February 2021 - 4-H Youth Development Newsletter

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Gain a Healthy Living Lifestyle with 4-H!

Health is one of the four H’s in 4-H. Take time this month to try something new to make a healthier you! Check out our upcoming healthy living activities. From participating in cookery contests to enjoying a stroll with your family and/or friends, there is something for everyone.

Stay Connected with 4-H

As we embrace the use of technology during this time, we are asking all 4-H members to stay connected with the St. Charles Parish 4-H Program by requesting access to our St. Charles Parish 4-H General Information Google Classroom and/or Microsoft Team by completing the St. Charles Parish 4-H General Information Virtual Access Form. Once members are granted access to these formats, they will be provided with additional 4-H updates, resources, and opportunities. (Click on the bolded links to access the form. If you have questions, contact the 4-H office at 985-785-4473 or the 4-H Agent at kzammit@agcenter.lsu.edu.) For additional resources, check out our websites.

Visit us at: www.lsuagcenter.com/stcharles•www.facebook.com/scp4h•Instagram@scp4h

Live 4-H Update Podcast

Due to an adjustment in the school early dismissal days, the Live 4-H Update Podcast will be changed to a recorded podcast that you can listen to at your own convenience! Each month, we want St. Charles Parish 4-H members to submit song requests, 4-H questions, and positive comments about your 4-H experiences to be featured in a monthly 4-H Update Podcast! To use your voice, complete the Live 4-H Update Podcast Request Form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Stay Updated with St. Charles Parish 4-H News

As many 4-H opportunities have gone virtual, communication is key to keeping up-to-date. This year St. Charles Parish 4-H is providing several venues for 4-H members and families to stay updated with 4-H News. Click on the link for each to access our different methods of communication.

St. Charles Parish 4-H General Information Google Classroom or Microsoft Team

For 4-H updates information, complete the form for access by clicking the link above. We highly recommend for all 4-H members to complete this form to have access to 4-H resources through one or both of these formats.

St. Charles 4-H Facebook Page - Like or Follow this page for daily posts, updates, and resources

St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter Website - Visit website for all LSU AgCenter Program Resources

St. Charles 4-H Instagram @scp4h - Follow us on Instagram for highlights and announcements

4-H Record Books due March 31, 2021

4-H Record Books (which is your 4-H Portfolio plus your 4-H project book) are due March 31, 2021 to your 4-H Club Leader. No late entries will be accepted. This year 4-H members will be awarded prizes based on completion of your 4-H Record Book. For every level that you complete, you will receive a 4-H prize for that level for the chance to achieve 5 prizes for completing Level 5. If you have questions, I recommend that you watch a recording of the “Rockin’ Your 4-H Records” Workshop, which is posted on our 4-H General Information Google Classroom Microsoft Teams, or contact your 4-H Leader or 4-H Agent.

*Quality 4-H Records will be considered for 4-H Achievement Day and State Contest Awards.

Levels Level 1 Level 2Level 3 Level 4Level 5
Sections and PagesSection 1 (Personal Data and 4-H and You)Level 1 and Section 6 (My 4-H Story)Level 1-2 and at least 5 entries in any of Sections 2- 5 (List as much as you can in these sections.) Level 1-3 and Section 7 (4-H Photos & Supporting Materials)Level 1-4, Section 8 (4-H Project Focus), and your 4- H Project Book (or 4-H Project Record Sheet for 6th-12th graders) List your progress in Section 8, even if you didn’t complete your 4-H Portfolio
Prize Awarded for Level Completion Level 1 PrizeLevel 1-2 prizesLevels 1-3 prizesLevels 1-4 prizesLevel 1-5 prizes

4-H Portfolios

Throughout this year 4th – 12th grade 4-H members are encouraged to complete a 4-H Portfolio, which focuses on record-keeping skills and is helpful when completing award, scholarship, and future job applications. Prizes or opportunities will be awarded to top members who complete the 4-H Portfolio. Download a Digital Version of the 4-H Portfolio to begin working.

4-H Leadership Opportunities

St. Charles Parish 4-H is offering the following leadership opportunities this month. List your participation in these activities in the 4-H Leadership (Section 2) of your 4-H Portfolio.

  • Live 4-H Update Podcast
  • Leading Workout Wednesday Project
  • Getting to Know St. Charles Parish Field Study
  • 4-H Jr. Leader Club

4-H Citizenship/Community Service Projects

Use your hands to larger service by participating in 4-H Service Projects. List your participation in the 4-H Citizenship/Community Service (Section 3) of your 4-H Portfolio.

