October 2023 - 4-H Youth Development Newsletter

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Upcoming Events


  • 1-7: National 4-H Week
  • 5: United Way of St. Charles Battle for the Paddle
  • 21: 4-H Bash on the Bayou LSU Football Game and Tailgate (Statewide Event)
  • 25: 4-H Jr. Leader Meeting


  • 1-2: 4-H Challenge Camp (Regional Event for 7th-8th graders)
  • 14: 4-H Culinary Arts Contest Submission Day (Pecan, Sweet Potato, & Rice)
  • 23-24: LSU AgCenter Office closed


  • TBD: 4-H Day of Service
  • 22-Jan.1: LSU AgCenter Office closed

*Read newsletter for other important dates and 4-H opportunities.

We would like to thank our continued partners of the St. Charles Parish 4-H Youth Development Program:

Message from your 4-H Agent

4-H Project Club Leaders

Get ready to get growing by learning new things and gaining new experiences through your involvement in the 4-H Program. Check out our monthly newsletters, websites, and social media platforms to learn more about the many opportunities that 4-H offers. Don’t forget to add those special dates on your calendar. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact me at 985-785-4473 or kzammit@agcenter.lsu.edu. I look forward to working with you this year and seeing you grow into the best version of you through 4-H!

-Dr. Kali Zammit
St. Charles Parish 4-H Agent
*Pictured with 4-H Project Club Leaders at regional training

Visit us at: www.lsuagcenter.com/stcharleswww.facebook.com/scp4h • Instagram @scp4h

Celebrate National 4-H Week – October 1-7, 2023!

Learn more about the amazing opportunities that 4-H has to offer by participating in at least one of the activities below. Complete the National 4-H Week Online Form for each entry. For each complete entry, members’ names will go into a drawing for a door prize.

Sign Up SundayNational 4-H Week QR Code
Complete 4-H Online enrollment. 4-H Members and 4-H Leaders entered and approved in 4-H Online by November 1, will be entered into a drawing for a door prize.

Meet Me Monday
Tell us about you and what you are most excited about in 4-H.

Thankful TuesdayLouisiana 4-H
Thank someone who encouraged you to become involved in 4-H.

Winning Wednesday
Share a 4-H success story.

Throwback Thursday
Share pictures of your favorite 4-H event.National 4-H Week Proclamation

4-H Family Friday
Share pictures of you and your family participating in a 4-H activity.

Service Saturday
Submit a photo of you participating in a service project.

Stay Updated with St. Charles Parish 4-H News

This year St. Charles Parish 4-H is providing several venues for 4-H members and families to stay updated with 4-H News.

LSU AgCenter Logo

St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter Website
Visit this page and click on the 4-H tab for articles and updates including 4-H newsletters, contests, and upcoming opportunities.

Facebook Logo

St. Charles 4-H Facebook Page
Like or Follow this page for daily posts, updates, and resources.

Instagram Logo

St. Charles 4-H Instagram
Follow us on Instagram for highlights and announcements.

Google Classroom Logo

Google Classroom
Many school clubs will use Google Classroom to communicate with their 4-H’ers. See your 4-H club leader for information on how to access their communication tools.

St. Charles Parish 4-H Project Clubs

How do I sign up to join a 4-H Project Club?

4-H Project Clubs are clubs that focus on a specific 4-H project-related area. Youth can be enrolled in both a school club and a project club. These are considered separate clubs. Additional fees may apply per each project club.

If you are interested in learning more about our 4-H Project Clubs, you can sign up to receive information in 2 different ways:

  1. When you’re completing your enrollment in 4-H Online, select the project clubs that you are interested in receiving information as your secondary clubs.
  2. Email the 4-H member’s name, grade, school, and interested project clubs to stcharles@agcenter.lsu.edu.

