LaSalle 4-H Newsletter-February 2021

E. Lavone Boyd, Cecil, Silas

Dates to Remember

Upcoming 4-H Activities and Events

District Livestock Show3-6
Jr. Leader Meeting, 6:30 p.m.8
Jr. Leader Conference Reg. due8
Wildlife Workshop Due9
State Rabbit Entries Due9
State Livestock Show13-20
4-H Senior Scholarship applications Due23
Wildlife Workshop, 5 p.m.23
4-H Career Camp26
Honey Bee Essay due1
Northern Regional Shoot1-7
Jr. Leader Meeting, 6:30 p.m.8
Maker/Art Workshop due11
Jr. Leader Conference12
Beef & Dairy Posters due in 4-H Office15
Maker/Art Workshop, 5 p.m.18
Co-op Camp25-26
4-H Records Due5
Jr. Leader Meeting, 6:30 p.m.12
State Shoot Competition12-17
Sweet Potato & Egg Cookery29
Please note: if you have a disability which
requires assistance for your participation in any
4-H activity, please contact the 4-H office at

Livestock News

Livestock Show Dates:
The 2021 Livestock Show Dates are as follows:

Central District Livestock Show February 3-6, 2021

LSU Spring Livestock Show February 13-20, 2021

LSU State Rabbit Show March 6, 2021

Outdoor Skills News

Regional and State 4-H Outdoor Skills Competition Dates
The dates for the Northern Regional Shoot are March 1-7, 2021 . The Northern shoot will be held in Shreveport and Grand Cane. The State Outdoor Skills Competition is set for April 12-17, 2021 in southeastern Louisiana.

Youth that have completed eight (8) hours of training in their shooting discipline and satisfied their Louisiana Hunter Education requirements and have demonstrated a working knowledge and safe firearm or archery equipment are eligible to attend. Registration has passed for the Northern Regional Competition-Members qualifying for State will register following Regional Competition.

Career Camp

2021 Career Camp will be held on February 26, 2021

Get ready to explore your future careers and other occupations you may not know exists.

2021 will be a one-day “camp” packed with lots of educational, hands on activities, and tours for 7th and 8th grade 4-H members.

Activities will be held in the ballroom of LSUA’s Campus and begin at 8:45 am till 4:00 pm.

Youth will select from different career clusters such as Medical, Forestry, Media, Law Enforcement, Animal Science, and Business.

After lunch we will tour LSU-Alexandria’s Campus.

Interested in attending? Contact the 4-H office!

Co-op Leadership Conference

This year’s camp will be held at Camp Hardtner in Pollock, La. on March 25-26, 2021. Sharpen your leadership, marketing, money and management skills as you compete with your team to build and manage your cooperative business at this year’s Cooperative Enterprise Teen Leadership Conference! Come learn with other 9-12 grade 4-H’ers from across the state to organize your own co-operative business and find out!

Co-op Camp is designed for youth to share and learn techniques and resources from professionals working in cooperative forms of business. Top campers will receive the 4-H Educational Trip this summer and cash awards.

Check out:

Science Lab-Physics

Surface tension is the tension of the surface film of a liquid caused by the attraction of the particles in the surface layer by the bulk of the liquid.

This property is caused by the molecules in the liquid being attracted to each other (cohesion) and is responsible for many of the behaviors of liquids.

Soap breaks apart surface tension. So when soap is added to milk (or water) the strong bonds between the molecules are broken and the milk will start to move around (water won’t move). When detergent is added to water, it decreases the surface tension of the water. Compounds that lower water's surface tension are called surfactants, which work by separating the water molecules from one another.

2021 Honey Bee Essay Contest

Topic: “Immunity: Threats to Bee Colonies and Methods to Defend Against the Threats”
Essay entries are due in the 4-H Office: March 1, 2021. Contact the 4-H office before beginning.

Honey bee colonies have developed many ways to stay healthy. Their immune responses range from behaviors such as grooming to using materials such as propolis, a plant-derived substance bees coat on the interior of a hive for antimicrobial purposes. Even the gut of the honey bee contains beneficial bacteria to help the bee stay healthy!

In your essay, name at least two threats (a parasite such as Varroa, a pathogen such as a virus, a predator such as a bear, etc.) to honey bee colonies and then discuss the methods colonies use to defend against the threats. If possible, include at least one picture you have taken from Feb. 2020-Feb. 2021 that illustrates how colonies manage to stay healthy against a variety of threats

- Must include a biographical sketch on a separate sheet of paper. A brief biographical sketch of the essayist, including date of birth, gender, complete mailing address, and telephone number, must accompany the essay and works cited.