  • Motivation Monday Project
  • Trash Bash Tuesday Project

Read the newsletter for more details on each of these projects. If you need verification of service hours for another organization, contact the 4-H Agent.

4-H Awards and Recognition

There are several award opportunities this month for 4-H members. List your participation in the 4-H Awards and Recognition (Section 4) of your 4-H Portfolio.

  • 4-H Photography Contest
  • 4-H Poster Contests
  • 4-H Record Book Contest
  • 4-H Fun Run Project
  • LA 4-H Scholarship
  • 4-H Culinary Arts Contest

Getting to Know St. Charles Parish Field Study

The Getting to Know St. Charles Parish Field Study will include virtual tours of various aspects of St. Charles Parish, which will be posted on the St. Charles Parish General Information Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. Take a quiz for each tour for a chance to win prizes.

How do I join the St. Charles Parish 4-H Program?

All students K-12th grade have an opportunity to join a 4-H Club. You may join your school club and/or a community club. Yes, you can be a member of more than one 4-H club. These are a few tips on how to join a 4-H club.

Complete and submit a 4-H Enrollment Form See 4-H Club Leader for Form.

Pay 4-H Club Dues See 4-H Club Leader for club dues amount and payment methods.

Submit Any Other Forms See 4-H Club Leader for any additional forms needed to join.


This section is dedicated to frequently asked questions. If you have any 4-H questions, please contact 4-H Agent Kali Zammit.

Because of COVID-19, are we still able to do 4-H activities and events?

Yes! We have continued to offer many of our traditional 4-H programs and some new contests and activities. Many of these are offered virtually to keep our 4-H youth and families safe. For more information on 4-H events, read our newsletters and sign up for our 4-H General Information Google Classroom or Microsoft Team.

Join a 4-H Project Club!

For more information or to join any of the project clubs listed below, please contact the St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter (4-H) Office at 985-785-4473 or stcharles@agcenter.lsu.edu. Many of our 4-H project clubs are being conducted virtually until further notice. To sign up for a project club or to gain access for more information, please click on the club name link to access the online form.

4-H Photography Contest

During the upcoming months, 4-H members are encouraged to explore the world of photography by participating in monthly 4-H Photography Contests. To participate in the photography contest, complete the form by clicking on the link that coordinates with the month and topic. All forms must be completed by the last day of the corresponding month. Photos may be submitted early. No late submissions will be accepted. Official rules are listed in the online form.

4-H Photography Contest Categories and Links to Submission Forms:

February – Still Life - Photo of inanimate object or group of objects

4-H Beef Poster Contest

Complete rules for the 4-H Beef Poster Contest are listed in the January Edition of the St. Charles Parish 4-H Youth Development Newsletter. Entries are due to 4-H School Leader or 4-H Office by February 26, 2021. If submitting to the 4-H Office, call 985-785-4473 to schedule drop off. No late entries will be accepted.

4-H Dairy Poster Contest

Rules for the 4-H Dairy Poster Contest are as follows: (Entries are due to 4-H School Leader or 4-H Office by March 31, 2021. If submitting to 4-H Office, call 985-785-4473 to schedule drop off. No late entries will be accepted.)

  • Open to 4-H members K- 12th grade. Only 4th-12th grade members are eligible to move on to the state level.
  • Poster must be 22” x 28” regular poster board size only. 4-H club members are to draw a billboard that encourages or promotes the consumption of milk and milk products and their importance for health.
  • Do not attach anything to the poster that is more than 1/2” thick. Do not use the commercial brand names of products on the poster. Do not use jingles, slogans, signs, or pictures that are trademark or copyright protected on the poster.
  • Print your name, address, grade in school, and parish on the back, upper righthand corner of the poster.
  • Eligible 1st place posters will be submitted to the state competition for judging and become the property of the LSU AgCenter and Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service and will be displayed at statewide events.
  • Divisions include the following: Cloverbuds (Grades K-3), Elementary (Grades 4 – 6), Middle (Grades 7 – 8), and High School Poster (Grades 9 – 12).
  • State level winners will receive the following: 1st place ($100 check), 2nd place ($75 check), and 3rd place ($50 check) sponsored by the Louisiana Dairy Industry Promotion Board and the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service.

