Ag Adventures in Delhi, LA

Students across the Northeast Region participated in the LSU AgCenter's Ag Adventures event this February. Ag Adventures is a program in which 4-H Agents, Ag Agents, Horticulture Agents, and FCS Agents work together to show local students different aspects of agricultural careers in Louisiana. The event consists of many different booths, each covering a specific topic in agriculture or forestry, ranging from animal prints to cotton production.

The 4-H Mini Farm is a fun station at the Ag Adventures Event. Brandon Reeder, Union 4-H Agent, says, "This year we talked about goats and one of the main things that goats are used for is milk production. So we talked about the difference between cow's milk and goat's milk and these kids had no idea what the difference was! So the knowledge that they gained was that there are other things out there besides dairy products that come from a dairy cow. You can have them come from a dairy goat as well." The students were then able to meet and greet many different farm animals including rabbits, chickens, goats, and pigs. Reeder continues, "A lot of these kids don't know where food comes from or any other agriculture products."

Ag Adventures also includes a few forestry stations for participants. During the presentation, students participated in a virtual nature walk that included sight-seeing, physical activity, and educational information about the Louisiana forest. "My favorite part of this event is just getting the kids up and being active. Our station is one that actually has them doing some kind of physical activity. Kids love to move around and they love to be active, so I think this is a good little station for them to get involved in," Kimberly Butcher, Morehouse and Ouachita FCS Agent, explains. There are also more forestry booths that have interactive activities for the students to learn about the different types of animal tracks and furs.

Many other stations at Ag Adventures this year tackled various topics in

agriculture. This event helped show kids in the Northeast Region how a career in agriculture can mean many different things in Louisiana. Thank you to all AgCenter employees that helped make Ag Adventures a success this year!

Students using animal track stamps in a box of soil.Photograph by Camryn Price, LSU AgCenter.

Dennis Burns showing students cotton in a bucket.Photograph by Camryn Price, LSU AgCenter.

Dennis Burns and Carol Pinnel-Allison teaching students about cotton ginning and production.Photograph by Camryn Price, LSU AgCenter.

Dennis Burns showing students white, fluffy cotton after the ginning process.Photograph by Camryn Price, LSU AgCenter.

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