November 2020 - 4-H Youth Development Newsletter

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4-H Gives Back with Hands to Larger Service!

One of the 4 H’s in 4-H stands for “hands,” and as 4-H’ers, we use our hands to larger service to give back to our community. During these next few months, we want you to make a special effort to help those around you. One way that you can give back is by participating in the 4-H Week of Service. Don’t forget to take pictures throughout the month too! Details regarding the photography contest are listed in the newsletter. Do your part to give back with 4-H – one hand at a time!

Stay Connected with 4-H

As we embrace the use of technology during this time, we are asking all 4-H members to stay connected with the St. Charles Parish 4-H Program by requesting access to our St. Charles Parish 4-H General Information Google Classroom and/or Microsoft Team by completing the St. Charles Parish 4-H General Information Virtual Access Form. Once members are granted access to these formats, they will be provided with additional 4-H updates, resources, and opportunities. (Click on the bolded links to access the form. If you have questions, contact the 4-H office at 985-785-4473 or the 4-H Agent at For additional resources, check out our websites. Visit us at:• @scp4h

We would like to thank our continued partners of the St. Charles Parish 4-H Youth Development Program: The United Way of St. Charles, St. Charles Parish Government, and St. Charles Parish Public Schools. As with any 4-H activity, we do not allow funding to deter youth from participating in any mentioned activity. If you would like to discuss your financial situation with the 4-H Agent, please contact Kali Zammit at 985-785-4473.

Stay Updated with St. Charles Parish 4-H News

As many 4-H opportunities have gone virtual, communication is key to keeping up-to-date. This year St. Charles Parish 4-H is providing several venues for 4-H members and families to stay updated with 4-H News. Click on the link for each to access our different methods of communication.

St. Charles Parish 4-H General Information Google Classroom or Microsoft Team

For 4-H updates information, complete the form for access by clicking the link above. We highly recommend for all 4-H members to complete this form to have access to 4-H resources through one or both of these formats.

St. Charles 4-H Facebook Page

Like or Follow this page for daily posts, updates, and resources

St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter Website

Visit website for all LSU AgCenter Program Resources

St. Charles 4-H Instagram @scp4h

Follow us on Instagram for highlights and announcements

November 4-H Gratitude Challenge

During the month of November, we are challenging 4-H’ers to say “Thank You” through various acts of gratitude throughout the month. There is a calendar that features daily acts of gratitude posted on our St. Charles Parish 4-H Facebook page. We encourage everyone to participate by spreading a little cheer and positivity for the members of our club, community, country, and world.

4-H Portfolios

Throughout this year 4th – 12th grade 4-H members are encouraged to complete a 4-H Portfolio, which focuses on record-keeping skills and is helpful when completing award, scholarship, and future job applications. Prizes or opportunities will be awarded to top members who complete the 4-H Portfolio. In addition to completing your 4-H Story and the other sections of the 4-H Portfolio, read the newsletter for opportunities to list in your 4-H Portfolio this year. Download a Digital Version of the 4-H Portfolio to begin working.

4-H Leadership Opportunities

St. Charles Parish 4-H is offering the following leadership opportunities this month. List your participation in these activities in the 4-H Leadership (Section 2) of your 4-H Portfolio.

4-H Challenge Camp

Live 4-H Update Podcast

Getting to Know St. Charles Parish Field Study

4-H Jr. Leader Club

4-H Citizenship/Community Service Projects

Use your hands to larger service by participating in 4-H Service Projects. List your participation in the 4-H Citizenship/Community Service (Section 3) of your 4-H Portfolio.

4-H Week of Service Activities

4-H Animal Shelter Service Workshop

Read the newsletter for more details on each of these projects. If you need verification of service hours for another organization, contact the 4-H Agent.

4-H Awards and Recognition

There are several award opportunities this month for 4-H members. List your participation in the 4-H Awards and Recognition (Section 3) of your 4-H Portfolio.

4-H Photography Contest

4-H Pet Show Contest

4-H All-Around Style Contest

4-H Senior Honor Cord

4-H Senior Jacket

4-H Talent Show Contest

Live 4-H Update Podcast

Join the 4-H Agent and other 4-H’ers throughout St. Charles Parish in a Live Virtual Meeting Update Podcast through Microsoft Teams. The Live 4-H Update Podcast will be held on St. Charles Parish Public Schools early dismissal days. A link to join the meeting will be posted in the St. Charles Parish General Information Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams Channels, so be sure to complete the form to have access. A recording of the meetings will be uploaded to these formats. The Live 4-H Update Podcast Dates are as follows:

• Wednesday, November 11, 2020 at 1:30 p.m. (For High School Students)

• Friday, November 13, 2020 at 1:30 p.m. (For Elementary & Middle School students)

Getting to Know St. Charles Parish Field Study

This year the 4-H Program will feature a “Getting to Know St. Charles Parish” Field Study, which includes virtual tours of various aspects of St. Charles Parish. Videos will be posted on the St. Charles Parish General Information Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams Channel. For each tour you view, there will be a quiz that you can take for a chance to win prizes. Enjoy learning more about our beautiful community!