St. Charles Parish is planning to offer the following 4-H Project Clubs this year:

4-H Cloverbud Community Club - For all K-3rd grade students

4-H members in K-3rd grade are called “Cloverbuds.” They engage in non-competitive 4-H programming. Some schools haveCloverbud Activity
4-H Cloverbud programs. The 4-H Cloverbud Community Club is a separate club for any K-3rd grade student in St. Charles Parish. This club plans to meet once a month (outside of school) to participate in hands-on activities in an assortment of 4-H-related areas. You can be a part of your school Cloverbud club and this 4-H Cloverbud Community Club.

4-H CHEF Club - For all 4th-6th grade students

CHEF Club Activity

The 4-H CHEF (Cooking, Healthy Eating, and Fitness) Club is for any St. Charles Parish student in 4th – 6th grade. This club plans to meet once a month to participate in hands-on cooking demonstrations, fitness activities, and much more.

4-H Shooting Sports Club - For students 10 years old through 12th grade

This club is open to all students at least 10 years old by January 1, 2024. Potential disciplines being offered this year include rifle andArchery Practicearchery. This club participates in regular practices to prepare for optional invitational, regional, and state 4-H Shooting Sports competitions. Volunteers interested in being certified instructors should contact the 4-H Agent as this program is offered based on certified volunteer instruction and availability.

4-H Jr. Leader Club - For all 7th-12th grade students

This club is for any student in 7th – 12th grade. This club focuses on leadership development where members meet at least onceJr. Leader Club Activitya month to participate in teambuilding and leadership activities, service projects, and social events. Members build leadership skills while meeting new friends in St. Charles Parish and beyond. Members can gain service hours needed for other organizations.

4-H Fashion Club - For all 4th-12th grade students

Fashion Club Projects

This club is for any 4th-12th grade student. This club plans to meet on a monthly, sometimes bi-monthly basis, to participate in hands-on sewing and fashion projects. You do not need prior sewing experience to join this club. This club is for beginners to advanced sewers and students interested in fashion.


What do we do in 4-H? In addition to attending monthly school club meetings, students can participate in project clubs, contests, and many opportunities outside of school. Read the monthly newsletters to learn more about what 4-H has to offer.

If I am interested in a project club, how do I sign up? Send an email to kzammit@agcenter.lsu.edu stating the project club(s) you are interested in.

Getting to Know: 4-H

4-H Agent Kali Zammit

Dr. Kali Zammit
4-H Youth Development Extension Agent

Did you know…

  • 4-H is an educational program of the LSU AgCenter and Louisiana’s Cooperative Extension Service.
  • 4-H stands for the four (4) H’s in the 4-H pledge: Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.
  • 4-H is the nation’s largest youth development program and is over 120 years old!
  • The 4-H slogan is “Learn by doing,” and the 4-H motto is “To make the best better.” The 4-H colors are green and white.
  • 4-H focuses on 3 mission mandate areas: STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), Healthy Living, and Civic Engagement.
  • Dr. Kali Zammit is the 4-H Agent for St. Charles Parish. She works for the LSU AgCenter to provide parish, regional, state, and national 4-H programming for St. Charles Parish youth.
  • Dr. Zammit has been involved in the 4-H program since she was in 4th grade. She has been a 4-H member, 4-H Volunteer Leader, and now a 4-H Agent. To become more involved, contact Dr. Zammit at kzammit@agcenter.lsu.edu or 985-785-4473.
  • To learn more, visit www.lsuagcenter.com/stcharles4h

Upcoming St. Charles Parish 4-H Events

4-H Culinary Arts Contest (for 4th-12th graders)

All 4-H members are encouraged to participate in the culinary arts contest. These contests help our 4-H members grow in their cooking experience and skill level while enjoying quality time with families who assist them with the safety rules and sharing of traditional family recipes. The 4-H Culinary Arts contest will be split into different submission dates. Members will need to complete the 4-H Culinary Arts Registration Form by the submission date to be considered for judging. All rules are posted on the online registration form.

Next 4-H Culinary Arts Contest Submission Date:Culinary Arts QR Code

Tuesday, November 14, 2023: Louisiana Commodities
(Pecan, Sweet Potato, and Rice)

4-H members area asked to bring 2 servings of their dish in a sealed, non-returnable container on the submission date for each contest between 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. at the St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter Office, which is located at 453 Spruce Street in Norco, La.

