School Clubs

List of School Clubs

Louisiana 4-H has historically had co-curricular status with Louisiana schools since the 1970's. We are proud to be one of the few states to support our schools and teachers by providing them with extracurricular activities, school lesson plans, and field trips for the students of Jefferson Parish. Here are a list of schools that have clubs either during or after school:

  • Academy of Our Lady High School
  • Chateau Estates Elementary School
  • G.T. Woods Elementary School
  • Hazel Park/Hilda Knoff School
  • John Ochsner District School
  • Kenner Discovery - Maine Campus
  • Marie Riviere Elementary School
  • Schneckenburger Elementary School
  • William Hart Elementary School
  • Woodland West School

Information for Teachers/Principals

Extension services are an educational opportunity provided by colleges and universities to citizens who are not enrolled as regular students. In the LSU AgCenter, 4-H is the extension service provided for youth in grades 3rd through 12th. Our researched-based programs are decided by our advisory board to address the issues faced by youth in Jefferson Parish. Many of our programs also meet the student standards required by the LDOE. Research shows that youth spending time in long-term, positive youth programs, such as 4-H, are less likely to become involved in high-risk behaviors. For the 2023 -2024 school year, the Jefferson Parish 4-H agents are offering the following programs:

CharACTer NOW Series (9th - 12th): This program is designed to provide brief lessons that will spark conversation and discussion. Topics include responsible decision making, conflict resolution, and more.

CharACTer Now Series Flyer

Coastal Wetlands Education (7th - 12th): Jefferson Parish 4-H is pleased to offer science based, hands on, experimental learning in your school. Our focus will be on coastal Louisiana and will incorporate math, biology, ecology, geography, oceanography, and geology.

Coastal Wetlands Education Flyer

Yoga for Kids! (4th - 12th): The Yoga for Kids! program provides students a way to get physically active in a welcoming, non-competitive environment through fun yoga games.

Yoga for Kids! Flyer

LEGO Jr. Engineer (1st - 3rd grade): Youth will use LEGOs and their teamwork skills to create structures and learn about Slope, Simple Machines, Force, and more.

LEGO Jr. Engineer Flyer

Nutrition from the Garden (4th - 6th grades): Our healthy living program teaches youth about nutrition and health through fun, interactive games.

Nutrition from the Garden Flyer

Service-Learning Project- We offer a variety of service-learning projects for students. Examples include planting cypress trees at Louisiana state parks or addressing poverty and hunger in our community. Please reach out to the Jefferson Parish staff for more information.

4-H School Enrichment - The LSU AgCenter also offers a variety of lesson plans designed to be taught in a classroom setting. For more information, please visit

4-H School Enrichment Flyer

For more information about any of these programs, please contact a Jefferson Parish 4-H Agent.

Information for Parents/Guardians

We sincerely apologize if we do not have a 4-H Club at your child's school. Our programming is open to all the schools in Jefferson Parish. If you would like to see a club at your local school, please reach out to a Jefferson Parish 4-H Agent. Additionally, you can also reach out to the school staff. The school may be more receptive to starting a club if they know parents are interested. You can also consider starting your own community club or joining an already established community club. Please visit our Community Club page for more information.

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