National Nutrition Month-March 2019

Keisha Fletcher  |  3/4/2019 10:38:58 PM

March is National Nutrition Month, a monthly celebration created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to promote nutrition through education and sharing resources, which focuses on making healthy food choices and making healthy decisions on eating and physical activity.Below you find great resources to help you throughout the month.

The National Agricultural Library website is an excellent source of nutrition and health information including videos on how to shop at your local Farmer’s market, including how to choose fresh fruits and vegetables and these resources can help you save money, as the longer your produce last, and is safe to eat, the more money is your pocket.Also on the website, includes tips on how to meal plan by creating a grocery list before shopping, food groups, weight management, food assistance programs, and what’s in food?-carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and food additives.Visit for more information.

Food Safety Go to FoodKeeper to help you learn how to store and maximize the freshness and quality of your food.Including fresh, frozen, canned goods, seafood, deli, and produce.Foodkeeper is available online and via mobile application [FoodKeeper] Android and Apple devices.Online:

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The LSU AgCenter Nutrition and Health Blog:Provides information on fad diets, how to incorporate physical activity, and the benefits of superfoods for women and men.


These are great resources to help you throughout the month and tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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