March 2021

March Club Meeting update. Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions.

Dates to remember!


  • Livestock Thank You Letters Due: 12th
  • Junior Leader Meeting: 21st
  • Achievement Day sign up Deadline: 29th
  • Lego Challenge Due: 31st


  • Golden Clover and Emerald Achievement: 1st
  • Achievement Day Workshop: 5th
  • Achievement Day Due Date: 13th

Welcome to Allen Parish 4-H!

You may also find up to date information on the Allen Parish 4-H Facebook Page.

Our office has a new location: 117 N 5th St. Oberlin La 70655

If at any time you have questions please email your 4-H Agent, Brooke LaFarge.

Due to Covid-19 there is always a possibility that an event maybe canceled. Please check our Facebook Page (Allen Parish 4-H) for announcements regarding all our 4-H Events.

Junior Leaders

Our next meeting is at 2:00p.m. on Sunday March 21,2021. We will be preparing our Easter eggs for our egging project. Please bring individually wrapped candy. (NO Chocolate) and plastic Easter eggs.

Every year our junior leaders choose houses to hide Easter Eggs. This year we are choosing homes that have been affected by Drug or Alcohol Abuse. If you know of a family that should receive this service please call our office at 337-639-4376 or email


Attention Market Exhibitors! Send a picture of your “Thank You Letter(s)” to the buyer(s) and add-ons of your animal(s) to the 4-H Office or by Friday, March 12th. It is not necessary to send a “Thank You Letter” to resale buyers of animals - just to the original buyers and add-on supporters. Checks will be held until the thank you letter has been received at the 4-H office.

4-H Favorite Recipes

What is better than cooking at home? Making meals that are both inspired and easy to make. We are making a 4-H Cookbook to share with our community. We want to feature recipes from 4-H’ers, supporters, and 4-H alumni! If you have a favorite Recipe that you want to share, please send it to Make sure you include your Name and Club.

March Lego Challenge! LEGO Boat!

Please email a picture of 4-H Member/Lego Challenge to

Due Date: March 31, 2021

Supplies needed: A Big Box of Assorted Lego, A shallow dish, water table, or container

Water, Pennies, Pencil/Paper (optional)

Directions: The best part about STEM challenges is that you get to test, problem solve and use trial and error. There are no set instructions to follow and creativity is challenged. To make a LEGO boat, you will need to create a flat surface and sides to your boat. How big, how wide or how deep of a boat you make is completely part of the fun. When you are making a boat, you want to make sure that water cannot leak into the base of the boat and that you have enough room to put pennies inside the boat. Once you have built a few boats to your liking you are ready to test! STEM challenge! You can test how many pennies your boat can hold before sinking.

However, you might want to set up another challenge….

* Which boat floats the longest?

* Which boat flows down a river the fastest?

* Which boat holds the most mini figures?

Remember to email pictures!

Golden Clover and Emerald Achievement Award

The Louisiana 4-H Youth Development Program is continuing the process of incentivizing local programming and recognition with the 2020 transition of the Golden Clover and Emerald Achievement Awards being parish level awards. If you are an active 4-H Member and are interested in applying, please email The application is fillable. Applications Due April 1, 2021

Record Books

Please email us if your child has been working on a record book.

Chef Club

Our focus this year is families cooking together. We will notify you when chef club boxes are ready for pick-up. Your monthly chef club box with include: a kitchen tool, recipe, and activities. If you are still interested in joining, please sign up by clicking the link.

Chef Club

Good Luck & Congratulations

  • Good Luck to our Shooting Sports Participants!
  • Our Livestock Exhibitors did an amazing job at the livestock shows. Learn by doing!
  • We had 5 Middle School Students attend the Central Region Career Camp! Great Job: Conner Vincent (Oakdale Middle), Ava LaFargue (KMS), Marley Weir (KMS), Henry Prejean, and Harvey Prejean! Doing More Than You Ever Thought You Could
  • JLC! Kallie Pitre (FHS) will be attending! Learning Skills and Making Friends to Last a Lifetime
  • Very Proud of our Clubs that are participating in Demonstration Day! Fairview Elementary, Fairview Sr., Elizabeth Sr., Elizabeth Elem., Oakdale Middle, Home School, Allen Parish Growing Future Leaders


Your child is invited to our Allen Parish Achievement Day Workshop! We will be making Items for your child turn in for Achievement Day on April 5th! The time of the workshop will be announced after registration has ended. The workshop will be held at the 4-H office. Your child must pre-register to attend. The cost is $10.00 to attend.

