2020-2021 St. Martin Parish 4-H Portfolios

4-H Portfolios will be given to 4-H members at the January club meetings. The portfolio is a record of your 4-H participation this year. Your Portfolio should be turned in if you want to attend Achievement Day. Achievement Day is a super fun event that is scheduled for April 1, 2021 at Breaux Bridge High School.


Why do a portfolio?

Writing things down helps us remember what’s happening and what we need to do.4-H portfolios are an important way to keep track of our 4-H experiences. Everyone feels good when portfolios are worked on throughout the year and completed by the deadline. It will be more fun and less frustrating if you spend some time each week on your portfolio. Records are a part of life. You’ll have records related to your money, insurance, taxes, and property when you grow up. Pictures are fun records of what you’ve done. You’ll enjoy your pictures much more if they are organized in a way that you can find them easily. Doing a 4-H portfolio is a part of 4-H life that helps in many ways.


1: Competitive Deadline: 4-H members’ portfolios are due on February 24, 2021 if the 4-H member wants their portfolio judged and to be considered for Outstanding Record Book Awards.(Agents will pick up these books at each school on February 24, 2021.) 4-H club leaders WILL ask for your portfolio prior to February 24th.It is the responsibility of the 4-H club member to know when their school club leader wants the books!

2: Non-competitive deadline: Members who turn in portfolios after February 24th and on or before March 5th are eligible to attend Achievement Day, but their book will not be judged and they will not be considered for Outstanding Record Book awards.

Confused about Portfolios?

Some Hints for Developing Your Portfolio:

  • Need Pictures for Your Portfolio?
    • Have you attended any 4-H events? Check the St. Martin Parish 4-H Facebook Page to see if we caught you at an event in a photo.
  • Ask for help from Club Leader or 4-H Agents.
  • Be Neat. Use a pencil or computer to type information. Neat portfolios get higher scores!
  • Portfolios are easier if you do them one section at a time.
  • Make sure your portfolio is complete. Answer the questions with complete sentences.
  • Include pictures of you competing in 4-H contests, attending 4-H workshops , and doing project books activities.
  • Clip 4-H news articles and 4-H newsletter articles in which your name appeared from the newsletter or newspaper. Look on the St. Martin Parish 4-H Facebook page for articles as well.

2020-2021 Portfolios Guidelines

Cloverbud Portfolio

Fillable 4th Grade Portfolio

Fillable 5th Grade Portfolio

Fillable 6th Grade Portfolio

7th-12th Grade Portfolio and Record Sheet

2020-2021 4-H Portfolio Guidelines

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