March 2022 - 4-H Youth Development Newsletter

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4-H Achievement Day

This year 4-H Achievement Day is scheduled on the evening of April 20, 2022. This event will be by invitation only to 4-H members who have received enough points for participation in parish 4-H contests and events this year. More information will be in the April newsletter.

4-H Awards and Recognition

There are several award opportunities this month for 4-H members. List your participation in the 4-H Awards and Recognition Section (Section 4) of your 4-H Portfolio.

  • 4-H People’s Choice Photo Contest
  • 4-H Dairy Poster Contest
  • 4-H Record Book Contest
  • 4-H Scholarships
  • 4-H Culinary Arts Contest
  • 4-H Golden Clover Award
  • 4-H Emerald Achievement Award
  • 4-H Achievement Day Awards

4-H Camp – Overnight adventure for current 4th-6th grade 4-H members - $175.00 fee; additional purchases available

This 4-day, 3-night overnight adventure is held July 25-28, 2022 at Camp Grant Walker in Pollock, La. Campers will select a fun, hands-on, educational track for the week. They will enjoy recreational activities including swimming, line dancing, canoeing, archery, and more. Please feel free to contact the 4-H Agent with any questions. Applications are due to the LSU AgCenter 4-H Office along with a deposit. Application deadline: March 25, 2022

4-H Citizenship/Community Service Projects

Use your hands to larger service by participating in 4-H Service Projects. List your activities in the 4-H Citizenship/Community Service Section (Section 3) of your Portfolio.

  • 4-H Trash Bash
  • 4-H Night with the Pelicans

Read the newsletter for more details on each of these projects. If you need verification of service hours for another organization, contact the 4-H Agent.

4-H Culinary Arts Contest (For 4th-12th Grade)

This year we would like to encourage all 4-H members to participate in at least one culinary arts contest. These contests are intended to help our 4-H members grow in their cooking experience and skill level while enjoying quality time with families who assist them with the safety rules and sharing of traditional family recipes. This year the 4-H Culinary Arts contest will be split into 3 submission dates. Members will bring 2 servings of their dish on the designated day and times to the St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter Office. Members will also need to complete the 4-H Culinary Arts Registration Form by the submission date to be considered for judging. All rules are posted on the online registration form.

Submission dates for our 2021-2022 Culinary Arts Contests are as follows:

March 23, 2022

Seafood Contest

Note: First place winners in all categories will be invited to the Southeast Region 4-H Culinary Arts Contest on May 10, 2022. More information to come to those individual members.

4-H members will be allowed to bring 2 servings of their dish in a sealed, non-returnable container on the date specified between 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. at the St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter Office, which is located at 453 Spruce Street in Norco, La. (See online form for specific rules and details for the event.)

4-H Dairy Poster Contest

Rules for the 4-H Dairy Poster Contest are as follows: (Entries are due to 4-H School Leader or 4-H Office by March 31, 2022. If submitting to 4-H Office, call 985-785-4473 to schedule drop off. No late entries will be accepted.)

  • Open to 4-H members K- 12th grade. Only 4th-12th grade members are eligible to move on to the state level.
  • Poster must be 22” x 28” regular poster board size only. 4-H club members are to draw a billboard that encourages or promotes the consumption of milk and milk products from dairy cattle only and their importance for health.
  • Do not attach anything to the poster that is more than 1/2” thick. Do not use the commercial brand names of products on the poster. Do not use jingles, slogans, signs, or pictures that are trademark or copyright protected on the poster.
  • Print your name, address, grade in school, and parish on the back, upper righthand corner of the poster.
  • Eligible 1st place posters will be submitted to the state competition for judging and become the property of the LSU AgCenter and Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service and will be displayed at statewide events.
  • Divisions include the following: Cloverbuds (Grades K-3), Elementary (Grades 4 – 6), Middle (Grades 7 – 8), and High School Poster (Grades 9 – 12).
  • State level winners will receive the following: 1st place ($100 check), 2nd place ($75 check), and 3rd place ($50 check) sponsored by the Louisiana Dairy Industry Promotion Board and the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service.

4-H Leadership Opportunities

St. Charles Parish 4-H is offering the following leadership opportunities this month. List your participation in these activities in the 4-H Leadership (Section 2) of your 4-H Portfolio.

  • 4-H Jr. Leader Club
  • Live 4-H Update Podcast
  • 4-H Jr. Leadership Conference
  • 4-H Rockin’ Your Records Recording

4-H People’s Choice Photo Contest

Congratulations to all 4-H’ers who participated in the 4-H Photography Contest. Take time to vote for your favorites on our St. Charles Parish 4-H Facebook page. Voting will take place March 21, 2022 through 12:00 noon on March 25, 2022. Good luck!

