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Helping to solve the world’s problems sounds like a lofty or even elusive goal, but that is what we are preparing our students for in the LSU College of Agriculture. Our students will be the innovators, the decision-makers and the policy developers, who will work to improve food security, protect natural resources, and advance the health of animals and individuals. At our essence, we are training students to feed and clothe a growing population that cannot prosper without advances in agriculture.

It is our faculty and graduate students who are on the forefront of that advancement through their research. In these pages you will read about our departments and the work they are doing to better the lives of citizens of Louisiana and the world. You will see the research graduate students are conducting that will improve animal reproduction, advance our understanding of insects, safeguard our marshes and allow the agricultural industry to grow food efficiently and abundantly.

This is my second stint as dean of the College of Agriculture. I served as dean in the mid-1990s and was excited to return to this role in 2013. A lot has changed in twenty years. Our students can share information and connect to the world in a way we could hardly imagine two decades ago. But these students still share a passion for agriculture with their predecessors. In this issue, we reconnect with some of our alumni who have made their marks in various agriculture industries and are a reflection of what a degree in agriculture can do.

Despite some proclamations, agriculture is not a dying field. It is thriving here at the College of Agriculture. We are attracting bright students from across the state, the country and the world to our undergraduate and graduate programs. These students understand the value of a degree in agriculture and upon graduation are met with job prospects that allow them to pursue their dreams of making a difference in communities, having an impact on individuals, and yes, even helping to solve the world’s problems.

Bill Richardson is the LSU vice president for agriculture and dean of the College of Agriculture.

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The College of Agriculture’s dean’s staff hosted a tailgate party for students and their families on Oct. 15, 2016. Left to right are: Amanda Martin, director of recruitment and retention; Jennifer Neal, director of student services; Leslie Blanchard, assistant dean; Maria Cazes, director of operations; Brandon Guillory, academic coordinator; Tobie Blanchard, communications coordinator; Bill Richardson, dean; Lindsey Kelly, director of alumni affairs; Gigi Gauthier, internship coordinator; and Gina Eubanks, associate vice president and diversity director.

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