Lewis Gaston

Gaston, Lewis A.
Title Professor
Department School of Plant, Environmental and Soil Sciences
E-mail LAGaston@agcenter.lsu.edu
Address 1 224 M. B. Sturgis
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Phone 225-578-1323

B.A. in Chemistry, Louisiana State University, 1977
M.S. in Agronomy, Louisiana State University, 1982
Ph.D. in Soil Science, University of Florida, 1987

Research Contribution

I have tried to find practical and simple order in soils and environmental effects of how they are managed. Some results serve to illustrate. The mobility of major cations in soils can be predicted based on sorption-desorption with reference substances, a potentially widely useful finding with ramifications. The loss of nutrient cations from forest soils due to acid deposition depends on the anionic composition of the pollutant –greater sorption by sulfate than nitrate, less loss, simple. Despite spatial and temporal variability in a soil type, the fate of several dissimilar pesticides can be anticipated surprisingly well from simple tests. Although predicting phosphorus loss in runoff from soils is evidently not a simple matter, loss can be mimicked using a simple apparatus, a practical finding. Plant uptake of soil phosphorus is a workable solution to the problem but it takes a while. More uniform distribution of nutrients in a grazed pasture is a matter of moving the watering trough from place to place.

Teaching Experience

I teach (introductory) Soil Science (AGRO / EMS 2051) 2 semesters each year, Advanced Soil Chemistry (AGRO 7055) once every other year and Special Topics in Soil Science (AGRO 4092) as needed. I have received the Gamma Sigma Delta Teaching Merit Award several times.

While farmers have always tried to preserve and improve the resource base of their livelihood, the soil, in recent times we have come to recognize that farming practices may affect the broader environment for better or worse. My research as a soil chemist has examined the effects of soil management (including tillage, animal waste fertilizer, cattle grazing and type of crop grown) and soil spatial variability on soil and water quality, and the fate of nutrients and pesticides, with the objective of determining how current practices may be practically adjusted to improve environmental quality or minimize potentially negative effects. To varying degrees, my work has involved all of the major agronomic crops of Louisiana. However, I have most recently devoted the majority of my agricultural research effort to possible environmental problems and economic possibilities in the hilly, coastal plain part of the State. Beside forestry, poultry-cattle-hay production is the main agricultural enterprise of this region, and its future will doubtlessly be affected by how successfully it deals with poultry waste and phosphorus-enriched soils. Though the landscape is unsuitable for higher-value row crops, it could support biomass grass production and, in fact, may be ideal for this use. Provided a robust market for these raw materials develops, this region of the State might have a resurgence in its agricultural economy. However, this also depends on the sustainability of biomass grass production and environmental quality. There is a reasonable possibility that poultry and biomass production could mutually benefit one another, and my research includes use of poultry litter fertilizer with biomass grasses as well as remedies for soils overly-enriched with phosphorus from it.

Book Chapters

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Journal Papers

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