4-H Portfolios

Throughout this year 4th – 12th grade 4-H members are encouraged to complete a 4-H Portfolio, which focuses on record-keeping skills and is helpful when completing award, scholarship, and future job applications. Prizes or opportunities will be awarded to top members who complete the 4-H Portfolio. In addition to completing your 4-H Story and the other sections of the 4-H Portfolio, read the newsletter for opportunities to list in your 4-H Portfolio this year. Download a Digital Version of the 4-H Portfolio to begin working.

4-H Record Books due March 31, 2022

4-H Record Books (which is your 4-H Portfolio plus your 4-H project book) are due March 31, 2022 to your 4-H Club Leader. No late entries will be accepted. This year 4-H members will be awarded prizes based on completion of your 4-H Record Book. For every level that you complete, you will receive a 4-H prize for that level for the chance to achieve 5 prizes for completing Level 5. If you have questions, I recommend that you watch a recording about Rockin’ Your 4-H Records uploaded to your 4-H Google Classroom or Microsoft Team. *Quality 4-H Records will be considered for 4-H Achievement Day and State Contest Awards

LevelsLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Sections and PagesSection 1 (Personal Data and 4-H and You)Level 1 and Section 6 (My 4-H Story)Level 1-2 and at least 5 entries in any of Sections 2- 5 (List as much as you can in these sections.) Level 1-3 and Section 7 (4-H Photos & Supporting Materials)Level 1-4, Section 8 (4-H Project Focus), and your 4- H Project Book (or 4-H Project Record Sheet for 6th-12th graders) List your progress in Section 8, even if you didn’t complete your 4-H Portfolio
Prize Awarded for Level CompletionLevel 1 PrizeLevel 1-2 prizes Levels 1-3 prizesLevels 1-4 prizes

4-H University – Overnight adventure for current 8th-12th grade 4-H members - Fees to be determined

4-H University features state-wide contests and more for 8th-12th grade 4-H members. 4-H University has a multitude of contests and opportunities for youth. If interested in participating and/or receiving more information, complete the online interest application by March 25, 2022.

4-H Update Podcast

Join the 4-H Agent and other 4-H’ers and volunteers throughout St. Charles Parish by viewing our 4-H Update Podcasts. The 4-H Update Podcast will feature music requested by your 4-H peers, the 4-H Agent reviewing the upcoming 4-H events, an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, and/or interviews with 4-H members, leaders, or volunteers. Podcast videos will be posted on your school 4-H club Google Classroom or your 4-H Community Club Microsoft Team. To request music or ask questions to be featured in the Podcast, complete the 4-H Update Podcast Form.

Calendar of Events


1: LSU AgCenter Office Closed

4: 4-H Night with the Pelicans

5: 4-H Trash Bash

23: 4-H Culinary Arts Contest Submission (Seafood); 4-H Jr. Leader Club Meeting

31: 4-H Record Books due (portfolios and project books)


1: Horse Possession Date

12: 4-H Jr. Leader Club Meeting

15: LSU AgCenter Office Closed

20: 4-H Achievement Day


10: 4-H Regional Culinary Arts Contest


21-24: 4-H University


25-28: 4-H Camp

Healthy Living Lesson: Eat More Whole Grains!

This year we will be doing some activities from the Choose Health: Food, Fun, and Fitness curriculum. This month we will focus on eating more whole grains. At your club meeting or at home, try the activity below to learn more.

Healthy Living Activity

This month’s lesson is about making half your grains whole. To see whether or not the foods you are eating are whole grain, we want you to be a detective. Check out the Nutrition Facts Label and find the ingredients. If the item you are eating is whole wheat, it should say “Whole Wheat.” If the item you are eating is not whole wheat, it may say something like “enriched wheat,” “enriched flour,” or “white rice flour,” just as some examples.

Check out some of the grains in your pantry. Look at the nutrition label. Are you making half of your grains whole? If not, how can you incorporate more whole grains?

Reflect on Choosing More Whole Grains

When we eat whole grains, we get the benefits of the fiber, vitamins, and minerals of the grain. Enriched grains are processed and remove these nutrients in the process. Fiber is healthy – it helps us move food through our bodies, keeps our digestive system working well and decreases the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Now check out those same grains in your pantry. Look at the nutrition label. Try to find those grains that have high dietary fiber. Are those the same that are whole or enriched wheat?

How do I join the St. Charles Parish 4-H Program?

All students K-12th grade have an opportunity to join a 4-H Club. You may join your school club and/or a community club. Yes, you can be a member of more than one 4-H club. These are a few tips on how to join a 4-H club.

Complete and submit a 4-H Enrollment Form

See 4-H Club Leader for Form.

Pay 4-H Club Dues

See 4-H Club Leader for club dues amount and payment methods.

