Beehive Buzz: Air Bubbles & Honey

Joshua Ydarraga, Hawkins, Keith


Roger called the AgCenter to ask how to remove air bubbles after pouring honey in a bottle. AHA consulted with Mr. Richard Hebert, owner of Hebert Honey Farm and a long-time beekeeper for advice.

Hebert shared his comments about eliminating air bubbles, “After filtering your honey it will need a few hours for the air to rise to the top and then you can fill from a spout on the bottom of the bottling bucket or tank. When filling a container, it can be tilted so the stream of honey will run down the side of your jar instead of the stream pouring into the honey causing more air to be trapped thus creating more bubbles. I hope that answers your questions.”

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9/24/2021 7:52:29 PM
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