Resistant starch with cooking properties similar to untreated starch 248

William Baumgartner, Benedict, Dirk, King, Joan M.

King, Joan M.; Wang, Yu
Patent Status: Issued
Issue Date: 3/30/2010
Patent Number: 7,687,248

The use of ozonation has been discovered to increase the lutein extraction from aflatoxin-free corn and for some batches of alfalfa. In addition, the ozonation will substantially decrease any aflatoxin in the plant source. The structure of lutein as indicated by HPLC elution profile and the function of lutein using an antimutagenic activity was shown not to be affected by the ozonation.

We have discovered a new method to enhance the extraction of lutein from plant sources, involving the use of ozonation of the plant source, followed by lutein extraction using an appropriate solvent. Lutein and protein content in ozonated corn, both clean and contaminated with aflatoxin, was determined. The lutein extracted using hexane from clean ozone-treated corn was about 28.36 μg/g, which was higher than the amount extracted from non-ozonated clean corn (22.75 μg/g).

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