Avoyelles Parish Clover Parle February 2020

​Upcoming Events


4 Jr Leadership Club Meeting

5:30 p.m.

8-15 LSU Livestock Show

11/12 State Commodity Illustrated Talk Contest

20-21 Career Exploration Camp- Evac Shelter- Alexandria

24 Portfolio Workshop 1pm-3pm

28 Senior Scholarship Application Due to Agcenter Office


2 Scholarship Applications Due to 4-H Office

7 State Rabbit Show

3-8 Northern Regional Shooting Match

9 Parish Livestock Advisory Board Meeting

10 Jr Leadership Club Meeting 5:30 p.m.

13-15 Junior Leadership Conference

13 Photography Contest Photos

Due to 4-H Office

16 Wetlands Workshop TimeTBA

26-29 Co-op Youth Leadership


28 Achievement Day

30 Outstanding Member Lists Due from 4-H Clubs


1 Possession Deadline for horse


4 Fishing Clinic, (Tentative) 1:00p.m.-4:00p.m

5 Recordbooks/Portfolios Due to

4-H Office

6 4-H University Meeting 5:30

7 Jr Leadership Club Mtg

5:30 p.m.

14-19 State Shooting Sports Match

19 Deadline to register for Camp

4-H summer Camp


WANTED: Boys & Girls Grades 4th –6th WHEN: June 8-12, 2020 WHERE: Camp Grant Walker in Pollock

COST: $185.00 (Food/Lodging/Transportation)

Applications and a $75.00 Deposit (non refundable). Due by April 19 to the 4-H Office. Registration is first come first

serve. Clubs will not be selecting 4-H camp participants. We are also looking for adults to help chaperone at 4-H Camp. If

interested, please contact the 4-H office.


4-H Camp Application

Return by April 19, 2020 To: 4-H 8592 Hwy 1, Suite 1, LA 71350

Camper’s Name__________________________________________________Boy_______Girl ________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________


Deposit Fee- $75-Checks made payable to Avoyelles 4-H Foundation


Achievement Day - March 28

Achievement Day will be held on March 28 at LaSAS from

8:30a.m to noon. Achievement day is a day full of fun

educational sessions, skill-a-thons and competitive contests that

focus on various 4-H topics. The event is open to all youth and

they are encouraged to take part in as many contests and

educational activities as desired. 4-H member and club awards

will also be presented at this event. Contests to be held at

Achievement Day are as follows:


Open to all 4-H members. All contests will consist of three

divisions: Elementary (grades 4-6), Junior (grades 7-8), Senior

(grades 9-12). Members of a team demonstration can be from

different clubs. Members can be from a different grade level, but

will compete in the oldest team member’s grade division. All

demonstrations must be pre-registered. Time limit for

demonstrations- min. 5, max. 15 minutes. Demonstration


Agriculture Demonstration-Open to any 4-H member. May be

an individual or team. May include: livestock and crop

production, conservation of natural resources, wildlife

management, marine science, poultry science, agricultural

engineering, forestry, horticulture, etc. Examples: Care of lawn

equipment, cleaning a saddle, how to plant potatoes, grooming a

dog, making an insect collection

General Demonstration-Open to any 4-H member. May be an

individual or team. Subjects may include: How to chart a

hurricane, using the computer, how to make a necklace, how to

clean a camera, garnishing, how to make any craft, etc.

Food Demonstration- Open to any 4-H member. May be an

individual or team. Contestants must give a method

demonstration on the preparation of a food dish. This category

includes demonstrations in rice cookery, fruits and vegetables,

breads, dairy foods, etc.

Illustrated Talk Contest

Open to all 4-H members. Using a 22 X 28 poster give a 3-5

minute presentation on any topic on Louisiana commodities,

promoting 4-H, agriculture, science, citizenship or healthy living.

