September 2022 - 4-H Youth Development Newsletter

Welcome Back with 4-H

Welcome to the 2022-2023 4-H year! The St. Charles Parish 4-H Youth Development Program offers various opportunities each month throughout the year to help youth spark an interest in a variety of topics and thrive as individuals. This year I encourage all youth to try something new. Sometimes we find our spark by trying something new, which often leads to a passion, and sometimes a career! I encourage you to bring these monthly newsletters home to your parents and take time to read about the many opportunities that 4-H has to offer on a parish, regional, state, and national level.

Calendar of Events


17: 4-H Bash on the Bayou LSU Football Game and Tailgate (Statewide Event)

21: 4-H Adult Volunteer Leader Training (Regional Event)


2-8: National 4-H Week

6: United Way Battle for the Paddle

6-9: 4-H Volunteer Conference of Southern States (Multi-state)

19: 4-H Jr. Leader Meeting


8-9: 4-H Challenge Camp (Regional Event for 7th-8th graders)

12: St. Charles Parish 4-H Healthy Living Event


4: St. Charles Parish 4-H Civic Engagement Event

*Read newsletter for other important dates and 4-H opportunities.

Take the 4-H Pledge today!

All 4-H members are expected to learn and recite the 4-H Pledge at every 4-H event and meeting. The pledge includes our four H’s: Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. Learn how to live the 4-H pledge by viewing the Louisiana 4-H: Living the 4-H Pledge YouTube Video.

Visit us at:•Instagram @scp4h

Stay Updated with St. Charles Parish 4-H News

This year St. Charles Parish 4-H is providing several venues for 4-H members and families to stay updated with 4-H News.

St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter Website

Visit this page and click on the 4-H tab for articles and updates including 4-H newsletters, contests, and upcoming opportunities.

St. Charles 4-H Facebook Page

Like or Follow this page for daily posts, updates, and resources.

St. Charles 4-H Instagram


Follow us on Instagram for highlights and announcements.

Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams

Many school clubs will use Google Classroom to communicate with their 4-H’ers. Our parish 4-H Community Clubs and members-at-large club will use Microsoft Teams to communicate with 4-H‘ers. See your 4-H Club Leader for information on how to gain access to these communication tools.

How do I sign up for 4-H?

This year Louisiana 4-H is switching to an online enrollment system called 4-H Online. In order to be a member of the St. Charles Parish 4-H program, parents/guardians of all 4-H members will need to complete an online enrollment form. Directions for how to complete the online enrollment process is included in Pages 5-6 of this newsletter.

How do I join a 4-H Project Club?

A 4-H Project Club is just that, a club that focuses on a specific 4-H project. Most 4-H project clubs meet at least once a month to participate in activities related to a specific project area. All of these clubs are open to all students in St. Charles Parish who meet the grade and/or age requirements listed below. If you are interested in being a member of any of these clubs, please contact the 4-H Agent (Mrs. Kali Zammit) at The 5 St. Charles Parish 4-H project clubs are as follows:

4-H Cloverbud Community Club

This club is for Kindergarten – 3rd graders. Members will meet once a month to learn about a variety of projects to learn more about 4-H. This is the community Cloverbud club.

4-H CHEF Club

This club is for 4th – 6th graders. Members will meet once a month to create healthy meals or snacks and participate in fun fitness activities.

4-H Fashion Club

This club is for 4th – 12th graders. Members will participate in multiple sewing projects to learn about how to sew.

4-H Shooting Sports Club

This club is for youth (ages 10-19). Members will participate in shooting sports trainings and have an opportunity to compete in invitational, regional, and state shooting sports events.

4-H Jr. Leader Club

This club is for 7th – 12th graders. Members will meet at least once a month to plan and conduct leadership, service-learning, and social 4-H events.

Celebrate National 4-H Week – Oct. 2-8, 2022!

This year we are encouraging all 4-H clubs to spread the word about the amazing opportunities that 4-H has to offer by participating in at least one of the activities below. To submit an entry, complete the National 4-H Week Online Form for each entry. For each complete entry submitted, members’ names will go into a drawing for a door prize.

Monday – Head – What do you THINK it means to be a good 4-H’er?

Tuesday – Heart – What do you think is the HEART of the 4-H program?

Wednesday – Hands – Submit a video of you saying the 4-H pledge (with motions).

Thursday – Health – How do you make your BEST BETTER with 4-H?

Friday – 4-H Promo Day – Submit a picture of your artwork or a digital graphic to promote 4- H. Schools should also submit a picture of their school 4-H bulletin board for an entry in the contest. Bulletin Boards will be judged on the following: (1) Creativity; (2) 4-H Information provided; (3) Accuracy.