4-H Pumpkin Decorating Contest

This year 4-H members (K-12th grade) have the opportunity to compete in 2 pumpkin decorating contests (4-H Contest & Farmers’ Market Contest)! The rules are as follows:

  • One entry per person. No artificial pumpkins. Pumpkin must not exceed 25 lbs. Do not write or display your name on your entry. Participants can carve, draw, or paint on the pumpkin. You may also use objects, materials, and/or paper to decorate your pumpkin. Materials may be glued or pinned to the pumpkin. Pumpkins must be appropriate and child friendly. All pumpkins will be entered into the 4-H Contest and the German Coast Farmers’ Market Contest. If you would like to keep your pumpkin, you will need to pick it up at the Farmers’ Market (held outside the East Bank Regional Library) on Saturday, October 28, 2023, between 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon at the Master Gardener Booth. Any pumpkins not picked up by the designated time at the Farmers’ Market will be donated to the community.
  • You have 2 ways to submit your pumpkin:
    1. Drop off your entry at the St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter Office on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, between 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
    2. Sign up to attend the Pumpkin Decorating Night Workshop on October 26, 2023, from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. at the St. Rose Branch Library. Pumpkins and decoration supplies will be provided. Entries created at the workshop may be entered in the contests. Registration to attend the workshop opens on October 12, 2023, through the St. Charles Parish Library.

4-H Project Books and Portfolios

All 4-H members registered in 4-H Online will receive a 4-H Project Book and/or 4-H Portfolio. Cloverbuds (K-3rd graders) are encouraged to complete their 4-H Cloverbud Project book and 4-H members (4th-12th grade members) are encouraged to complete their 4-H Project Books and 4-H Portfolios for prizes. Download a Digital Version of the 4-H Portfolio to begin working. Add your participation to your 4-H Portfolio in these sections:

4-H Leadership Section:

  • 4-H Jr. Leader Club Meeting
  • 4-H Officers
  • Leading pledges at club meetings
  • 4-H Regional Challenge Camp
  • 4-H Citizenship/Community Service Section:

    • National 4-H Week entries
    • 4-H Pumpkin Contest (donation)
    • Volunteering at Battle for the Paddle
    • Pumpkin Decorating Workshop

    4-H Awards and Recognition Section:

    • 4-H Pumpkin Decorating Contest
    • 4-H Culinary Arts Contest
    • 4-H Senior Honor Cord and Senior Jacket
    • State 4-H Fashion Camp

    Things to do for 4-H this month

    Each month 4-H’ers will be provided with a list of upcoming opportunities on a parish, regional, state, and/or national level. Contact the 4-H Agent or visit the St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter Website for all rules, applications, and more information.

    4-H Regional Challenge Camp

    Overnight adventure for current 7th-8th grade 4-H members - $25.00 fee

    This 2-day, 1-night overnight adventure is held November 1-2, 2023, at the Lion King Retreat Center in Amite, La. Campers will enjoy challenge activities while making friends with other 4-H members from throughout the parish and Southeast Region. Space is limited. Complete the 4-H Regional Challenge Camp Online Application Form for consideration to attend. Application deadline: October 11, 2023.

    Regional Challenge Camp Participant

    Regional Challenge Camp Activity

    4-H Senior Jacket & Honor Cord Awards

    Awards for current 12th grade members Award Recipients receive 4-H jacket and/or honor cord to wear for graduation4-H Member wearing a 4-H Senior Jacket

    4-H Agent with 4-H Member wearing a 4-H Senior Jacket

    This trip is held on January 9, 2024, at the Mini Farm on the LSU campus in Baton Rouge, La. Selected campers will learn basic sewing skills and enjoy creating various fashion projects. Space is limited. Complete the 4-H Fashion Camp Online Application for consideration to attend. Application deadline: November 10, 2023.

