Summer weather brings us outside to manage our yards, play in the sun, and also exercise. The heat is intense in Louisiana and emergency rooms see a rise in patients admitted for heat exhaustion and dehydration.

It is important to stay cool and hydrated while outside enjoying our beautiful southern weather. Some common tips include wearing lighter colored clothes, staying hydrated, and taking breaks in cool or shaded areas. Hydration is key during our summer months. It is important to drink water while outside, whether you are working on a lawn mower, pulling weeds, or jogging with the dog. The time of day is also an important factor. Avoid the highest heat time of the day and instead complete activities before 10am or after 4pm.

Many people choose a sports drink in effort to replace lost electrolytes. There are many sugar free options with sport drinks as these drinks are typically loaded with sugar. Water, fruit, and raw vegetables are great options for re-hydration. Oranges, melons, and raisins are great alternatives to sport drinks to help replenish the body of lost electrolytes.

While outside, it is important to know the signs of dehydration such as dizziness, nausea, cramping, dry mouth, a lack of sweat, and a fast heart rate. If you are experiencing any of these signs it is time to drink fluids and possibly seek medical care.

2/15/2022 4:48:10 PM
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