Submit Any Other Forms

See 4-H Club Leader for any additional forms needed to join

Join a 4-H Community Club

As we continue to rebuild St. Charles Parish, we are in the process of planning for events for our 4-H Community Clubs. There are 5 St. Charles Parish 4-H Community Clubs that you can join. Each community club focuses on a specific project-related area. At this time, we are asking for interested students to contact the 4-H Office if you are interested in joining any of the 4-H community clubs listed. Yes, you may be in more than one community club in addition to your 4-H club at school.

  • 4-H Cloverbud Community Club - for all K-3rd grade students
  • 4-H CHEF (Cooking, Healthy Eating, & Fitness) Club - for all 4th-6th grade students
  • 4-H Shooting Sports Club – for students 10 years old through 12th grade
  • 4-H Jr. Leader Club – for all 7th – 12th grade students
  • 4-H Fashion Club - for all 4th-12th grade students

For more information or to join any of the project clubs listed below, please contact the St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter (4-H) Office at 985-785-4473 or Note: Due to the effects of Hurricane Ida, the only project club actively participating this year is the 4-H Jr. Leader Club. However, we are still taking names of interested students who would like more information to join these clubs at the start of next school year.

Louisiana 4-H Emerald Achievement Award – Award Application for 4-H members 14 years and older by January 1

This award is to recognize senior 4-H members on the state level for their outstanding achievement in 4-H. Members must be at least 14 years old by January 1 of this school year to apply. This is a one-time achievement award. Contact the 4-H Agent for application. Application deadline: April 1, 2022

Louisiana 4-H Golden Clover Award – Award Application for 4-H members under 14 years of age by January 1

This award is to recognize junior 4-H members on the state level for their outstanding achievement in 4-H. Members must be under 14 years of age by January 1 of this school year and have at least 2 years of 4-H to apply. This is a one-time achievement award. Contact 4-H Agent for application. Application deadline: April 1, 2022

March to your own beat with 4-H!

One of the great things about 4-H is that you get the chance to try new things and learn more about you! That’s right! Take time to try something new and challenge yourself to become the best version of yourself by marching to your own beat along with your 4-H family. Talk to your friends and consider hanging out with us at 4-H Camp or 4-H University this summer! The opportunities in 4-H are endless. All you have to do is take that first step toward the march to making your best better!

Monthly Mental Health Quote

Each month we will highlight a quote recommended by the Louisiana 4-H Citizenship Board to address our mental health. Set aside some time to take deep breaths and think about this: “A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.” – Nelson Mandela

Save the Dates – Summer 4-H Activities

We are happy to announce that 4-H Camp is moving back to Camp Grant Walker this year as we celebrate 100 years of 4-H Camping at the facility. As you are planning your new 2022 year, consider saving these dates for summer 4-H activities:

4-H Summer Camp at Camp Grant Walker for 4th-6th graders of the 2021-2022 school year

July 25 – 28, 2022

Applications are due March 25, 2022 to the St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter Office. Check your Google Classroom for more information and applications.

4-H University at LSU for 8th-12th graders of the 2021-2022 school year

June 21-24, 2022

Online Interest Applications are due March 25, 2022. Check your Google Classroom or Microsoft Team for more information and a link to the online interest application.

Save the Dates for Parish 4-H Events

St. Charles Parish 4-H hosts major parish events open to all 4-H members. Attendance will be taken at all events. Participation in multiple events will increase opportunities for awards presented at 4-H Achievement Day. Please save the dates and be on the lookout for more information regarding these events in the monthly newsletter.

4-H Trash Bash

Civic Engagement Program on March 5, 2022

4-H Achievement Day

Awards Recognition Program *by invitation only April 20, 2022

Save the Dates for Summer!

June 21-24, 2022

4-H University

(for 8th-12th grade members)

July 25-28, 2022

4-H Camp

(for 4th-6th grade members)

St. Charles Parish 4-H Foundation Scholarship – Scholarship Application for graduating senior 4-H members

Graduating senior 4-H members may apply for the St. Charles Parish 4-H Foundation scholarship for continuing education. Those members who applied for the Louisiana 4-H Foundation Scholarships will already be entered for this scholarship. Contact 4-H Agent for application. Application deadline: April 1, 2022

St. Charles Parish 4-H Scott Foundation Scholarship – Scholarship Application for graduating senior 4-H members

Graduating St. Charles Parish senior 4-H members may apply for the Scott Foundation Scholarship for continuing education. This application is different from the Louisiana 4-H Foundation scholarship application. Please contact the 4-H Agent for application. Application deadline: April 1, 2022

St. Charles Parish 4-H Spotlight

Congratulations to all participants! Awards will be distributed at 4-H club meetings.

