How to Create a Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenger Hunts can be a great way to jazz up any sleepover, family gathering, or birthday party for the kids. There are a few ways to set up a scavenger hunt, and today, the Northeast Region wants to walk you through two different methods that create simple and cheap fun!


The step-by-step scavenger hunt method is whenever each clue is set up to take you to another. The clues must be found consecutively, and at the end of the hunt, the players are led to a prize at the last clue.

We recommend this method for a smaller group of kids where they can work together to find the end result. This type of scavenger hunt is also better if you want to keep the group in a smaller proximity, like in a backyard or a house. The Step-by-Step Hunt is a great way to know exactly where the kids are going so that you can keep an eye on them.

When coming up with clues, try to be creative by thinking of funny rhymes or throwing in math problems. Don’t underestimate your child’s intelligence! You can always give them a hint if they need help understanding the clue.

Point Competition

If you want to create more of a competition for the children, use the point competition method. This type of scavenger hunt is better for larger groups that you can split into teams. It is also less work because you don’t have to create clever clues. This method is better for older kids.

To make your point system, create a list of non-specific objects, like in the examples below. Your scavenger hunt will be more interesting and fun if you cover a lot of ground, and you can even go as far as driving them around town to different places in your area. The idea is for the children to find objects that match the non-specific descriptions on the list. This makes it to where you don’t have to hide any items yourself, and the children can use their imagination to find the objects. Then, the children will take photos with a cellphone to keep track of their items. This way, they don’t have to carry a lot of objects with them. Assign amounts to each item or challenge by putting more points on more difficult ones and less points on easier ones.

  • Find something with the letter “Z” on it. - 8 points
  • Find an empty soda bottle. - 5 points
  • Find a colorful flower. - 6 points
  • Find a yellow slide. - 6 points
  • Find a wig - 10 points
  • Find a tiger - 10 points
  • Find a yellow article of clothing - 5 points
  • Find any instrument - 10 points
  • Fit your entire team inside of a closet - 12 points
  • Drench one team member with water - 15 points
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