    State 4-H Fashion and Beyond on Tour Day Camp

    1-day adventure for current 5th – 12th grade members $20.00 fee

    4-H members at Fashion Camp

    This trip is held on January 9, 2024, at the Mini Farm on the LSU campus in Baton Rouge, La. Selected campersFashion Camp QR Code will learn basic sewing skills and enjoy creating various fashion projects. Space is limited. Complete the 4-H Fashion Camp Online Application for consideration to attend. Application deadline: November 10, 2023.

    State 4-H LSU Bash on the Bayou Tailgate

    1-day adventure for all 4-H members and families - Tailgate Free; Game Tickets additional fee

    Bash on the Bayou Logo

    Join other 4-H members and their families for a tailgate event at LSU leading up to the big game! The event will be held on October 21, 2023, at the LSU Mini Farm. The event is free to 4-H and FFA families, but space is limited. The tailgate event will begin at 12:00 noon and will end 1 hour prior to the LSU football game. Families will be able to watch football games on the big screen, play cornhole, and more! Transportation to and from event is on your own. Contact your 4-H Agent for more details.

    4-H Camp & Lost Camp Catch Phrase Contest

    State 4-H Contest - State Winner receives monetary award

    Camping is My Jam

    4th – 12th grade 4-H members are invited to submit their most creative ideas for a slogan -- in (7) words or less – as the theme for 4-H Camp and/or LOST Camp for 2024. Illustrations must accompany the phrase and will be part of the contest. The winning slogan will be one that is brief and “catchy,” capturing the spirit of 4-H Camp Grant Walker. The artwork and slogan will be used in its entirety or used as the concept for the final artwork. Logo and slogan will be on all publicity for camp and the camp T-shirt, and the winner will receive a monetary award. Contact your 4-H Agent for more details. Submissions due October 13, 2023, to 4-H Office.

    Learn by doing 4-H Lessons

    Tree of Life Skills - 4-H Civic Engagement Educational Program

    Tree of the Month: PECAN TREEPecan Tree
    Fun Fact:
    It takes about 12 years for a pecan tree to mature before it will make a substantial harvest.

    *Provided by Mr. Gabriel LoCoco, LSU AgCenter Horticulture Extension Agent

    Career Development

    The life skill we will be focusing on this month is Career Development. At your club meeting or at home, try the activities to learn more.

    Building Your Resume'

    Most jobs use resumes to assess an employee's skills needed to achieve the job. Here are a few topics of skills to post on your resume:

    • Basic Personal Information - This may include your name, address, phone number, email address, school, graduation year, and GPA (if 3.0 or higher).
    • Paid Work Experience - List your last paid experience including the name of the job title and company, dates of employment, and skills associated with the job experience.
    • Volunteer Experience - List your volunteering experience including what you did, the company you volunteered for, and the dates (years) you volunteered.
    • School Activities (Clubs/Sports/etc.) - List your clubs, sports, etc. in which you are involved. Include the name of the club and the dates (years) of involvement.
    • Computer Program Skills - List the computer programs in which you are experienced.
    • Technical Skills - List technical skills you have that qualify you for the job you are seeking.
    • Awards & Honors - List the name of your awards/honors and the year(s) received.

    Lesson Activity: Tying a Tie or a Scarf

    When you are seeking a job, you should dress the part. Learning how to tie a tie or scarf is a useful skill that you can use for yourself and/or to help your family and friends. Check out videos on how to tie a windsor knot using a neck tie and learn today!

    Louisiana Harvest of the Month

    CITRUSCrop Guide QR Code
    4-H Healthy Living and STEM Educational Program
    Visit Crop Guide for more info. and recipes!

    Man and Lady holding citrus


    Citrus QR Code

    Visit the farm!

    Lesson Activity: The Big Squeeze

    In groups or individually, cut a citrus fruit in half. Predict how many milliliters of juice will be in one fruit. Use a hand juicer to measure the amount of liquid that comes from the citrus fruit in milliliters. Review your prediction and your actual results. Check out the Citrus Crop Guide for more information on citrus.

    For more information, contact your local Extension Office!

