Kun-Jun Han

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Title Associate Professor
Department School of Plant, Environmental and Soil Sciences
E-mail KHan@agcenter.lsu.edu
Address 1 104 Sturgis Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Phone 225-578-1305
Fax 225-578-1403

Ph.D., 2001, Agronomy, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ph.D., 1995, Animal Sciences, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
M.S., 1989, Animal Sciences, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
B.S.,1987, Animal Sciences, Seoul National University, Seoul South Korea

Refereed Journal Articles

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Presentations and Abstracts

Han, K.J. (2022). Forage Quality Analysis as a Marketing Tool in the U.S. In 19th AAAP Congress, August 22-26, Jeju, Republic of Korea.

Han, K. J., Jeong, C., Kang, S., & Bratton, A. (2021, November). Evaluation of Cover Crop on Row Crop Productivity through Quantified Soil Health and Crop Production. In ASA, CSSA, SSSA International Annual Meeting. ASA-CSSA-SSSA

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Non-Refereed Technical Publications

Han, K.J., Pitman, W.D., & Alison, M.W. (2022). Nondestructive Analysis on Agricultural Products Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy. Louisiana Agriculture. Summer Issue.

07/2013 - present: Associate Professor, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, School of Plant, Environmental and Soil Sciences, 104 M.B. Sturgis Hall, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

05/2007 – 6/30/2013: Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, Southeast Research Station, Franklinton, LA., investigating legume impact on feed value and productivity of pasture, and management impact on biofuel feedstock productivity

10/2004 – 04/2007: Post-doctoral Fellow, Forage Improvement Division, Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Inc. Ardmore, Oklahoma, investigating gene flow potential from genetically modified Festuca arundiancea and Lolium multiflorum to their wild types, and management impact on switchgrass establishment

02/2001 – 09/2004: Post-doctoral Training, Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, investigating stored forage nutritive value and fermentation with various forage crops

Service Activities:

  • Louisiana Forage and Grassland Council President 2015
  • Louisiana Forage and Grassland Council Board Member, 2011 - 2015

Research activities have focused on:

  1. improvement of production and utilization of forage crops,
  2. development of feed stock analysis techniques targeting biofuel, and
  3. collaboration with extension faculty members through on farm presentations.

Han, K.J. and C. Jeong (Leading PI. Han), 2017. “ Evaluation of Cover Crop Mixture on Row Crop Productivity through Quantified Soil Health and Crop Production”, USDA-NRCS CIG LA program grant for $99,752

Han, K.J (Leading PI, Lemus), 2017.“Impact of potassium fertilization, harvest frequency, and grazing management in alfalfa persistence across the Southeastern U.S”, USDA-NIFA Alfalfa and Forage Research Program grant for $79,806

Han, K.J. W.M. Alison, W.D. Pitman, L. Fulz, and M. Bisoondat (Leading PI. Alison), 2017. USDA-NIFA Grant for “Understanding potential soil health & forage contributions of diverse species mixtures”, $399,992

Han, K.J. and Y. Moon. (Leading PI. K.J. Han). 2016. United Sorghum Checkoff grant for “Maximizing Prebiotics Production from Sorghum Grain”, $68,000. (09/01/2016 – 08/31/2018).

Han, K.J., W.M. Alison, W.D. Pitman, and L. Fulz (Leading PI. K.J. Han). 2014. USDA-NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant for “Soil health and pasture ecosystem improvement from a diverse mixture of cool-season species overseeded on a warm-season perennial grass pasture.” $232,232 (Total $ 467,739) (09/30/2017).

Han, K.J., W.M. Alison, K. Manoch, and M.E. McCormick (Leading PI. K.J. Han). 2013. USDA Conservation Innovation grant for “Demonstration of Overseeded Forage Radish for Improving Soil Properties and Recovering Excessive Nitrogen in Southern Pastureland.” $72,881.

Han, K.J. (Leading PI. E. Cebert/Alabama A&M University, Multi-State Project). 2011. USDA NIFA grant for “Increased production of canola in southeastern United States.” $5,040/77,920 (10/01/2011 – 09/30/2013).

Louisiana Board of Regent. “Development of quick ethanol feedstock evaluation method using in vitro fermentation gas measurement”, funded for $131,304 Han, K.J. and D. Day, from 2011 to 2014.

USDA AFRI CAP, A regional program for production of multiple agricultural feedstocks and processing to biofuel and bio-based chemicals”, funded for $303,543 Han K.J. (Total award $17,300,000. Kochergin V. et al.), from 2011 to 2016.

Untied Sorghum Checkoff Program Grant. “Planting Management impact on sweet sorghum as a biofuel crop”, funded for $59,243. Han, K.J. W.M. Alison, and D. Day, from 2010 to 2012.

Natural Resource Recovery Inc., Baton Rouge, LA, “Evaluation of salvaged corn gluten feed as organic fertilizer and weed control effects”, funded for $6,000. Han, K.J. and M.E. McCormick. from 2011 to 2012.

USDA NIFA. “Increased production of canola in southeastern United States”, funded for $5,040/77,920, Han, K.J. Co-PI.

American Sugarcane League Grant, “Sweet sorghum management, economics, and potential as a bio-fuel Crop”, funded for $24,000,Viator, H.P, Salassi, M, Alison, M.W., H.J. Whatley, K.J. Han, W. Pitman, K. Gravois, 2008.

Funding Sources:

  • Louisiana Board of Regents
  • Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, Metairie, LA
  • United Sorghum Checkoff Program, Lubbock, TX
  • Natural Resource Recovery Inc. Baton Rouge, LA.
  • American Sugarcane League, Thibodaux, LA
  • Louisiana Cattlemen’s Association, Port Allen, LA
  • Pacific International Seed Company, Inc., Walnut Creek, CA

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