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MagicDianthusjpgLouisiana’s Diverse Specialty Crop Industry

Allen Owings
From sweet potatoes to mayhaws the horticulture industry in Louisiana is diverse and wide encompassing.

SwPotatojpgSpecialty Crop Block Grants Enhance AgCenter Research

Rick Bogren
Over the past several years, the LSU AgCenter has received grants totaling more than $750,000 for research and promotion projects to support specialty crops.

figjpgLouisiana Pecan and Fig Production Remain Strong While Peaches Fade

Johnny Morgan
Pecans and figs continue to be popular crops in Louisiana while continuous freezes have nearly decimated the peach industry.

rose-BelindasDreamjpgResearching Roses in the Bayou State

Allen Owings
Roses continue to be one of the most widely planted flowering shrubs in Louisiana.

potentialjpg style=Plants with Potential

Jason Stagg, Allen Owings and Gina Hebert
The LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station created a new outreach program in 2015 to annually introduce and distribute unfamiliar plants.

honeybeejpgEvaluating Public Health Pesticides on Honeybee Health and Mortality

Kristen Healy
Beekeepers are faced with numerous factors - pests, disease and loss of habitat - that can affect the health and well-being of their conlonies.

fastfood-farmjpgChildren Learn About Agriculture at St. James Parish’s Fast Food Farm

Johnny Morgan
An idea born 15 years ago has become a bi-annual teaching tool that shows students how food get from the farm to their table.

SaladBowljpgLet Us Eat Lettuce

William Afton
With an array of beautiful colors and a variety of textures, lettuce has some of the widest ranges of selections within most of the vegetable crops grown today.

tomatojpgGrowing Great Home Garden Tomatoes

Kathryn Fontenot
Every backyard garden needs at least one tomato plant, and certain varieties will do well in Louisiana.

creole-tomatoesjpgWill the Real Creole Tomato Please Stand Up?

Kathryn Fontenot and Robert Williams
Louisianans have various definitions of what constitutes a "Creole" tomato.

hammondRSjpgHammond Research Station Keeps Up with Changing Times

Rick Bogren
The landscape of south Louisiana has changed over the past century, and so has the mission of the LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station.

gulf-fritillaryjpgPollinator Gardening

Dan Gill
Much of the decline in pollinator populations can be attributed to habitat loss, disease and parasites, pollution and pesticides.

chilli-thripsjpgChilli Thrips Control, Identification and Management

Yan Chen, Steven Arthurs and Dennis Ring
Chilli thrips is native to south Asia and has become a worldwide pest of horticulture commodities, including tomatoes and strawberries.

bark-scalejpgCrape Myrtle Bark Scale Threatens Summer’s Most Popular Tree

Yan Chen and Rodrigo Diaz
With showy summer flowers, attractive bark color and brilliant fall foliage, crape myrtles are the most widely planted summer landscape tree in the South.

superplantsjpgLouisiana Super Plants Program Celebrates Five Years

Allen Owings
The three plants selected as Super Plants for 2016 bring the total number of plants in the program since it started five years ago to 35.

buttonweedjpgVirginia Buttonweed: No. 1 Weed Problem of Southern Lawns

Ron Strahan
Virginia buttonweed is widely considered the most invasive weed infesting turfgrass in the South.

chamberbitterjpgChamberbitter: Invasive and Difficult to Control

Ron Strahan
Chamberbitter, also called gripeweed or leaf flower, is a highly invasive summer annual broadleaf weed.

aeroponicsjpgRevealing the Hidden Half: Development of a Low-cost Aeroponics Growth System As a Tool for Sweet Potato Root Research

Arthur Villordon
The sweet potato has a system of roots that allow it not only to obtain soil-based resources like water and nutrients but also store food reserves.

agc-newsjpgAgCenter News

Topics include the invention of nanosalt to reduce salt content of foods, new Advanced Master Gardeners graduates, Provisia rice technology, and more.

coa-newsjpgCollege of Ag News

Six College of Agriculture students received University Medals, a research project in Mozambique, fasion group has runway show, and more.

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