Beauregard Parish Profile 2016-2017

Keith Hawkins  |  12/12/2016 4:22:11 PM

Program Highlights

4-H Youth Development

Beauregard Parish is a rural area in which a gun culture is active. Our 4-H Agent conducted regular 4-H Shooting Sports project activities where over 65 youth and adults acquired knowledge of safe firearm handling and had the opportunity to increase their marksmanship skills through shooting practice. All participating youth increased their marksmanship skills and exhibited safe firearm handling skills as the year progressed. Through these efforts, 33 participated in the Southern Regional 4-H Shooting Sports contest where 8 youth qualified to attend the State 4-H Shooting Sports contest

Agriculture & Natural Resources
Beauregard Parish continues to be a high timber production parish in Louisiana. The Parish has been in the top five parishes in the last eight years. Workshops addressed prescribed burning in which all attendees obtained their Burn Manager Cards from LDAF.

Beekeeping continues to grow, and Beauregard have had several basic beekeeping classes and meetings. The pre– and post-tests of the third class indicated an 69% increase in knowledge. Instruction include hands-on beeyard visits and honey processing.

Master Gardener program continues grow and has had six classes since 2010. MG’ers support the AgCenter with fair judging, 4-H support, Newsletters, classroom visits, and other activities. Recently, MG’ers have been volunteering at Hodges Garden State Park which features several horticultural sites.

Who we reach:

Youth: (includes 405 4-H members in 18 school 4-H clubs)

Adults: (includes forest landowners from LA, TX, CO, CA, VA, WA, WV); Individual contacts (visits, calls, email): 159172; Mass contacts ( news media & social media); 1,285,582

How we reach them:

4-H clubs Class series
School Enrichment Demonstrations
Field days Workshops
Newsletters Web sites
Publications Social media

Expanding our efforts:
185 Volunteers - 4-H, Master Gardeners, Volunteers for Family & Community, SW LA Forestry Association, SW LA Beekeepers Association.

Parish Facts

LSU AgCenter County Agents provide research-based information on plant, aquaculture, wildlife and animal enterprises to Terrebonne Parish clientele. The 2008 total dollar amount from these commodities were:
—Plant enterprises - $80.2 million

—Aquaculture and wildlife - $0.8 million

—Animal enterprises - $11.2 million.
Data from the Louisiana Ag Summary
Web site:

Population - 35,654

Land area (acres) - 755,772
Persons under 18 years old - 19.7%

Persons 65 years old and over - 12.9%

Median household income - $46,385

Persons below poverty - 16.8%

Local Issues & Plans for this year.

1. Promote the wise use of natural resources and protection of the environment.

-Collaboration with Southwest LA Forestry Association to bring an annual Forestry Forum and other natural resource education: Sponsorship of Teachers Forestry Tour & 4-H Forestry Invitational in WV.

-Deliver a workshop about prescribed burning for landowners.

-Advise landowners on optimal timber sale practices.

2. Increase productivity & profitability of LA Agriculture.

-Continue providing training for private pesticide applicators. Enable new applicators to obtain licenses.

-Advise producers on safe, effective pest control.

-Enabling local Master Gardeners to support horticultural education.

-Enabling local beekeepers by providing apiary education.

3. Build leaders and good citizens through 4-H youth development.

-Through the assistance of youth and adult volunteers; train Club officers the importance of being a good leader and prepare them to perform their 4-H Club Officer duties while teaching Life Skills in various 4-H educational activities.

-Through efforts of Master Gardener volunteers and 4-H volunteers, continue gardening educational activities to help youth increased their knowledge of gardening & plant propagation and learn about healthy living

-Through the Advisory process; continue conducting timely 4-H club educational programs and Field Day activities to meet the 4-H youth development needs.

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