New Employee Instructions (AgCenter)


Newly hired employees will be onboarding through our Workday system.
There are helpful instructions in the following areas:

Onboarding instructions in Workday

Contact LSU AgCenter HRM with any questions or concerns at or (225.578.2258).

While the sections below have forms linked next to them, these are the forms HR NEEDS back from you - regardless of your position or employment type:
Drug Policy
Unit Checklist for New Hires


As a new LSU AgCenter Employee, you'll need to complete the 4 mandatory trainings:

  • Ethics
  • Civil Rights
  • Power-based Violence and Sexual Misconduct Education
  • Cybersecurity

This can be done with your LSU AgCenter login ID and password on AgEd.

  1. Go to AgEd and select Courses Required Yearly
  2. Click on the course you wish to complete first.
  3. Click Sign In in the purple bar at the top right of the screen and enter your AgCenter credentials, if prompted. This will send you an email with a link to confirm your account.
  4. Then, enroll in the course and follow the instructions to complete it.
  5. Repeat for each of the other mandatory training courses.

Please contact Brandi Frey in HRM should you have any questions.

Drug Policy

Read AgCenter PS-19 "Illegal Use of Drugs or Alcohol" linked below and sign the certification statement. Submit the certification statement with any other paper employment forms. Keep the PS-18 and one copy of the certification statement for your records.

Benefits Information Sessions

All employees newly eligible for benefits should attend a Benefits Info Session held in HR before making any benefit/leave/retirement elections through the Workday. These are held weekly - Wednesday mornings from 9 - 11 (or by appointment) either in the office or through a software connection online. Please contact either Ryan Barnette (225.578.4631) .

For a review of benefits offered, please read our Schedule of Employee Benefits and reference the information on these pages:
Health Insurance
Supplemental Insurances (Voluntary Insurances)
Retirement Options - See Retirement section in the Schedule of Employee Benefits linked above.

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New Employee Orientation

New employees with appointments over 120 days are expected to attend the LSU AgCenter's New Employee Orientation, generally held the second Tuesday of scheduled months. Below, you'll see a link to the enrollment form, along with a schedule. Please complete and send back to the Human Resource Management office as indicated on the form.

New employees will also need to submit the Unit orientation checklist. Please complete this with a supervisor/unit representative and submit to Human Resource Management.

For All Employees on a Visa

Please complete and submit the Alien Tax Info Form. Form and instructions are linked at right>>>. This will help to determine Substantial Presence. Please complete all blanks as necessary and sign and date the bottom of the form. It is important that this form be returned to HRM as soon as possible for all paid individuals on a visa. It is used to determine substantial presence, which has an impact on tax elections and retirement participation.

If you are eligible for a tax treaty, (Eligible countries are listed on this website - Use the Foreign Teacher/Researcher area). Form 8233 and the attachment (found at the site linked above) are country-specific and will need to be completed. There are two example forms linked at right, for reference. Please send all forms back to Kristen Manes ( once completed.

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Need a Name Tag?

Does your position require that you represent the AgCenter out of the office? Please complete this form and send directly to Denise Fontenot ( for a name tag.

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