Sign up to receive information about 4-H Livestock, Rabbit, and Horse Shows

One of the many opportunities that 4-H has to offer is the opportunity for youth to show animals in livestock, rabbit, and horse shows. If you are interested in receiving information about any of the upcoming animal exhibition shows, please contact your 4-H Agent (Mrs. Kali Zammit) at


How much does it cost to join the 4-H club? Each club has a separate fee. Contact the 4-H Leader of the club to learn about the cost to join.

Who do I pay to join 4-H? You pay your dues to your 4-H club leader.

Can I be a member at my school and a project club member? Yes. You can be a member in more than one club. Select all the clubs that you want to join when you complete your online enrollment.

4-H Family Highlight

Mrs. Gloria Miller

4-H Fashion Club Leader, National 4-H Salute to Excellence Volunteer of the Year Award Recipient

What do you love most about 4-H?

Working with the 4-H kids

What are you looking forward to doing in 4-H this year?

Teaching the new 4-H Fashion Club members about sewing machines and sewing new projects that they can use

What do you want other people to know about 4-H?

4-H helps kids grow to be well-rounded people. They learn so many different things. They also learn how to be around kids that are different and how to accept their differences.

What is a favorite 4-H memory?

Going to Fashion Camp – We bring new people who have only sewn on a parish level, and at camp, the Fashion Board members teach campers about different projects, how to model what they made, and “sew” much more!

4-H’ers enjoy touring the LSU Campus while spending the week at 4-H University

This summer, 4-H members from across the state gathered to compete in contests, participate in hands-on classes, and tour the beautiful campus of LSU in Baton Rouge at 4-H University. Congratulations to Lee Arcement, Jr. for representing St. Charles Parish at 4-H University. Congratulations to Alexis Ellis as the recipient of the A. J. Melancon Memorial Scholarship and Mrs. Gloria Miller as the 2021 National 4-H Salute to Excellence Volunteer of the Year Award Winner, who were recognized at the 4-H U Banquet.

4-H members compete at Horse Shows

Each summer, 4-H members from St. Charles Parish and throughout the state compete in horse shows. The 4-H Horse Project is one that requires much heart and determination. Congratulations to Chaislyn Blanchard for her achievements in the 4-H Horse Shows this season. A few of her major accomplishments this season include the following:

  • District: 1st place Senior Western Division
  • State: 1st place Ranch and English
  • State: 4th place Overall Western

4-H celebrated 100 years at 4-H Camp

Our St. Charles Parish 4-H members (4th – 6th grade), counselors, and LSU AgCenter Extension Agents were happy to celebrate 100 years of camping at Camp Grant Walker this summer. Campers enjoyed a 4-day 4-H summer camp experience of swimming, hands-on learning, building friendships, and much more. The week ended with a 4-H Birthday Party that the campers will never forget!

4-H’ers compete in State Records Contest

Three 4-H members from St. Charles Parish were selected to compete in the Louisiana 4-H State Records Contest this summer. Congratulations to Ethan Bellanger, who was selected as an Alternate Winner of the 7th and 8th grade State 4-H Records Contest.

St. Charles Parish volunteers shine

We had 2 St. Charles Parish volunteers achieve high honors: Mrs. Gloria Miller won the 2021 National 4-H Salute to Excellence Volunteer of the Year Award, and Mrs. Trishan Charles was inducted into the Louisiana 4-H Hall of Fame. Congratulations to both!

Things to do for 4-H this month

Each month 4-H’ers will be provided with a list of upcoming opportunities on a parish, regional, state, and/or national level. Contact the 4-H Agent or visit the St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter Website under “4-H Youth Development” for all rules, applications, and more information.

4-H Regional Challenge Camp – Overnight adventure for current 7th-8th grade 4-H members - $25.00 fee

This 2-day, 1-night overnight adventure is held November 8-9, 2022 at the Lion King Retreat Center in Amite, La. Campers will enjoy challenge activities while making friends with other 4-H members from throughout the parish and Southeast Region. Space is limited. Complete the 4-H Regional Challenge Camp Online Application Form for consideration to attend. Application deadline: October 11, 2022

St. Charles Parish 4-H Citizenship Ambassador – Overnight adventure for current 4-H’ers (Ages: 14-19) - See application for fees

4-H members at least 14 years of age by January 1, 2023, are eligible to apply to be a St. Charles Parish 4-H Citizenship Ambassador. In this role, the 4-H youth are expected to attend Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF), a national 4-H conference aimed at enhancing citizenship skills, networking with other 4-H’ers from throughout the nation, and touring Washington, D. C. Space is limited. Complete the 4-H Citizenship Ambassador Online Application Form for consideration to attend. Application deadline: October 25, 2022

4-H Senior Honor Cord and Senior Jacket Awards – Awards for current 12th grade members

Current graduating senior 4-H members may apply to receive a 4-H honor cord to wear for graduation and a 4-H senior jacket to wear to show off their 4-H accomplishments. Jackets will be awarded in the winter. 4-H Honor Cords will be awarded in spring. There are two separate applications for these awards. Contact your 4-H Agent at for an application.

