboard

The dashboard is customized just for you.

You can create and edit pages within the dashboard.

It shows your analytics, messages, articles and pending posts.

Analytics is where you will find statistics about the web traffic received from your pages.

Messages is where you will receive important information sent to you by the IT department.

Your Articles is where you will find your articles or postings in which you are the owner, Point of Contact (POC) or author

Pending posts is where you will find your postings that are pending some sort of action from you.

If you need more training, click Get Help at the top of the Dashboard. This will take you to the CMS training page.

03. Create a new page

After logging into your dashboard, the first step to creating a new page is to click “Create.”

04. Page Editor

After selecting your layout, you will be logged into the Page Editor.

Before you begin adding content to your page, click the button that says, "Click here to check out this article." When you check out an article, it locks it in your name so that no one else can access it while you're working on it.

Located on the left, you will see the tab for Page Editor. This is where you will begin to add content to your page.

There is an x located in the top left corner of each module. You can remove the Row by clicking the x. This will also remove the module.

In the top right corner of the module, you will find a ?. The ? gives a user tip about the module. Click once to open and again to close.

You will also find a trash can. The module can be removed by clicking the trash can. This will not remove the row.

You can then click "+Add Modules" to add a different module.

05. Add Title

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