Happy Healthy New Year!

Let's Play!

Engaging in physical activity can be fun when you incorporate music, other people and props such as hand weights. It is important for physical activity to be part of your regular routine to stay healthy.

Working out with weights.

Happy New Year! Happy Healthy New Year!

January is the month for new beginnings and a perfect time to begin exercising or increasing your physical activity for better health.

Only 23 % of the population meet the physical activity guidelines of 150 minutes a week (30 minutes a day). Make this New Year a Year of Physical Activity.

CDC reports that it can be difficult for children and parents to get enough physical activity when they are exposed to environments that do not support healthy habits. Places such as childcare centers, schools, or communities can affect activity by not providing opportunities for physical activity they. Other community factors that affect physical activity include the availability of places to exercise, peer and social supports, marketing and promotion, and policies that determine how a community is designed.

The CDC’s recommended intervention to reduce obesity includes one of the major environmental and policy approaches: Increase opportunities for safe physical activity for individuals and families.

It may be overwhelming to think about what you can do to incorporate physical activity in your daily routine. It helps to focus on small, doable steps. For the next few weeks, use some of these simple tips for staying healthy and adding more physical activity daily.

Even light movement can help flush out germs from your lungs and airways, increase circulation of disease-fighting white blood cells, and raise your body temperature. Physical activity is good for your heart, muscles, bones and brain functions. Movement can also boost your mood, which helps your body better handle stress.

Step into a new day by incorporating more physical activity into your day. Your body will thank you.

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Playing ball outside.

Outside play and physical activity outdoors allows you to get fresh air, start your body moving and have fun. Balls are one the first child's toy and can be used for a variety of games and sports alone or with others. Playing is not just for the young, but for the young at heart. Let's Play!

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