Jeff Kuehny

Kuehny, Jeff S.
Title Resident Director
Department Burden Center
Address 1 255 J. C. Miller Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Phone 225-763-3990

A.S., 1983, Northern Oklahoma College, General Science
B.S., 1986, Oklahoma State University, Horticulture
M.S., 1988 ,North Carolina State University, Horticulture/Plant Physiology
Ph.D., 1993 Clemson University, Plant Physiology/Horticulture
Postdoc, 1994, Boyce Thompson Institute, Plant Physiology


I currently serve as the Director of the LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens.

Research Contributions:

My education and background are whole plant physiology and my research efforts have been focused on herbaceous and woody ornamental plant production and landscape. My research program has cooperated with numerous scientists on a national and international level. More recently I have been working on urban forests and water quality of urban watersheds.

Teaching Experience:

I have taught many classes in the plant sciences including: Introduction to Horticulture, Landscape Management 1, Landscape Management 2, Urban Landscape Management, Landscape Construction, Herbaceous Plant Materials, Greenhouse Management, Floriculture, Growth and Development of Agricultural Crops. I am a founding member of the Board of Directors of ACCEPtS (Alliance for Cooperative Course Exchange in the Plant Sciences) since its inception in 2008. This an alliance with Louisiana State University, University of Arkansas, Mississippi State University and Oklahoma State University in which we share online undergraduate and graduate courses.

My research program has focused on whole plant physiology of ornamental crops. Some of my research has included: development of plant growth and nutrient uptake models of chrysanthemum; whole plant carbon and nitrogen assimilation, translocation and allocation of both herbaceous and woody ornamental species; research on production of bulb various bulb crops such as hippeastrm, crinum, gingers, and calla; research on growth, development and nutrition of poinsettia; and investigating production and landscape problems of bedding plants including salt, drought and temperature stress. More recent research interests are in urban watersheds and wetlands.

Most recently my efforts have been focused on implementation of the LSU AgCenter Botanic Garden Master Plan through organization, funding, building and program development. This facility is part of Burden Museum & Gardens located on 440 acres in the heart of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, that highlights the flora and fauna of Louisiana’s lush landscapes and agricultural heritage. The Botanic Gardens is an expansive collection of specialty gardens, woodlands, wetlands and arboreta. The facility plays an important role in LSU AgCenter extension and research programs, which support the state’s nursery, landscape, and fruit and vegetable industries; wetlands and coastal restoration; and forestry industry. The Botanic Gardens also serve as an integral part of undergraduate and graduate education for the LSU College of Agriculture and numerous horticulture-related organizations.

Book Chapters:

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Selected Refereed Publications:

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