2022 Allen Parish Livestock Show Rules & Regulations

I. Purpose of Livestock Shows

The goal is to provide every participant with a positive educational experience, while

providing an atmosphere of competitive spirit. This educational experience also brings

communities, families, and volunteers together in a special way that creates lasting

memories and friendships that all can appreciate. The experiences gained through 4-H

and FFA, and specifically through caring for and exhibiting livestock, help young people

develop into responsible citizens, community leaders and strong contributors to the

Louisiana’s work force.

II. Livestock Show Advisory Board

The Allen Parish Junior Livestock Show Advisory Committee is a steering committee to direct and coordinate the annual Allen Parish Junior Livestock Show and Sale. Advisory Board is consisted of 4-H Agent, FFA Advisors, and representatives from areas throughout Allen Parish.

III. Livestock Show Committee

All parents are invited to the Committee Meetings. Members are kept informed of rules and can give suggestions to the Advisory Board for the Allen Parish Junior Livestock Show and Sale.

Sale Order of Market Animals will be as Follows:

Champion and Reserve Champion Hog, first place ribbon winners, second place ribbon winners and third place ribbon winners; followed by Champion and Reserve Champion Goat, first place ribbon winners, second place ribbon winners, third place ribbon winners; followed by Champion and Reserve Champion Lamb, first place ribbon class winners, second place ribbon winners and third place ribbon winners.

Showmanship: Age Group

  • Exhibitors 17 years and over
  • Exhibitors - 16 years
  • Exhibitors - 15 years
  • Exhibitors - 14 years
  • Exhibitors 13 years
  • Exhibitors 12 years
  • Exhibitors 11 years
  • Exhibitors 10 years
  • Exhibitors 9 years

Senior Champion Showman (14 - 17 years)Junior Champion Showman (9 - 13 years)

Rules & Regulations for the 2022 Allen Parish Junior Livestock Show and Sale

  • Competition will be limited to Allen Parish 4-H and FFA members who are eligible in District and State Livestock Shows.
  • ALL Livestock, including breeding animals, will spend the night in the barn!
  • Health certificates will be required on all animals to be exhibited. Exhibitors and/or parents will be responsible for obtaining their own health papers. Health certificates must be in your possession prior to unloading. Lambs or any other animal with fungus will not be able to unload. ***LA Bred papers will be checked when picking up weigh cards before weigh-in.***
  • Exhibitors and parents will be allowed to bring in supplies and set up pens the day before the Allen Parish Show check-in date. Gate to Fairgrounds will be unlocked at 8:00 a.m.
  • Registration fee will be $15 per animal. This increase is necessary to allow Farm Youth Organization to pay for barn clean-up after the Allen Parish Show. In the past we were fortunate to have prisoners available at no charge. We will be hiring for this clean-up, possibly rotating the FFA Chapters.
  • Heat lamps will only be allowed in animal pens if temperatures are below freezing.
  • Exhibitors will not be allowed to show out of livestock trailers. (All livestock will be housed under the barn.)
  • Due to the increase of hogs, if an exhibitor has more than one pig, they are required to put two pigs per pen.
  • All exhibitors are required to show their animal. If you are unable to show your animal, you are required to bring an excuse to the Allen Parish Junior Livestock Show Advisory Board or 4-H Office. Failure to do so will result in cancelling your sale. Therefore, any exhibitor not able to show their animal must submit the Hardship Form to the agent / FFA advisor for approval. All decisions are made on a case by case base.
  • Only registered breeding animals will be allowed to show in their respective classes.
  • Unless otherwise specified the Allen Parish Jr. Livestock Show will follow the LSU Show Rules.
  • Exhibitors may sell only 2 animals but only one steer. Could be one steer and one other animal.
  • All market animals will be weighed and tagged prior to judging. Weights of the Parish Show will be used for sale purposes (resale price).Minimum weights are as follows:

Parish **** District *** State

Swine* 170# minimum*** 200# minimum - 285# + 5% *** 215# minimum - 285# + 5%

Steers 800# minimum *** 850# minimum *** 850# minimum - no upper limit

Lambs 73# minimum*** 80# minimum ****80# minimum - no upper limit

Goats 43# minimum ***50# minimum ***50# minimum - no upper limit

*** Note: Re-weigh market animals one time not making the minimum weight. This re-weigh must be done by deadline.

  • Animals will be judged according to grade and then market animals will be placed in order for sale purposes.
  • Champions and Reserve Champions will be selected in all species.
  • Junior Champion Showman (9-13 years) and Senior Champion Showman (14 and older) will be selected in all species except Dairy. All Dairy showman will compete together.
  • All animals sold at the parish sale must attend the District Show or sale will be cancelled.
  • Animals sold in the Allen Parish Jr. Livestock Sale, District Sale and State Sale remains the property and responsibility of the exhibitor until delivered to the buyer. Market animals must be delivered to the buyers a minimum of seven (7) days after the last show they attend, or sale will be canceled. For the exhibitor’s protection, it is suggested that the exhibitor get a signed receipt for their animals at the place of delivery. The receipt should show the kind of animal, ear tag number of the animals, the name of the exhibitor, the name of the final buyer, the date of delivery and be signed by the persons receiving delivery.

Note: The delivery slip will no longer be required to be turned into the 4-H office

If an animal is found not to be in slaughter condition, the exhibitor will have to get the animal back in slaughter condition or sale will be cancelled.

If a buyer complains of animal quality, the Delivery Inspector Committee will be contacted, and a decision will be made on the sale.

Exhibitor needs to call buyer before delivering animal to slaughterhouse. This will insure the buyer gets their animal within a timely manner from the slaughterhouse.

  • Four percent of the sale price on all market animals will be held in reserve. This 4 percent of the sale price will be used to pay for judges and any expenses incurred in holding the sale and to pay for animals that are sold in the sale and die before they are delivered.

Exhibitors will receive a resale animal or price to replace animal that dies before they can be delivered providing: (Note: This will allow exhibitor to receive full sale price.)

a. The animal's death is not due to neglect on the part of the exhibitor.

b. The animal is deemed healthy at the time of the parish sale.

c. The animal is delivered within the specified time (at least 7 days after last show).

d. Market animals should be kept by exhibitors for a minimum of seven (7) days after last show and returned to full feed before being brought to place of delivery.

e. All sale payments must be channeled through the Farm Youth Organization. No direct payments to the exhibitor.

  • If the exhibitors of market animals do not want to sell their animals, they must say so at the time the animals are judged. In this case, the animals will not be listed on the sale list. In the event an animal is sold, and the exhibitor does not want to accept the final bid - the exhibitor must state No Sale before their animals leave the sale ring. Once the animals leave the sale ring, the sale is final.
  • To be eligible for the Parish Sale animals must meet minimum weight.
  • A 5 X 7 color pictures will be taken during the shows. These pictures will be mailed to the purchasers of animals along with the bill for the animal. All add-on money of $100 or more will also receive a picture purchased by exhibitor. The cost of the picture will be withheld from the exhibitor's check. Pictures for any donation under $100 will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  • All Champion and Reserve Champions are required to take a picture. These will be used for promotional purposes. (Separate pictures will not be necessary if action shots are taken.)
  • All Champion, Reserve Champions and Showmanship winners are to attend sale to have pictures taken and receive awards.
  • Exhibitors will assist with setting up room for sale day and help serve gumbo beginning at 5:00 p.m.
  • All exhibitors are required to sale their animal. Any excused must be given to Advisory Board or 4-H office by the day before the sale. All exhibitors are to dress in showmanship attire for the sale.
  • The exhibitors are required to send thank you letters to all the purchasers and add ons of the livestock. A deadline of March 11, 2022 has been placed on Thank you cards please e-mail a picture/copy of your Thank you notes to Mrs. Kayla by this date. Checks will be held until the thank you letters emails have been received at the County Agent's office.
  • In the event of a question concerning the rules, the final decision will be made by the Allen Parish Jr. Livestock Show and Sale Advisory Board (composed of agents, Ag teachers and the four representatives).
  • Transactions will no longer be allowed (including adding money and/or buyers) after final animal has been sold.
  • If an exhibitor's market animal is found to be in violation of drug use rules and regulations as stated in the LSU State Livestock Catalog, the exhibitor will forfeit all awards, premiums, and sale for the animals shown at the Parish level.
  • To be eligible to show at the Parish Show, animals must have been entered by the deadline date.
  • If there are eight animals of the same breed and same sex in a class, the Allen Parish Farm Youth Organization will purchase a belt buckle for the Grand Champion. If there are less than eight animals of the same breed and same sex in the class and if someone cares to donate funds for a belt buckle, one will then be provided.
  • There will be a minimum resale price of $100 on hogs.
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