Please sign up by March 29th using the QR Code Achievement Day Workshop

Achievement Day!

This year Achievement Day is going to be very different. In 4‑H, we believe in the power of young people. Kids build life skills by participating in hands-on projects and activities. Please encourage your child to participate! I have provided some contests that you are familiar with and some that are new. Please send all Videos/Photos to Please make sure you provide the members name, school, grade, and contest/category. Limit one contest per Member! All projects are DUE APRIL 13, 2021.

  • Club Contests (Contest will be an effort made by each club as a whole)
    • 4-H Club Song/Yell Contest! Email
    • 4-H Club Bulletin Board Contest
    • Top Club Community Service Award, Provide Photos/a full description of Project
  • Virtual Contests (email photo and or video)
    • Talent Contest! Musicians, scientists, rising TikTok stars, artists, rappers, actors, magicians, athletes, etc. No talent is off-limits
    • Lego Contest! All entries must be original creations. Adults may not help children. Please provide a photo, a title, and a small description of your build.
    • Bird House! Send a photo! Be Creative and have fun!
    • Photography Contest! All photos must be taken by the 4-H Member! Each student may enter 1 photo per category. Photos may be in color, black and white sepia.
    Categories: People: Animals, Outdoor Shots, Promoting 4-H, Action Shots, Night Shots, Black and White, Agriculture, Allen Parish, Creative Selfie, Cooking, Sports, Travel, CATCH-ALL
  • Deliver to the 4-H Office (Items will not be returned)

Poster Contest! Categories: Chef Club, Seed of the Month, Shootings Sports, Club Pride, Leadership, Livestock, Drug Awareness
Rubber band Contest, Limit 1 entry per Category, Design and Create! Must use at least One Rubber band! Be Creative! Categories:*Artwork *Working Invention (Please Include Written Directions for Inventions)
4-H Rocks Kindness Project! Limit 1 entry per Member, Get creative and submit a painted Rock! The idea behind The Kindness Rocks Project is pretty basic: decorate rocks with positive messages! The rocks submitted will be displayed in a rock garden at the 4-H Office. Your rock will not be returned to you.

      • Workshop! Your child is invited to our Allen Parish Achievement Day Workshop! We will be making Items for your child turn in for Achievement Day on April 5th! The time of the workshop will be announced after registration has ended. The workshop will be held at the 4-H office. Your child must pre-register to attend. The cost is $10.00 to attend. Please sign up by March 29th using the QR Code Achievement Day Workshop

      March Lesson

      Problem Solving

      We all solve problems every day, but most of us do not every stop to think what process we use to solve those problems. Without clear guidelines to solve problems, many individuals struggle to overcome obstacles. Teenagers face a variety of problems ranging from minor disagreements with friends to major academic problems that could affect their future. Those who lack problem solving skills may feel stuck or overwhelmed. Define the problem, Brainstorm the solutions, pick a solution, implement a solution, Review Results

      Problem Solving Game

      Dumbest Idea First

      Benefits: Critical thinking, creative problem solving, quick problem solving

      Time Duration: 15 – 20 minutes

      Materials Required: Pen or pencil, a piece of paper.

      Dumbest Idea First is one of the most creative problem-solving activities for groups. This can encourage your creativity by thinking out of the box and lead you to ideas that would typically sound too insane to work. You can broaden the possibilities by looking at these crazy solutions first and find potential alternatives that might not be as obvious.


      1. Present your team with a question. It could be a real-world dilemma facing the group, or it could be a created scenario. For example, your company attempts to beat a rival to win a high-paying customer contract, but the customer bends to your competitors. You have a short period before they make the final decision to change their mind.
      2. With the given question, advise your group to come up with the dumbest ideas to tackle the issue. Anything can be written down.
      3. After each person has put forward a few ideas, go through the list, and analyze each plan to see which are the most feasible. List them from the highest level of feasibility to the lowest level.
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