SKILL A THONS Open to all 4-H members. This is a team

contest. The team can be made up of two or three individuals. Not

an individual contest. Team members can be from different

grades and different clubs. Skillathons may include topics such as

Shooting Sports, Fishing Sports, Food and Nutrition, Forestry

Identification, Photography, Pet Care, Citizenship, Livestock,

Child Development, Sewing, Decision Making, etc. Team

members will work together to identify tools in topic areas and

find solutions to scenarios presented in the skillathons.

Avoyelles Parish

Membership and participation in activities and events are

open to all citizens without regard to race, color, national

origin, gender, religion, age, veteran status or disability. If

you have a disability that requires special accommodation

for your participation in an activity, please contact us at


Avoyelles Parish 4-H

8592 Highway 1, Suite 1

Mansura, Louisiana 71350

Phone: 318-964-2245 Fax: 318-964-2259

Monique P. Mayeux


Please go like our page so you can keep

informed on 4-H events!


Beef and Dairy poster contest


Please have entries submitted to 4-H Office by March 16.

For more information, contact the Agcenter Office



Show your creativity and draw a billboard that encourages

or promotes the consumption of milk and milk products and

their importance for health. Posters are due at

Achievement Day. They will be judged at the parish level

and then will be sent onto the state poster contest. For

information on rules, etc. contact the 4-H office.

Clover Kids Cloverbuds

Our next meeting will be at 3pm on February 24th. Join us to make a My Plate Bracelet.

Club Reporter's Scrapbook

Open to all Avoyelles Parish 4-H Clubs. Each club may

enter one scrapbook that is created by the club reporter. The

club scrapbook will be comprised of reporters articles and

community service and/or other activities performed by the

club that year. DUE MARCH 16 to the 4-H Office

Emerald Clover Award Winners

Congratulations to these 4-H members for receiving the Emerald

Clover Awards. These members will be recognized at the

Outstanding Member Banquet in April.

Emerald Clover

Jospeh Hayes

Anna Gautreaux

Lani Causey

Livestock News


February 8-15-State Livestock Show, Gonzales

March 7-State Rabbit Show, Alexandria


The State Rabbit show to be held March 7 in Alexandria.

Entry forms and more details will be emailed to exhibitors

who indicated they were interested on their parish entry

form. Entry fees will be $2 for exhibition rabbits and $10

for meat pens. Entry deadline is February 17 to the

Agcenter office .


If you are planning to exhibit a horse this summer for the

district and state horse shows, please contact the 4-H

Office. You must have possession of your horse prior to

April 1.

Outstanding Member Reception

Would you like to be rewarded for your participation in 4-H? The Avoyelles 4-H Program wants to recognize 4-H members and the efforts each has put forth into being a 4-H member. This event is called the Outstanding Members Reception. The Outstanding Member reception is now being planned. The ceremony includes a meal and presentation of awards. See your school club leader if you are interested in applying to be an outstanding member. Applications should be turned in to your leader by March 24.

Photography Contest


Start taking photos now and enter the photography contest held at Achievement Day! Open to all 4-H members.

Categories are: Open to all 4-H members. Each member may only enter one photo per category.

Categories are:

A. People - any age.

B. Animals - can be of pets, farm animals, zoo animals, fish, etc.

C. Outdoor Shots - buildings, landscapes, flowers, plants, gardens, water, butterflies, and other insects.

D. Night Shots-pictures of outdoor scenes at night

E. Black and White-pictures may consist of any subject

G. Agriculture-includes agriculture equipment, livestock, aspects of farming , crops.

H. Promoting 4-H– anything to showcase or promote the 4-H program.

Mount picture on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of black, construction paper (one picture per sheet). Put category on upper right hand

corner and name, grade, and school on back of paper. They can be color or black and white. Only one picture per


