Sugarcane Variety Cold Tolerance

Kenneth Gravois  |  12/10/2017 1:56:44 AM

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Sugarcane has been bred to be adapted to Louisiana's temperate climate. The varieties grown in Louisiana differ in their ability to withstand sub-freezing temperatures that can occur prior to the end of the harvest and processing season.

Scientists at the USDA-ARS plant a variety trial each year that, in the event of sub-freezing temperatures, can be harvested to assess the rate of deterioration of a sugarcane variety after a freeze event. Indicators of juice deterioration include a drop in juice pH, a rise in titratable acidity, juice purity drop, and an increase in polysaccharides and dextran, which ultimately lead to a drop in sucrose content and the inability to crystallize sucrose at the factory. The following table categorizes Louisiana sugarcane varieties' ability to withstand sub-freezing temperatures and subsequent sucrose deterioration.

HoCP 96-540HoCP 00-950
L 99-226
L 01-283Ho 05-961L 99-233
L 01-299HoCP 09-804L 03-371
HoCP 04-838
Ho 07-613
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