LaSalle 4-H Newsletter-September 2020

4-H is for Everyone

4-H represents groups of young people in all parts of LaSalle Parish having fun together and “Learning By Doing”. 4-H Clubs offer a world of opportunities for boys and girls to learn new things, go new places and meet new people. A 4-H club is an organized group of boys and girls; the members elect their own officers and operate as a democracy in action. Most clubs hold monthly meetings at their school.

Who may join?

Any boy or girl, who is between the 4th and 12th grades, is willing to follow the 4-H ideals and standards is eligible for membership.

What are the Goals of 4-H?

4-H helps youth grow into: strong citizens through club and community activities; congenial neighbors through wholesome companionship in club and community; skilled and responsible adults through project work; well-trained individuals through wise guidance in varied experiences; and cooperative family members through 4-H family events.

What does it cost to join?

Your club dues are determined at your school. For this year, dues ($2.00) will be collected at 4-H parish level activities. LaSalle 4-H will turn those to the State 4-H office in Baton Rouge for our annual assessment. Any extra money collected by your club is held in your club’s treasury at school. Some clubs choose to collect extra money for their own treasury. The dues you pay to the Parish 4-H Office assist with programs, awards and expenses for both Parish and State 4-H Programs.

What is a 4-H Project?

It is a unit of 4-H work which is the basis of “Learning By Doing” experiences which involves skills such as: planting shade trees, repairing a bicycle, collecting insects, planting flowers, making a shirt, making projects for your home, sewing a pillow, taking pictures, wiring a lamp, woodworking, fishing hunting., etc. The series of learning experiences built into every 4-H project are the tools used to help shape the character of 4-H youth.

What are some of the other programs?

Camping, dress revues, recreation, demonstrations, trips, fairs, parish contests, 4-H University,project workshops, Achievement Day and many other programs are offered through 4-H. Going places and doing things in 4-H helps to teach boys and girls to enjoy working together. These programs add interest to the 4-H project by offering additional fun-type educational opportunities that promote the ideals of 4-H. Project books will be available to 4th and 5th Grades. Project Summary and/or project leaflets are now being substituted for actual books. A 4-H Record Book now consist of Project Summary and Portfolio!

LaSalle 4-H Activity Calendar for the upcoming months (subject to change)


14 State Fair online Entries begin
21 Jr. Leader Meeting, 6:30 p.m.
22 Shooting Sports Reg. begins


4-10 National 4-H Week
12 Jr. Leader Meeting, 6:30 p.m.
20 Pumpkin Workshop Reg. due
20 Dog Show, 5:15 p.m. Jena Park
27-5 State Fair of LA
27 Pumpkin Carving Workshop


6 Market and Commercial Animal Possession deadline
9 Jr. Leader Meeting, 6:30
7 Sweet Potato orders due in 4-H Office
13 Mini Cattle Possession deadline
24 Water Rocket Workshop


4 Market and Commercial Hog Possession date
4 4-H Enrollment & Dues to 4-H Office
14 Jr. Leader Meeting, 6:30 p.m.

Join the 4-H Junior Leader Club!

Open to all 7th-12th grade 4-H members Junior Leaders have fun developing leadership skills while helping younger 4-H’ers with their project work and assisting the less fortunate in their communities. This club also participates in numerous activities where members meet and make friends with other teenagers throughout the state. First meeting is slated for September 21, 2020.

Regular meetings are usually scheduled for 6:30 pm every second Monday of the month at the 4-H Office.
Dues are $12.00 to become a Junior Leader! This years Goals: helping the elderly and homeless.

LaSalle 4-H Outdoor Skills - Shooting Sports Program

The LaSalle Outdoor Skills - Shooting Sports program is running strong and membership continues to grow.The club focuses on firearm and archery equipment safety in addition to marksmanship, sportsmanship and character development.Workshops are taught by Volunteer Level I 4-H Shooting Instructors.The Outdoor Skills Club provides an opportunity for you to meet youth from across the parish, region and state through parish events, regional, and state competitions. To date the club offers the following disciplines:Archery, Shotgun, and .22 Rifle.
Interested youth may (1) Obtain paperwork from office, (2) use the Google Classroom to access safety slide show and registration, or (3) request paperwork and slide show be emailed to them from the 4-H Office. For this year, Shooting Sports Registration will conclude November 30, 2020. Enrollment in 4-H is required for the shooting sports project club!!

