Root-knot nematode on cotton

Charles Overstreet, Rezende, Josielle

Early damage by root-knot

The impact of nematicides on early growth from root-knot. Plants on right are treated.

Damaged area from root-knot showing up in light soil zone within the field. Plants on the left were treated with a fumigant.

Stunting of plants showing up later in the growing season. Plants on right were treated with a fumigant.

Severe injury associated with root-knot nematode and Fusarium wilt.

Area of severe damage showing up from root-knot nematode.

Severely damaged cotton with very poor yield and dying plants.

Late season damage showing up from plants prematurely dying (brown areas In field).

Root-knot galling on a young cotton plant.

Galling showing up on cotton roots late in the season.

4/10/2017 6:44:56 PM
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