Premier Exhibitor Contest Results



4th-6th Grade

Champion– Olivia Germany, LES

2nd-Joey Lemoine, PES

3rd-Dalton Causey, Homeschool

7th-8th Grade

Champion-Cade Cleghorn, LASAS

2nd-Camille Quebedeaux, APCS

3rd-Addison Adams, SJS

9th-12th Grade

Champion- Joseph Hayes, APCS

2nd-Jacob Duncan, APCS

3rd-Rylee Adams, AHS


4th-6th Grade

Champion-Andi Duck, SMS

2nd- Huck Hill, APCS

3rd Isabelle Mayeux, SMS

7th-8th Grade

Champion-Heidi Gauthier, LASAS

9th-12th Grade

Champion-Hunter Hicks, APCS

2nd-Roslynn Burgess, SHS

3rd-Gracie Hicks, APCS


4th-6th Grade

Champion- Mia Wiley, APCS

2nd- Abigail Lacombe, SMS

3rd-Claire Center, RRCA

7th-8th Grade

Champion– Camille Quebedeaux,


2nd- Anna Center, LASAS

3rd Olivia Dauzat, LaSAS

9th-12th Grade

Champion- Kelsey Spencer, BHS

2nd– Cole Laborde, APCS

3rd-Abigail Desselle, LASAS


4th-6th Grade

Champion– Dalton Causey,


2nd -Drew Lacombe, SHS

7th-8th Grade

Champion- Dagan Zaunbrecher, SHS

2nd- Bailey Zaunbrecher, SHS

9th -12th Grade

Champion-Joseph Hayes, APCS

Champion- Aubrey Zaunbrecher,



4th-6th Grade

Champion-Dayton Pennington, LES

2nd- Clara Deloach, LES

7th-8th Grade

Champion– Garrett Dauzat, LASAS

2nd Cameron Dauzat, LASAS

9th-12th Grade

Champion– Coralie Deloach, MHS

2nd- Payton Willis, LASAS

3rd-Abby Deloach, LASAS


7th-8th Grade

Champion-Lanie Rico, SJS

9th-12th Grade

Champion-Lani Causey, LASAS


4th-6th Grade

Champion– Kara Hubbard, LES

2nd -Jordan Preister, PES

3rd- Jon Ducote, SHS

7th-8th Grade

Champion- Camille Quebedeaux, APCS

2nd Lanie Rico, SJS

3rd Brandt Rachel, RRCA

9th-12th Grade

Champion- Brittany Brouillette,


2nd – Joseph Hayes, APCS

3rd-Robert Hubbard, LaSAS

Reap the Awards of 4-H Portfolios

Don’t forget to be working on your project book/portfolio. They will be due to the 4-H office April 5. You can download a copy of the Portfolio on the www.lsuagcenter.com website. We encourage all youth to begin working in your portfolios in order to have them completed by the parish due date. Completing a portfolio on the parish level will allow you to compete on the state level where you can reap the awards of all your hard work by receiving trips and even monetary prizes.

Portfolio Workshop- February 24 1pm- 3pm

Open to all youth grades 4th and up interested in learning how to complete a portfolio. Please call the Agcenter office to register. Cost of the workshop is $5. Space is limited, so register early!

Senior Scholarship Applications

Applications for Parish and State 4-H scholarships are be due to the 4-H office by Feb 28 at 4 pm. The application must be typed. The template has been emailed to all seniors.

Shooting Sports Events

Northern Regional Shoot: March 3-8, 2020 Shreveport

and Grand Lake

Crying Eagle Tournament- March 14, 2020- Lake

Charles Gun Club

State Shoot: April 14-19, 2020 Gonzales and Port Allen

Wetlands Workshop

Wetlands Workshop

Did you know that wetlands are powerful places in which to learn? They are environments of intense, dynamic

activity, humming with life! Would like to learn more about wetlands? If so, please mark your calendar for

March 16th. Garrett Gauthier and Joseph Hayes (Louisiana Wetland Ambassadors) will be hosting a

workshop to let you get hands dirty and learn more about the Louisiana Wetlands. The work Shop will be open

to all youth to attend .The cost to attend the workshop is $10.00. Please return the form below to the 4-H

office to register.


Return by : March 2, 2020

To: Avoyelles Wetland Ambassador’s workshop, 8592 Hwy 1 Mansura, La 71350

Name : Grade


Phone : Email

Fee: $10.00 Checks made to the Avoyelles Parish 4-H Foundation

6/3/2021 7:19:50 PM
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