Deborah C. Cross

Cross, Deborah C.
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Selected Awards:

· LSU Agricultural Center Group Award – USDA Secretary’s Award Supporting increased economic Opportunities and Improved Quality of Life in Rural Areas- 4-H Tri-State Workforce Preparation Team 2004

· Eleven years of dedication to the SU 1890 YES Program in DeSoto Parish 2001

· Louisiana Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, Distinguished Service Award, 2000

· LCES Diversity In Programming, District Award, Celebrate Girls 6 years and beyond 1998

· LAE-4HA Diversity Award , 1997

· Young Agent Award for LAEHE, 1989

· LCES Program of Excellence Award 4-H, 1994

Memberships and leadership positions held in professional organizations.


- Past secretary for LEA4-HA

- Past V-President for membership in LEAFCS

- Past committee chair for resource development in LEAFCS

- Committee member of the LEA4-HA resource committee

- President of Alpha Alpha Chapter of ESP 2004-2006

- National ESP committee member on the member services 2004-2007

- National NACDAP committee member on the by laws committee 2004-2007

Memberships and leadership positions held in non-professional (civic, community service, church, etc.) organizations.

Desoto Parish Chamber member 1996-1999

Iberville Chamber of Commerce 2003-present, Educational Chair 2007

Opening Door board member 2000- present

Capital RC&D Board member 2002- present Educational Chair

State RC&D Board member 2005-present

Carville Job Corps Academy Community Relations Council Board member 2007

Member of the St. John’s Methodist Church- Baton Rouge

Awards and honors you received for your professional and voluntary activities in the listed organizations.

-Salute to Excellence Award from LEAFCS 2008

-Salute to Excellence Award from NEAFCS 2008

- Distinguished Service Award from LEAFCS -2000

- Distinguished Service Award from NEAFCS 2000

- Awarded young agent award from the LEAFCS organization-1989

- LCES Diversity in programming District Award-First Place for Celebrate Girls 6 Years and Beyond – 1998

- LAE 4-HA Diversity Award-1997

- Andrew Granger-Lewis Arton Recognition for working with special needs program- 1997

- 1997 USDA Honor Award on State Level for CHARACTER COUNTS!

- LAEAE Youth at Risk Ward 1993

- LAE4-HA Search for Excellence in Teen Programming 1994

- NAE4-HA Youth at Risk Award for “Celebrate Girls” -1994

- LCES Program Excellence Award 1994

- LAEHE Young Agents Award 1989

- NEAFCS National Florence Hall Award- 1998

- NEAFCS Regional May W. Wells Diversity Award -1998

· Co-author new curriculum entitled Chartering your way to Homeownership- 2009

Selected Professional Organization, Memberships and Appointments:

· Capital Resource Conservation and Development Council Board- Vice President, Educational Committee Chair, Iberville Parish representative

· Member of the State Resource Conservation and Development Council Board

· Capital RC&D Vice President

· Epsilon Sigma Phi, Delta Delta Chapter, past- President

- National Epsilon Sigma PHi Extension Fraternity, Chapter Relations Committee member

· Louisiana Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, Past Vice President

· Louisiana Extension Association of 4-H Agents, Past Secretary

· National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals, Bylaws Committee Member

· South Central Region Extension Advisory Board, Volunteerism Board Sub-Committee, Extension Advisor

· Workforce Development with Youth in the Delta Area, Tri State Extension Board member

- Member of the 4-H Workforce Development Team

- Member of the 4-H Character Counts Development Team

Work with youth and adult programming in the following areas:

Financial Programs

A variety of financial program taught and tai lored to audience needs; programs focus on smart consumerism, budgeting, avoiding fraud, predatory loan and Identity Theft, etc.

    SAIL-- Saving And Investing for Life- An eight hour program designed to take the mystery out of investing by teachi ng termi nology, concepts, and other information related to saving and investing.

High School Financial Planning Program-- Teachers are taught to use curriculum to instruct high school chi ldren i n personal financial literacy.

Homebuyer Education--- A 12 hour curriculum desi gned to educate first time homebuyers. Curriculum covers, credit and money management, mortgages, home selection criteria, working with real tors and bankers, and maintaining the home.

Workplace Ethics-- Programs designed to strengthen good character in the workplace; focus on ethi cal behavi ors, social skills, time management behaviors and employee loyalty. Based on Josephson’ s 6 pillars of character.

Job Skills-- Curriculum intended to provide clientele ski lls needed to land a job. Designed a as series; focuses on applications, resumes, etc.

Leadership and Community Development

I have Specialization from the LSU AgCenter in Community Economic Development where I work with communities with ecommerce programming and leadership development.

Leadership goals

Throughout my twenty-six years of service with the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service my basic leadership goals have been to implement the values of trustworthiness, responsibility, respect, fairness, and caring while striving to become a respected citizen within my community.

Empowering citizens reached through leadership activities such as Family Resource Management (family financial management and workforce development) and other research based materials, has become my professional goal. Through this empowerment, citizens gain knowledge and tools need to become successful and productive within their community.

In addition to empowering citizens I desire to motivate my co-workers to develop and explore new possibilities (think outside the box), evaluate issues facing today’s clientele, develop programming which addresses those needs, and provide them with the tools necessary to perform efficiently in the workforce.

High School, Haughton High School, Haughton, Louisiana

B.S., University of Louisiana at Monroe, Textiles and Clothing, 1973

M.S., Northwestern University, Natchitoches, Louisiana, Clothing and Textiles, 1979

Specialization, LSU AgCenter, Community Economic Development, 2002

Innovate . Educate . Improve Lives

The LSU AgCenter and the LSU College of Agriculture