How to Rear Giant Salvinia Weevils in Outdoor Ponds

Rodrigo Diaz, Wahl, Charles, Moshman, Lori

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To maintain control over giant salvinia infestations, it is important to have local sources of good quality weevils that can be reared year-round, harvested and released in areas where they are needed.

This guide is intended to provide a basic understanding of salvinia weevil-rearing operations along with a practical set of guidelines that can be followed to construct and maintain weevil-rearing ponds in the southeastern United States. We hope this information may be applied to increase the number of local weevil nurseries and contribute toward greater control of giant salvinia. Pub 3551 pdf is 16 pages.


  • Background on Giant Salvinia and the Salvinia Weevil
  • Location, Type and Dimension of Pond
  • Water Quality and Pond Fertilization
  • Pest Control in and Around the Pond
  • Quality Control of Weevils Produced
  • Pond Maintenance
  • Salvinia Inoculation
  • Weevil Inoculation
  • Weevil Pond Harvest
  • Postharvest Transport and Release
  • Conclusion and References
9/19/2016 1:30:54 PM
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