October Lesson

This year our lesson our club focus is on Personal Development.

Let’s take the Goal Setting Ride! Setting goals is important to be successful in life. A goal is a target or something you shoot for just like a football or basketball player. Planning what you want to achieve or get better at in school, at home, with friends or even in your club is called goal-setting and it helps you succeed.” Goals can be set anytime and sometimes they change as we start working on them. Without goals, we don’t have things to help us stay focused Here are two activities to get your goals setting started!

Create a Vision Board

Materials Needed: Notebook Paper, Poster Board, Pencil or Pen, Markers or Crayons, Old Magazines or Books, Scissors, Glue

  • Write down your short term goals on a piece of notebook paper. Narrow down your list to your top five short term goals. Now you are read to create your Vision Board.
  • Write the title, “My Short Term Goals” on the top of your poster board. You are not limited to writing on your poster. Cut out letters or create your test on the computer. Be creative in your design.
  • Write your top 5 short term goals on your poster
  • Cut out pictures from old magazines or books that represent these goals and glue them on the poster board with each goal
  • Talk with your leader about your goals and what the pictures on your poster represent.

Make a Bucket List

This is an activity you can do with your Family and or Club!

  • Gather your family and or club, grab a piece of paper and some markers
  • Brainstorm a list of accomplishments experiences, or achievement goals
  • At the end of the school year , you can look back over all of the things your family and club has accomplished.
  • High School Members: use online tools such as Trello and Evernote to help create your bucket list
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