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Kristen Manes  |  12/4/2017 5:52:06 PM

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These benefit offerings can be added or dropped by active employees only during Annual Enrollment - unless a Family Qualifying Event applies.

Unless a retiree took the coverage into retirement, no changes can be made.


These benefits may not be added during annual enrollment without evidence of insurability and subsequent approvals.

LSU Supplemental Life does have an option to increase coverage during annual enrollment for those employees that already have active coverage. If you'd like to apply for coverage, HRM has appropriate forms to do so.


These benefits may be added or removed at any time during the plan year - without evidence of insurability.

Retirees and part-time employees may also add Identity Theft Protection at any time at the active employee rate.


LSU offers a Basic and an Enhanced plan.


The Basic plan is designed with two goals in mind: to promote good dental hygiene through preventive care and to provide you with the dental care you need at a low cost. The Basic Plan pays 100% of the Usual and Customary (U&C) fee allowance for Preventive Services and features a benefit schedule for all other services. The benefit schedule lets you know up front, in fixed dollar amounts, how much the Plan pays for Basic and Major services. The Basic Plan has an annual deductible of $50/person up to $150/family for Basic and Major Services. The Basic Plan Document and Fee Schedule is linked here. (You'll need to scroll down for the discount amount listed.)

The Enhanced Plan offers comprehensive dental coverage in an easy-to-use format. The Plan will cover a percentage of U&C charges, including 100% of preventive claims. All in-network dentists have agreed to honor the negotiated rates, and but out-of-network dentists may charge more, leaving you with additional out-of-pocket expenses. Orthodontia is also included in the Enhanced Plan, making it a good choice for families with more extensive dental needs. The Enhanced Plan does not have a deductible. The Enhanced Plan Document and Fee Schedule is linked here.

LSU partners with UnitedHealthcare to provide you and your family with valuable vision insurance at affordable rates. The Vision plan meets the needs of you and your family by including coverage for exams, lenses, frames, and contacts.


Access the care your family needs through UnitedHealthcare’s network and select retail partners, such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Costco. New for 2018, Target Optical will be in-network.

This benefit covers a wide range of common injuries and covered accidents. If you or a covered family member become injured, Accident Protection will pay you a direct cash benefit.

Accident Protectionjpeg

The amount of money you receive depends on the type and severity of the injury and can be used any way you choose.

This benefit is designed to help protect you and your family’s financial health.

Critical Illnessjpeg

Critical Illness insurance can help fill a financial gap if you or a family member experiences a severe, life-threatening illness, such as cancer, heart attack, and major organ transplant. Upon diagnosis of a covered illness, you can receive a lump-sum benefit.

LSU has partnered with Diversified Benefit Services, Inc. (DBS) to offer employees Flexible Spending Accounts.

Flexible SpendingjpegThis benefit provides you with the opportunity to set aside pre-tax dollars for out-of-pocket health care or dependent care expenses incurred by you and/or your eligible dependents. You must determine an annual target amount to be withheld from your paycheck.

This plan is changing effective 1/1/18 for active employees.

Retired individuals with retirement dates on or before 12/31/17 will be grandfathered at their 2017 rate structure. Annual Enrollment is the retiree's opportunity to make changes to coverage options or drop the life insurance.

Active employees will have premiums based on age bands effective 1/1/18. The rates for all age bands are below. Annual Enrollment is the only time you may apply for or drop life insurance.

OGB Life RatesjpegOGB Life Insurance website is here:

Life insurance will continue to be administered by UnitedHealthcare. There is no rate increase unless you are moving age bands.

LSU Supplemental Lifejpeg

Current participants can increase their employee coverage by $10,000, up to a total of 5x annual salary or $500,000, without evidence of insurability (EOI). Currently enrolled spouses can increase their coverage by $5,000 without EOI. If you do not currently have Voluntary Life insurance, you can apply anytime through EOI but must be approved before coverage is effective.

If you become disabled and qualify for benefits, LTD coverage will pay you 60% of your monthly salary, up to a maximum of $12,000 a month. Disability benefits are paid if you are considered disabled, you satisfy a waiting period of 90 days, and you exhaust your sick leave. If you are disabled before the age of 60, the benefit will continue until your Social Security Normal Retirement Age. If you are disabled after you turn 60, a reduced benefit period applies based on the year you become disabled.

Long Term DisabilityjpegIf you are not currently covered, you can apply at anytime with medical underwriting. Coverage will not begin until application is approved.

LSU partners with UNUM to provide you and your family with valuable Long Term Care insurance. Employees can apply for coverage at any time with medical underwriting.

Long Term CarejpegAlso eligible to apply for coverage at any time with medical underwriting are: an employee’s parents and grandparents, an employee’s spouse, and the parents and grandparents of an employee’s spouse.

LSU partners with UnitedHealthcare to provide you and your family with valuable AD&D insurance at affordable rates. This benefit pays in the event of death or dismember-ment resulting from an accident. You may select coverage for yourself, your spouse and/or your children.

Accidental Deathjpeg

You can apply for this benefit any time without medical underwriting.

LSU has partnered with IdentityForce to offer identity protection to its employees. Delivering comprehensive identity protection by continuously monitoring your personal information, IdentityForce provides robust credit protection, quickly alerts you to threats and covers you with a $1 million identity theft insurance policy. And, for full-time, active employees, child(ren) up to age 26 are covered at no cost under ChildWatch.

Active employees should enroll through Workday with these instructions.

Identity Protectionjpeg

In addition to the linked flyer, here is additional information.

Retirees and part-time staff can also enroll in this benefit at the discounted rate employees are receiving. However, the ChildWatch is not covered and is an additional $2.75/child/month. The link to enroll can be provided by HRM by either calling or e-mailing Dolores (225.578.4631, or Kristen (225.578.4629, but will not be published here.

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