    LSU AgCenter Logo

    St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter
    Physical Address:
    453 Spruce Street, Norco, La.
    Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 557, Norco, LA 70079
    Phone: 985-785-4473
    Office Hours: M-F 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Closed 12:30 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
    4-H Agent: Dr. Kali Zammit
    Email: kzammit@agcenter.lsu.edu

    The LSU AgCenter and LSU provides equal opportunities in employment and programs. Should you need an ADA accommodation, please contact the St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter Office at least two weeks prior to the event.

    St. Charles Parish 4-H Youth Enrollment
    4-H Online

    New 4-H Member?

    Step 1: Complete 4-H Online Enrollment

    Getting to the website

    ◦ To sign up, you can go to v2.4honline.com or scan the QR code below and select "Don't have an account?"

    **Note: Each family will only need to make one login for the whole family!

    Creating your Family Profile

    ◦ Select your State: Louisiana
    ◦ Select your institution: Louisiana 4-H Youth Development
    ◦ Select your County/Parish: St. Charles
    ◦ Enter information in all required fields. Email and phone should be for a parent.

    **Note: The email address that you use at this point will be the email address used to receive communication for all 4-H members within your family. Please make sure this is a parent email address that is used frequently.

    ◦ Click "Create Account." Enter your mailing address and click "Verify."

    Adding a Member

    ◦ Which program would you like to join? Click "Louisiana 4-H" then "Next."
    ◦ Enter personal and demographic information in all required fields. Information should be for the youth being enrolled. Click "Next" after each screen.
    ◦ How would you like to participate? Click "I want to join 4-H as a New or Returning Louisiana 4-H youth," then "Finish."

    Choosing your club and project book

    Select Units (Clubs):

    ◦ Primary Club: If you are a member of your School Club, select the School Club as your Primary Club. If not, select Member-at-Large as your Primary Club.
    ◦ Secondary Clubs: If you are a member or you are interested in joining a 4-H Project Club, your project club(s) should be added and listed as secondary club(s). After selecting club(s), click "Next."

    Select Projects:

    ◦ Select your top 3 project area interests. Based on your grade level, one of your areas must include the following: 4-H Cloverbuds (for K-3rd grade); Discovering 4-H (for 4th grade); Exploring 4-H (for 5th grade); or any other topic (for 6th-12th grade). *Note: Selecting a project area does not register you for a project club. Contact the 4-H Office for more information on project clubs. Members who plan to participate in 4-H Horse Shows should select the Horse Project.

    Years in project:

    ◦ Enter the number of years you have worked in the project area/book selected above.

    Consents and Finishing up

    ◦ Questions: Enter information in all required fields. For the School heading, select "St. Charles Parish" and then select the school the 4-H member attends. Click "Next."
    ◦ Health Form: Answer health questions and read medical release. Click "Agree" and enter required information.
    ◦ Consents: Includes Hold Harmless, Media Release, and Code of Conduct. Read through each then click "Agree" and enter required information. Verify all information.
    ◦ Payment: Select "Pay by check," then "I understand." Type your name in the signature line. Select "Confirm." Click "Submit." (You are not finished enrollment until you select "Submit.")

    Step 2: Pay 4-H Club Membership Fees

    ◦ If you are a member of your school club, dues are to be paid to your school club leader. If you are a member-at-large and/or a 4-H Project Club member, dues are to be paid to the 4-H office. Check with your 4-H Club Leader for the payment process for each club in which you are a member.

    Returning 4-H Member?

    Time to Re-Enroll!

    ◦ Log in to your 4-H Online Account.
    ◦ Go to Member List, find your Member Name, and Click "Enroll Now."
    ◦ Follow the directions to the right beginning with the "Choosing Your Club and Project Book" section.

    Important Notes:

    • If you have another member to enroll, click "New Member" and repeat the steps for adding a member.
    • Members are not officially enrolled in 4-H until their 4-H Online enrollment is approved through the parish office.
    • If you have questions or would like additional information about 4-H or our Project Clubs, contact the St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter office.

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