- Length – The essay is limited to: 750-1000 words. The word count does not include the endnotes, the bibliography or references, not the essayist’s Biographical sketch – which should be a separate page.

-State Sponsored Awards: 1st - $100, 2nd - $75, & 3rd - 50. National Awards: 1st - $750, 2nd - $500, 3rd - $250.

4-H Seed of the Month Club

LaSalle Parish 4-H is starting a Seed of the Month Club and accepting the first 50 members who would like to participate. Each month members will receive a packet of seeds or planting material with instructions on planting, watering, growing, and harvesting. Project activity guides will also accompany the seeds that include recipes, and a wide variety of gardening education. To register, please contact the 4-H office or submit the information below.

4-H Trips, Scholarships, and Awards through Records

Record keeping is a life skill that will benefit you for years to come.

The 4-H office has its parish contest each year; then sends top records onto the State contest. Scholarships can be won on the parish or even state levels based off your records. Great award trips are also sponsored by the State office. All you have to do is keep a record of your work in 4-H.. Typically records are due the first of April.

A Record Book consist of the Project Book or a Project Summary (in place of the book) and up to three (3) years of your 4-H portfolio. If you would like a specific project book other than the 4th and 5th grade project books, contact the 4-H office at 992-2205.

The Jr. Wildlife Tour (Mini-Marsh Maneuvers to Grand Isle) for 4th and 8th grade members are awarded for records in 4-H records on wildlife/environment/insect activities including Discovering 4-H, Exploring 4-H, Learning More About You and the Environment, Creepy Crawlers, Hiking Trails, Shooting Sports, Camping Adventures, What’s Bugging You?, Wildlife Conservation, You and the Environment, Aquaculture, or a similar book dealing with the outdoors may be submitted. Each year twelve (12) state winners are chosen to attend the trip.

Jr. Achievement Awards - 6th Grade Achievement. Fifty dollar Awards for Traditional or Livestock/Pet Care.

7th & 8th Grade Achievement Awards 20 winners will be selected on the state level to receive the Louisiana Educational Trip.

Dairy Conference (must be 15 years of age before Jan. 1) Each parish can enter 2 portfolios to compete. Trip to National Dairy Conference in Madison, WI, to top 2 Portfolios

National 4-H Club Congress - 21 Awards are presented to 4-H’ers 14 years and older to Atlanta, GA to attend the keystone conference of your 4-H career.

Disney Leadership Trip - 10 Youth who have previously won the Club Congress trip are chosen for the trip to Orlando, FL based on quality of project work, leadership, and citizenship records.

Need a portfolio to complete your records? Check out

4-H Scholarship Applications for Graduating Seniors

4-H Scholarships for graduating seniors are now available. Applications are to cover the last three years of 4-H work (no project book is required). Beginning this year, all 4-H Scholarships are to completed electronically. Applications will be emailed to senior 4-H members upon request.

Application deadline is February 23, 2021.

Monthly 4-H Photography Contest

Theme for January is “Black & White” Buildings/Architectural Turn in only 1 photo for the month. Include name, grade, and club and email to 4-H BEFORE the End of the Month! Attach & emailed to:

December Photo Contest Winners - Still Life

Jr. High Division: 1st Place - Rylee Masters, JJH.
Elementary Division: No entries submitted

Strawberry Fundraiser

Everybody loves delicious fresh sweet strawberries!

LaSalle 4-H members will have the opportunity to sell strawberry flats.
A portion of the proceeds each member sells will be applied towards
4-H’ers attending summer camp, LOST camp, or 4-H University.
Plan on strawberry sales beginning in March and concluding in April!
$25 a flat! Forms will

4-H Maker/Art Workshop

4-H Maker /Art Workshop is slated for March 18, 2021 from 5-7 p.m. in the 4-H meeting room-Courthouse.

What is a Maker Workshop? Creativity with a dash of Imagination!
4-H’ers in 5th-7th grades will construct a cardboard robotic hand, and other imaginative activities. Deadline to register March 11. Registration and Face Covering Required. Cost to attend is $15. Pre-register by March 11th. Call 318-992-2205 for more information. The Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service provides equal opportunity in programs and employment.

Wildlife Workshop

Fourth - 6th Grade 4-H’ers, join the Jr. Leaders as we embark on a Wildlife Workshop. This workshop will be held on February 23 from 5-8 p.m. in the 4-H Meeting Room-Courthouse. Come join us as we explore a few survival skills. Learn to identify the key features used to age deer. Build a paracord bracelet not only for fashion but for it’s other uses. And lastly, build a shelter for the batty friends in your backyard. Pizza will be served after you wash your hands! Members will need to supply a Face Covering! Cost to attend is $10. Pre-register by February 9th. The Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service provides equal opportunities in programs and employment.

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