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Mandated Ethics and Preventing Sexual Harassment and Title IX Education

Please note it is the responsibility of each employee to complete these education programs by close of business on December 31, 2019. As you are aware, annual Ethics and Sexual Harassment Prevention Education is mandated for all Louisiana public employees to complete each calendar year. The law places the burden on the employee to complete the annual education. If an employee doesn’t complete the programs, then the violation of law is on the employee’s part, which may result in suspension, dismissal, and/or fines.

If you have already completed the ethics training on the La. Board of Ethics website this year, please use your AgCenter employee ID and Password to log-in, upload a copy of your certificate of completion, and attest that you are ‘in compliance’ for 2019. IMPORTANT: If you do not go to the Ethics site to complete the program and only certify compliance on the AgCenter web site, then you will not receive credit with the Ethics Board for taking the course. The Board of Ethics records are the official records reviewed to ensure a public employee has taken the Ethics education program.

If you hold a joint appointment with the LSU A&M campus, but are majority AgCenter, you must complete the AgCenter’s training. The AgCenter’s training incorporates the A&M campus’s training, but also addresses how these issues impact us as we work with clientele, volunteers, and 4-H youth and parents. If your majority appointment is not with the AgCenter, but you work with clientele, volunteers or 4-H youth and parents, you should review the AgCenter’s material.

To certify that you have completed the required training for this calendar year:


a.A sign in box appears – Enter your AgCenter username and password

Note that if you are already signed in for AgCenter email, this step may not occur and you should proceed to step 2 below.

b.Click OK

2.Find the “Forms by Category” section.

3.Begin each compliance program by clicking the appropriate form:

a.Preventing Sexual Harassment and Title IX Training Compliance Agreement. Follow the instructions on the form.

b.Ethics Training Compliance Agreement 2019. Follow the instructions on the form.

4.After completion, each compliance agreement should be visible in the “My Submitted Forms” section on the dashboard. If you do not see them, refresh the page. It is not necessary to forward any completion details to HRM; training is automatically tracked upon completion.

This year, employees will also be required to complete an online course on Civil Rights. That course is under development and should be released by the end of October. Please be on the lookout later this month for a notice to also complete that training. Please contact Ashley Gautreaux or Rebecca Smelley in HRM should you have any questions.

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