Parish 4-H Contest Results:

Beef Poster Contest: (K-3): 1st: Kailyn Jordan (ESE), 2nd: Beau Kimble (ESE), 3rd: Micah Taliancich (ESE), Blue: Akira Suitt (ESE), Cydney Mire (ESE), Emery Perrilloux (ESE), Green: Kaleb Agbobli (ESE), Ziva Carmouche (ESE), Sadie Hamilton (ESE), Samuel Keiser (ESE), Kash Mitchell (ESE), Aaliyah Populis (ESE), Autumn Smith (ESE), Brooklyn Varuso (ESE), Kinzlea Williams (ESE); (4-6): 1st: MacKenzie Bellanger (LWE), 2nd: Lillian Vial (ESE), 3rd: Leah Lacoste (ESE), Blue: Paige Galloway (ESE), Leilani Wilson (ESE), Jeremey Guidry (ESE), Green: Audrey Cody (ESE), Zackery Harcourt (ESE), Lewis Logan (ESE), Ryder Maxie (ESE), Evelyn Orellana (ESE), Emma Perret (ESE), Aydenn Populis (ESE), Rhyan Rodriguez (ESE), Kameron Sears (ESE), Zoe Torres (ESE), Keviana White (ESE), Eleanor Zafirau (ESE); (7- 9): 1st: Ethan Bellanger (JBM); 4-H Culinary Arts Contest: (**denotes outstanding dish award)Egg: Appetizer/Salad: 1st: MacKenzie Bellanger (LWE), Dessert:1st: Ethan Bellanger (JBM)**, Main Dish: 1st: Michael Love (DHS/JL); Poultry: Chicken: 1st: Michael Love (DHS/JL)**, 2nd : Lee Arcement, Jr. (HHS/JL), 3rd: Ethan Bellanger (JBM), Blue: Nollie Arcement (LWE), Processed Poultry: 1st: Christine Thomas (SCB), 2nd: MacKenzie Bellanger (LWE), Sugar: Pies: 1st: Coralyn Young (RJV)**, Candy: 1st: Michael Love (DHS/JL), Cakes: 1st: MacKenzie Bellanger (LWE), 2nd: Leilani Wilson (ESE), Cookies: 1st: Ethan Bellanger (JBM), 2nd: Christine Thomas (SCB); 4-H Photography Contest: Landscape: (K-3): 1st: Beau Kimble (ESE), (4-6): 1st: Coralyn Young (RJV), 2nd: Rhyan Rodriguez (ESE), 3rd: MacKenzie Bellanger (LWE), (7-8): 1st: Ethan Bellanger (JBM), 2nd: Jordyn Lewis (RKS), People: (K-3): 1st: Beau Kimble (ESE), (4-6): 1st: MacKenzie Bellanger (LWE), 2nd: Isabella Leblanc (RKS), (7-8): 1st: Ethan Bellanger (JBM), Animals: (K-3): 1st: Beau Kimble (ESE), (4-6): 1st: Ciaralyn Coleman (LWE), 2nd: MacKenzie Bellanger (LWE), (7-8): 1st: Ethan Bellanger (JBM), 2nd: Jordyn Lewis (RKS), Still Life: (K-3): 1st Beau Kimble (ESE), (4-6): 1st: MacKenzie Bellanger (LWE), 2nd: Isabella Leblanc (RKS), 3rd: Ciaralyn Coleman (LWE), Blue: Harrison Broussard (SCB), (7-8): 1st: Ethan Bellanger (JBM), 2nd: Jordyn Lewis (RKS)

Stay Updated with St. Charles Parish 4-H News

This year St. Charles Parish 4-H is providing several venues for 4-H members and families to stay updated with 4-H News.

St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter Website

Visit this page and click on the 4-H tab for articles and updates including 4-H newsletters, contests, and upcoming opportunities

St. Charles 4-H Facebook Page

Like or Follow this page for daily posts, updates, and resources

St. Charles 4-H Instagram @scp4h Follow us on Instagram for highlights and announcements

Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams

Many school clubs will use Google Classroom to communicate with their 4-H’ers. Our parish 4-H Community Clubs and members-at-large club will use Microsoft Teams to communicate with 4-H‘ers. See your 4-H Club Leader for information on how to gain access to these communication tools.

Things to do for 4-H in March

Each month 4-H’ers will be provided with a list of upcoming opportunities on a parish, regional, state, and/or national level. Contact the 4-H Agent or visit the St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter Website under “4-H Youth Development” for all rules, applications, and more information.

What happens after I join 4-H?

Attend Monthly Meetings

Participate in meetings (face-to-face or virtually)

Read 4-H Newsletters

Bring the newsletters home or show your parents online for more opportunities, contests, and more!

Participate in 4-H Activities

Participate in 4-H activities within your club, community, country, and world

Communicate with 4-H Leader

Stay updated with meeting dates and 4-H activities and opportunities

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