LaSalle 4-H Dog Show

Come hangout with the Parish Jr. Leaders and show everyone your adorable DOG! Registration is between 5:00 p.m. and 5:15 a.m. on Tuesday, October 20, 2020.The show will begin promptly at 5:15 p.m. at the Jena Town Park (amphitheater area).
Each 4-H’er can only enter one dog.Please contact the 4-H Office to Register!! Dogs must be on a leashes and cats in a pet carrier.

Elementary members will compete separately. Jr. High and High School members will compete separately in categories where 5 or more pets are registered.In categories where less than 5 pets are registered, Jr. High and High School members will compete together.

Each dog will be judged on characteristics such as:best groomed, largest (height), smallest (height), most unusual, longest hair, prettiest eyes, etc. This is a Dog show.It is not necessary to have a registered animal.Grooming, cleanliness and temperament are important.

Each 4-H’er will receive a participation ribbon. 4-H members whose pet wins a division will receive a rosette.

You will not want to miss all the fun and excitement. There will be a Best Trick competition awarded.The Owner Pet Look-a-Like competition always allows for your creativity. So, get your canine friend ready for the miniature obstacle course!

The Great Pumpkin Workshop

Attention Club members - 4th-6th grades.This year we will be holding the Pumpkin Workshop on October 27 in the 4-H Office’s downstairs conference room from 5:30 - 7:30 pm. YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN CLEANED-OUT PUMPKIN!!

At the workshop you will learn how to grow your own pumpkins, the nutritional value and create pumpkin snacks.The highlight of the workshop will be “pumpkin carving”.You will be able to carve your own pumpkin to bring home and display for Halloween.You must bring a pumpkin that has been cleaned and is ready for carving. If interested, contact the 4-H office. Registration and a small $5 fee will be due to the LaSalle 4-H Office by October 20, registration will be limited.

Fall Cookery Contest Photo Story Due - October 22

First of it’s kind for LaSalle 4-H! Due to food restrictions, the Fall Cookery contest will focus on the 4-H member preparing a meal. Use your photography skills and story telling ability to showcase a Peanut Butter and Jelly Challenge master piece or a Rice Dish.

Entries will be judged on clarity, flow, and creativity. Preferred format would be PowerPoint slide show or , but not necessary.
Think outside the box and how cooking recipes are placed in step-by-step publication.

4-H Seed of the Month Club

LaSalle Parish 4-H is starting a Seed of the Month Club and accepting the first 50 members who would like to participate. Each month members will receive a packet of seeds or planting material with instructions on planting, watering, growing, and harvesting. Project activity guides will also accompany the seeds that include recipes, and a wide variety of gardening education. To register, please contact the 4-H office at 318-992-2205.

Livestock Exhibitors

If you are new to exhibiting livestock animals, are planning on showing, or “sat out a year”; we need to know about you! Call our office at 318-992-2205.

2021 Market and Commercial Animal Validation

The 2021 LSU Market and Commercial Animal Validation is just around the corner.All animals except breeding or registered are required to be validated through this process.A the time of validation, all animals will have hair samples pulled and a tag placed in that animals ear.Any animals not validated by the validation deadline will not show at the Parish, District or State Livestock Show.Cost of validation is $7.00 per head.

Market Sheep & Goat: Commercial Heifers, Dairy, Ewe and Does; Beef, Sheep, Goat & Dairy Breeding:

Validation / Possession Date: November 6, 2020

Miniature Cattle -District / State Breeding Rabbit Show:

Validation / Possession Date: November 13, 2020 Validation / Possession Date: Dec. 9, 2020 / January 5, 2021

Breeding, Market, & Commercial Hog:District / State Show Meat Rabbit Pen:

Validation / Possession Date: December 4, 2020 Validation / Possession Date: January 8, 2021 / February 4, 2021

Any animal not validated or in possession by date stated will be ineligible to show at the 2020 LSU AgCenter Livestock Shows.

Monthly 4-H Photography Contest

Youth 4-H members do you enjoy taking photos? If so, then you might be interested in earning some points for your club. For this contest you will take a picture focused on the monthly theme and print a 4X6 inch photo. Write name, grade, and club on the back of the photo and turn in to your 4-H leader or 4-H Agent by the club meeting at your school each month. Entries may also be submitted by emailing them to: Turn in only 1 picture each month.
Themes will be posted in the 4-H Newsletter each month. Theme for September is “ Landscapes & Nature.” Examples include images focusing on the scenic beauty of the outdoors.

For more information concerning the LaSalle 4-H Program, contact our office at 318-992-2205. Find us on Facebook at LaSalle Parish 4-H.

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