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Fashion Association holds 10th annual runway show

The Fashion Association at LSU held Decadence, an annual runway show, on May 13 at the Royal Cotillion Ballroom in the LSU Student Union. The show featured more than 100 student garments and included collections by juniors and seniors. The students also participated in the Marsh on the Catwalk competition, which included use of alligator skin, and the Retro Reboot styling competition.

Grace Chetta, a senior studying textiles, apparel and merchandising in the LSU College of Agriculture, described the show as a fitting culmination of students’ time in the program.

“I think our collections are a testament to what we learned in college, and they show our grasp on our aesthetic,” she said.

Senior Jessica Wainright won best in show for her collection. Amber Nguyen won junior best in show. Chetta placed for best individual design.

Tobie Blanchard

Agriculture students set up research project in Mozambique

Three students in the LSU College of Agricul­ture accompanied Reagan Errera, an instructor in the School of Renewable Natural Resources, on a research mission to the coast of Mozambique.

The students, Jamie Amato, of Kenner; Tanner Jones, of Tyler, Texas, and Brandy Malbrough, of Houma, were in and around Tofo, Mozambique, from March 17-26, 2016, helping Errera set up a project to study the connection between phyto­plankton and whale shark abundance in the area.

The organization All Out Africa was looking to better understand whale sharks and turned to Er­rera for help.

Errera said they are looking for a reason why fewer whale sharks have been coming to the Tofo area during the past decade.

Tofo developed around tourism based on whale sharks and other marine life. Part of the students’ research was surveying tourists on ocean safaris.

When they saw marine life, the students re­corded approximate GPS coordinates, size and numbers and noted behavior. The information will assist in research efforts identifying areas frequented by specific species.

Errera plans to go back next year with five to 10 students and stay for three weeks.

Tobie Blanchard

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Six receive University Medals at College of Agriculture commencement

Six LSU College of Agriculture students received University Medals at the college’s commencement ceremony on May 13 at the LSU Maddox Field House. The University Medal is LSU’s highest academic honor and is awarded to students who receive a 4.0 or higher. The students who received the medals were (left to right) Nicholas Adams, agricultural education; Ashley Allemand, animal, dairy and poultry sciences; Michelle Bourgeois, animal, dairy and poultry sciences; Brittany Craft, nutrition and food sciences; Anna Ribbeck, plant and soil systems; and Alexis Allen, natural resource ecology and management. At the ceremony, the college awarded 243 degrees, which included 211 bachelor’s degrees, 18 master’s degrees and 14 doctorates.

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Douthats create international internship

One year spent in Thailand and anoth­er in South Korea changed John and An­nette Douthat’s world view. The Douthats lived abroad early in their careers while John worked for the Ralston Purina Com­pany. Annette said the experience was eye-opening.

Now they are helping college students gain international exposure.

The Douthats have endowed the An­nette and John Douthat International Ag­riculture Internship for students in the LSU College of Agriculture with preference giv­en to those who have never traveled out of the country.

“International travel changes your per­ception of everything,” Annette said. “It im­proves human relations and teaches you about different cultures, religion and food.”

Annette, a College of Agriculture alum­na, met John, a University of Florida grad­uate, while she was traveling as a Danforth Fellow, which was part of a Ralston Purina leadership program.

The couple eventually settled in Ba­ton Rouge and started AllBrands, a thriv­ing retail and online business specializ­ing in sewing machines and sewing-relat­ed items, which is celebrating its 40th year in business.

The Douthats’ international experienc­es continue. Their business often takes them overseas. Of their four children, one lives in Austria. They also host internation­al college students in their home near the LSU campus.

Tobie Blanchard

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A model walks the runway wearing a design by student Jessica Wainright at Decadence, an annual runway show put on by the Fashion Association at LSU. Wainright’s collection won best in show in the senior category. Photo by Tobie Blanchard

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LSU College of Agriculture students Brandy Malbrough, Tanner Jones and Jamie Amato received dive certification while in Tofo, Mozambique, so they could look at fish populations in the area and take water samples at different depths to analyze the phytoplankton and other aspects of the water. Photo provided by Reagan Errera

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Turkey research aims to improve land management

Landon Schofield, a graduate student in the LSU College of Agriculture School of Renewable Natural Resources, is studying the turkey population on Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City. Schofield is one of several graduate students working on a project to help landowners better manage their land for turkey habitat. The students are working under the guidance of Bret Collier, assistant professor in the college, who said this research will help landowners manage their land to attract and retain turkeys. Collier said the students’ research and collaboration with state agencies and private landowners is a primary example of a land-grant university fulfilling its mission. Photo provided by Bret Collier

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Terese named outstanding Louisiana dietetic senior

Julia Terese, of Shreveport, re­ceived the Irene Toliver Pyburn Merit Award from the Louisiana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The award is given to an outstanding Louisiana college senior focused on dietetics.

Terese, who graduated from the LSU College of Agriculture in nutri­tion and food sciences in May, said she was “humbled and honored to receive the recognition.”

In August, Terese will begin a 10-month internship with the Med­ical University of South Carolina in Charleston.

The scholarship she received with the award will help her financial­ly while she is in the internship pro­gram, which is required before she can become a registered dietitian.

“I’ve worked with food banks and soup kitchens. It’s just some­thing I’ve done,” she said. “I want to help people who aren’t already healthy.”

As a student, Terese has worked as nutrition assistant for the LSU Of­fice of Wellness and Health Promo­tion, where she authored the cook­book “Beyond Ramen Noodles.” She describes the cookbook as having recipes adapted to dormitory and campus cooking.

Tobie Blanchard

7/26/2016 8:33:07 PM
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