State 4-H Fashion Camp – Overnight adventure for 10-13 year old members - $80.00 fee

This trip is held on January 20-22, 2023 at Camp Grant Walker in Pollock, La. Selected campers will learn basic sewing skills and enjoy sewing various projects. Space is limited. Complete the 4-H Fashion Camp Online Application for consideration to attend. Application deadline: November 11, 2022

LEGOs and Leadership Lessons

This year our monthly 4-H lessons will focus on two of our 4-H mission mandates: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and Civic Engagement (Leadership). At your club meeting or at home, try the activities below to learn more.

Lego Challenge Activity: Sturdy Structures

For the STEM activity each month, you will have a LEGO activity challenge that will accompany an optional story. You may use LEGOs or comparable blocks or items for each challenge. These lessons are adapted from the 4-H LEGO Engineering Club: Enchanted Builds (Vol. 3) from Mississippi State Extension.

September LEGO Lesson: Building Shelters with the Three Little Pigs

Optional Story: The Three Little Pigs: An Architectural Tale by Steven Guarnaccia

LEGO Challenge: Using approximately 100 LEGOs or less and a baseplate, build a sound structure that a LEGO mini figure could use as shelter. Give each group of students a different type of environment for which to build a shelter.

Reflection: What is unique about the shelter you built? What did you consider with your build? How is your shelter different from others? How does agriculture fit into building shelters?

4-H Teamwork Activity: Cooperative Communication

Communication is listed as one of the skills necessary for success. Many people think of communication as just speaking. However, it works best when it is a two-way street. Listening and asking questions are also important in the communication process.

September Leadership Activity: Pair up with another person and sit back-to-back. Each pair should have 10 popsicle sticks, or similar item. Decide: one person will be the communicator; one person will be the receiver. The communicator is the only person who can speak. The receiver cannot ask any questions. After given Diagram 1, the communicator will describe to the receiver how to set the items. After 2 minutes, switch roles and try Diagram 2.

Reflection: What was more challenging, being the communicator or the receiver? Why? What could you have done differently as the communicator? How can you apply what you learned to your own life?

Grow with St. Charles Parish 4-H

We are very excited to get started with our 4-H clubs this school year! Enrollment is a little different than in the past. We have a brand new online system that will help make enrolling each year much easier. Below you will find instructions on how to get started. If you have any questions, please contact your school club leader or the St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter Office at 985-785-4473.

Getting to the website

To sign up, you can go to or scan the QR code to the left and select "Don't have an account?"

**Note: Each family will only need to make one login for the whole family!

Creating your Family Profile

  1. Select your State: Louisiana
  2. Select your institution: Louisiana 4-H Youth Development
  3. Select your County/Parish: St. Charles
  4. Enter information in all required fields. Email and phone should be for a parent. Click "Create Account."
  5. Enter your mailing address and click "Verify."

Adding a Member

A. Which program would you like to join? Click "Louisiana 4-H" then "Next."

B. Enter personal and demographic information in all required fields. Information should be for the youth being enrolled. Click "Next" after each screen.

C. How would you like to participate? Click"I want to join 4-H as a New or Returning Louisiana 4-H youth" then "Finish."

Choosing your club and project book

A. Select Units (Clubs): First select either your School Club (if you are a member of your school club) or select Member-at-Large as your Primary Club. If you are a member or you are interested in joining a 4-H Project Club, your project club(s) should be added and listed as secondary club(s). After selecting club(s), click "Next."

B. Select Projects: Select your top 3 project area interests. Based on your grade level, one of your areas must include the following: 4-H Cloverbuds (for K-3rd grade); Discovering 4-H (for 4th grade); Exploring 4-H (for 5th grade); or any other topic (for 6th-12th grade). *Note: Selecting a project area does not register you for a project club. Contact the 4-H Office for more information on project clubs. Members who plan to participate in 4-H Horse Shows should select the Horse Project.

C. Years in Project: Enter the number of years you have worked in the project area/book selected above.

Consents and Finishing up

  1. Show Questions: Enter information in all required fields. For the School heading check the 2nd circle "Unable to locate school in list above." Type in your school name and select School Type. Click "Next."
  2. Show Health Form: Answer health questions and read medical release. Click "Agree" and enter required information.
  3. Show Consents: Includes Hold Harmless, Media Release, and Code of Conduct. Read through each then click "Agree" and enter required information.
  4. Verify your information and click "Submit."

Important notes

If you have another member to enroll, click "New Member" and repeat the steps above for adding a member.

If you are a member of your school club, dues are to be paid to your school club leader. If you are a member-at-large and/or a 4-H Project Club member, dues are to be paid to the 4-H office.

If you have questions or would like additional information about 4-H or our Project Clubs, contact the St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter office.

St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter

Physical Address: 453 Spruce Street, Norco, La.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 557, Norco, LA 70079

Phone: 985-785-4473

4-H Agent: Mrs. Kali Zammit


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