St. Charles Parish 4-H Color Me Healthy Week

March 1-5, 2021

A Healthy Living 4-H Youth Development Program of the LSU AgCenter

In lieu of our annual parish 4-H Color Me Healthy Fair event, we are hosting a virtual 4-H Color Me Healthy Week this year. Read about each of the activities that will be held during the week of March 1-5, 2021.

4-H Color Me Healthy Week Forms

This week we are encouraging all of our 4-H members to participate in at least 1 healthy living project. You may participate in as many of the projects that you would like. The purpose of this event is to encourage good health practices and to pledge our health to better living. Each activity has a form that you may complete for a chance to win a door prize. If you participate in at least 1 project and complete at least 1 form, you will be entered for a chance to win a door prize. The quick link forms are as follows:

If you have any questions, please contact the 4-H Agent, Kali Zammit, at kzammit@agcenter.lsu.edu.

Motivation Monday

Monday, March 1, 2021

Help to kick off our 4-H Color Me Healthy Week with a little motivation. What motivates you to get moving on a Monday? Create a graphic (hard copy or digital image) that includes a positive motivational message that can help others get moving on a Monday! You can create a graphic image on a regular size sheet of paper and scan or take a picture of the image, or you can create a digital image in Word, PowerPoint, or Canva, etc. Complete the 4-H Color Me Healthy Week: Motivation Monday Form by Monday, March 1, 2021.

Trash Bash Tuesday

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

To help protect our environment and keep our community healthy and safe, we are hosting a 4-H Trash Bash during 4-H Color Me Healthy Week. Take time to clean up your environment by picking up trash. Take a picture of you picking up trash around your neighborhood and/or throughout your community and complete the 4-H Color Me Healthy Week: Trash Bash Tuesday Form by Tuesday, March 2, 2021 for a chance to win a door prize for participating.

Workout Wednesday

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Take some time to create your own unique Workout Wednesday routine and share it with us. Do you enjoy soccer drills, Jiu Jitsu, yoga poses, or traditional stretches? Maybe you enjoy cardio or even some fun teambuilding games that makes your heart race! Record a short video of you doing your Workout Wednesday routine, and complete the 4-H Color Me Healthy: Workout Wednesday Form by Wednesday, March 3, 2021 for a chance to win a door prize for participating.

Table Treats Thursday – 4-H Culinary Arts Contest

Thursday, March 4, 2021

We will continue to host our 4-H Culinary Arts (cookery) contest. However, instead of bringing a dish for tasting this year, you will be sharing your process with us through photos and enjoying your dish at home. Please read the 4-H Culinary Arts Contest Rules in the newsletter for all rules and changes to the contest for this year. First place winners in each category will be invited to participate in the Regional 4-H Culinary Arts Contest. To participate in this contest, please complete the4-H Color Me Healthy: Table Treats Thursday Form by Thursday, March 4, 2021. All contest participants will be entered for a chance to win a door prize.

Fun Run Friday

Friday, March 5, 2021

In lieu of our traditional color run, this year we are hosting a virtual Fun Run! We want for you to dress up in your most colorful workout outfit and walk or run with your family, friends, or even by yourself. You can participate in your driveway, in your safe neighborhood, along the levee, or even on your own treadmill. Do what works best and safest for you! Don’t forget to take pictures of your outfit, you walking or running, and track how far you walked or ran! Complete the 4-H Color Me Healthy Week: Fun Run Friday Form by Friday, March 5, 2021. All 4-H members who participate and complete the form will receive a 4-H medal for participating and a chance to win a door prize!

4-H Culinary Arts Contest Rules

4-H Culinary Arts Contest will be held during the virtual 4-H Color Me Healthy Week this year, in which all entries must be submitted using the 4-H Color Me Healthy Week: Table Treats Thursday Form by Thursday, March 4, 2021.

Contest Eligibility:

  • Any St. Charles Parish 4-H member (4th - 12th grade 4-H members) may participate in the parish 4-H Culinary Arts (Cookery) Contest.

General Contest Rules: (Applies to all contest categories)

  • Due to COVID-19, the 4-H Culinary Arts (cookery) Contest will be conducted virtually this year. To participate, you must meet contest eligibility and follow General Contest Rules and rules that apply to your specific contest.
  • New Rules: To compete in the contest, you must complete the 4-H Color Me Healthy Week: Table Treats Thursday Form by Thursday, March 4, 2021. You may submit your entry early. No late submissions will be accepted. The form includes the following items that are new to this year’s virtual contest:
    • Recipe – You will need to attach a copy of your recipe, which should follow the rules per your category. The ingredients listed in the recipe should be listed in the order in which they are used.
    • • Ingredients Picture – You will need to submit one group picture of all the ingredients listed in your recipe.
    • • 3 Instruction Pictures – You will need to submit 3 separate pictures of you completing steps from the recipe. (Example: stirring the pot of ground beef, chopping the vegetables, mixing the ingredients, etc.)
    • • 2 Finished Product Pictures – You will need to submit 2 pictures of the completed dish. The first picture will need to be a picture of the entire complete dish. The second picture will need to be a picture of the plated portion. Since we are unable to taste the dishes this year, appearances are key and will be judged.
    • Dish Summary Paragraph – With each recipe that is submitted, a short (minimum of 5 sentences) summary of the member’s experience must be included. (Example: What was challenging? What did you enjoy? What new skills did you learn? How did you enjoy your dish?
  • Members may only enter one dish per commodity. Members are responsible for deciding on their own placement in category based on the rules below. Only one 4-H member can enter a dish. Two members cannot have a dish together.
  • First place winners, provided they meet all criteria and eligibility, will qualify for the Southeast Region 4-H Culinary Arts Contest – TBA.

        Seafood Commodity Rules

        • Dish must contain at least one (1) cup of fresh, frozen, pasteurized, or dried seafood. No canned seafood may be used. Surimi or artificial crab made from fish cannot be used. There can be no raw seafood in the final dish. A second type of seafood may be added as long as the amount is not more than 1/2 of the primary seafood.
        • Categories: (1) Oyster; (2) Crab; (3) Shrimp; (4) Fish or other seafood; (5) Crawfish

        Poultry Commodity Rules

        • Categories: (1) Chicken; (2) Processed Poultry Products; (3) Other Poultry Meat
        • Chicken Category Rules:

        • Dish contains a minimum of 2 pounds bone-in chicken or 1 pound deboned chicken meat. Contestants should purchase whole chicken or identifiable chicken parts, such as wings, thighs, legs, or breasts. (This dish should not include special processed chicken, such as marinated chicken strips, chicken nuggets, chicken franks, smoked chicken, canned chicken, etc.). Chicken includes any of the following: broiler, baking hen, capon, Cornish or Game Hen, fryer or roaster.

        • Processed Poultry Products Category Rules:

        • Dish contains a minimum of 12 ounces of processed (value-added) poultry, precuts, or any type of turkey. Value-added poultry products are poultry meats which have undergone special processing. Marinated, breaded, seasoned, and reformed products are examples of special processing techniques. Some product examples are as follows: canned chicken, chicken franks, chicken nuggets, chicken strips, ground chicken, smoked chicken, ground turkey, smoked turkey, turkey bacon, turkey ham, turkey rolls, and turkey sausage. Note: All dishes containing any turkey item should be entered in the Processed Poultry category.

        • Other Poultry Meat Category Rules:

        • Dish contains a minimum of 2 pounds bone-in or 1 pound deboned meat from a bird other than chickens or turkeys. You may choose poultry meat from any of the following: dove, duck, emu, goose, grouse, guinea, ostrich, pheasant, pigeon, and quail.

        Egg Commodity Rules

        • Dish must contain a minimum of four (4) eggs. This can be 4 whites, 4 yolks, or 4 whole eggs. No raw eggs will be allowed in the final product. The recipe with 4 eggs must make only one standard size dish.
        • Categories: (1) Appetizer / Salad; (2) Main Dish; (3) Dessert

        Beef Commodity Rules

        • Dish must contain at least one (1) pound of ground beef.
        • Categories: (1) Low-Calorie Main Dish; (2) Quick and Easy Main Dish; (3) One-Dish Meal
        • Low-Calorie Main Dish Category Rules:

        • Dish provides less than 300 calories per serving. Calculation of calories must be stated on recipe next to each ingredient. A total of calories must also be stated on the recipe divided by the number of servings to formulate the total number of calories per serving.

        • Quick and Easy Main Dish Category Rules:

        • Dish must be ready to serve in less than one (1) hour. The time for each step and for cooking or baking must be stated on the recipe. The time for each step must be added and a total amount of time to prepare and cook the meal must be stated on the recipe.

        • One-Dish Meal Category Rules:

        • Dish provides foods from at least three (3) of the main food groups. Food groups must be listed next to each ingredient in the recipe. Use MyPlate (www.myplate.gov) for a listing of food groups.

        Sugar Commodity Rules

        • Dish must use at least one-half (1/2) cup of sugar. The sugar used in the recipe may be granulated sugar, brown (light or dark), powdered sugar, or any combination of the above. Mixes are permitted as long as 1/2 cup of additional sugar is added to the recipe. There can be no raw eggs in the final product.
        • Categories: (1) Cakes; (2) Candy; (3) Cookies; (4) Pies

        “Bento” Cookery Contest Rules

        • A bento lunch is a compact, balanced, visually appealing meal packed in a box. “Bento” is Japanese for packed lunch or meal. Each competitor will create a lunch to be eaten at school by a student age 9 to 12. The beverage to accompany the meal will be water (do not need to include). No recipe containing raw eggs will be accepted.
        • The food should be exhibited in a disposable serving container, not to exceed 18”. Meal should be representative of “MyPlate” recommendations. www.myplate.gov
        • Price per serving and the number of servings per recipe should be listed on the recipe. The food groups should also be listed next to each ingredient.


        • Beef
        • Seafood
        • Poultry
        • Egg
        • Sugar
        • Bento Box

        *Note: If you have any questions regarding rules of the event, please contact the 4-H Office at 985-785-4473 or stcharles@agcenter.lsu.edu.

        Things to do for 4-H in February

        Each month 4-H’ers will be provided with a list of upcoming opportunities on a parish, regional, state, and/or national level. Contact the 4-H Agent or visit the St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter Website under “4-H Youth Development” for all rules, applications, and more information.

        Louisiana 4-H Foundation Scholarships: Scholarship Applications for graduating senior 4-H members

        Graduating senior members may apply for scholarships through the Louisiana 4-H Foundation toward continuing education. Contact the 4-H Agent at kzammit@agcenter.lsu.edu for an application. Application deadline: February 19, 2021.

        4-H Beekeeping Essay Competition – Essay contest for active 4-H members who have not won 1st place

        Active 4-H members may participate in an essay contest for the chance to be a national essay winner. This year’s 2021 National 4-H Beekeeping Essay Competition theme is: Threats to Bee Colonies and Methods to Defend Against the Threats. For more information on this contest, contact the 4-H Agent. Contest deadline: March 8, 2021.

        St. Charles Parish 4-H Spotlight

        Parish 4-H Awards

        Photography Contest:

        Animals: K-3rd grade:

        1st – Rhyan Rodriguez (ESE)

        4th-6th grade:

        1st MacKenzie Bellanger (LWE)

        2nd Raven Hermann (LWE)

        3rd Ethan Bellanger (JBM)

        Blue Ribbon: Allison Neighbors (ESE)

        Melia Clement (RJV)

        Pet Show Contest:

        1st Rhyan Rodriguez (ESE)

        2nd Alexander Fonseca (LWE)

        3rd MacKenzie Bellanger (LWE)

        Door Prize Winners:

        MLK Geaux Green Service Project:

        Ethan Bellanger (JBM)

        MacKenzie Bellanger (LWE)

        Jordyn Lewis (RKS)

        Ryli Mato (HHS)

        Rhyan Rodriguez (ESE)

        4-H Rockin’ Your 4-H Records Workshop:

        Kayla Dupre (JBM)

        Ryder St. Amant (LWE)

        MLK Geaux Green Service Project Highlight

        We would like to congratulate all 4-H’ers who participated in the St. Charles Parish 4-H MLK (Martin Luther King, Jr.) Geaux Green Service Project. Thank you for helping your community become a better place by reusing, reducing, and recycling! Enjoy learning more about some of our 4-H’ers and what they did to Geaux Green during this National Week of Service!

        Monthly Lesson: Home Alone Safety

        This month we will focus on home alone safety. Either at your club meeting or at home, try the activity below to learn more.

        Safety Activities

        1. Create your own “Home Alone Plan.” Examples to include: What should you say when answering the phone? What should you post or not post on social media? Go to a trusted neighbor if you suspect something is wrong. Call your parents when you get there or are home safe.
        2. Make your own “Important Phone Numbers” list. Make it cute yet relevant. Keep it in a safe place and include all important names and multiple accurate phone numbers

        Reflect on Home Alone Safety

        Emergency vs. No Emergency

        • Step 1: Come up with possible scenarios. Then, determine if they are considered an Emergency or Not an Emergency.
        • Step 2: If you determine it is an emergency, develop an Emergency Action Plan. Pretend to call 911. Give details about the emergency, your name, phone number, street address/location of where you are, and any other important details. Pretend to stay on the phone until help arrives.

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