This month we will be featuring The United Way of St. Charles. Stay tuned!

How do I join the St. Charles Parish 4-H Program?

All students K-12th grade have an opportunity to join a 4-H Club. You may join your school club and/or a community club. Yes, you can be a member of more than one 4-H club. These are a few tips on how to join a 4-H club.

Complete and submit a 4-H Enrollment Form

See 4-H Club Leader for Form.

Pay 4-H Club Dues

See 4-H Club Leader for club dues amount and payment methods.

Submit Any Other Forms

See 4-H Club Leader for any additional forms needed to join

What happens after I join 4-H?

Attend Monthly Meetings Participate in meetings (face-toface or virtually)

Read 4-H Newsletters Bring the newsletters home or show your parents online for more opportunities, contests, and more!

Participate in 4-H Activities Participate in 4-H activities within your club, community, country, and world

Communicate with 4-H Leader Stay updated with meeting dates and 4-H activities and opportunities

Join a 4-H Project Club!

For more information or to join any of the project clubs listed below, please contact the St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter (4-H) Office at 985-785-4473 or Many of our 4-H project clubs are being conducted virtually until further notice. To sign up for a project club or to gain access for more information, please click on the club name link to access the online form:

4-H Cloverbud Community Club - for all K-3rd grade students

4-H CHEF (Cooking, Healthy Eating, & Fitness) Club - for all 4th-6th grade students

4-H Shooting Sports Club – for students 10 years old through 12th grade

4-H Jr. Leader Club – for all 7th – 12th grade students

4-H Fashion Club - for all 4th-12th grade students

4-H Photography Contest

During the upcoming months, 4-H members are encouraged to explore the world of photography by participating in monthly 4-H Photography Contests. To participate in the photography contest, complete the form by clicking on the link that coordinates with the month and topic. All forms must be completed by the last day of the corresponding month. Photos may be submitted early. No late submissions will be accepted. Official rules are listed in the online form.

4-H Photography Contest Categories and Links to Submission Forms:

November – Landscape - Horizontal photo that captures nature or man-made feature

December – People - Photo of person or group of people that captures their essence

January – Animals - Photo of animal or group of animals that captures natural habitat

February – Still Life - Photo of inanimate object or group of objects

4-H All-Around Style Contest

Learning how to use your resources is a great skill to learn through 4-H. For this contest, we do not want you to buy anything! We want for you to use 1 piece of clothing in your closet to be the feature article of clothing that you style for three different occasions: (1) casual, (2) dressy, and (3) job interview. Official rules are listed in the online form. No late submissions will be accepted. Complete 4-H All-Around Style Contest Form by November 30, 2020. Photos will be featured in a Virtual All-Around Style Showcase during the week of December 7-11, 2020 on our St. Charles Parish 4-H Facebook Page.

4-H Virtual Talent Show Contest

Do you have a talent that you would like to share with our 4-H family? Here is your opportunity to participate in a Virtual Talent Show by submitting a video (60-90 seconds) of you performing your talent. Complete the 4-H Talent Show Contest Form by December 7, 2020. Talent Show acts will be featured in a Virtual Talent Show during the week of December 14-18, 2020 on our St. Charles Parish 4-H Facebook Page.

4-H Virtual Pet Show Contest

Do you have a pet that you take care of at home? Well, we would like to hear all about it! Consider participating in our 4-H Pet Show Contest by submitting a video of you and your pet while answering a few questions. Complete the4-H Pet Show Contest Form by January 18, 2021. Entries will be featured in a Virtual Pet Show during the week of January 25-29, 2021 on our St. Charles Parish 4-H Facebook Page.

St. Charles Parish 4-H Week of Service

November 30, 2020 through December 4, 2020

A Citizenship 4-H Youth Development Program of the LSU AgCenter

In lieu of our annual parish 4-H Day of Service event, we are hosting a virtual 4-H Week of Service event this year. Read about each of the activities that will be held during the week of November 30, 2020 through December 4, 2020.

4-H Week of Service Forms

This week we are encouraging all of our 4-H members to participate in at least 1 service project. You may participate in as many of the projects that you would like. The purpose of this event is to use our hands to larger service to help our community grow together. Each activity has a form that you may complete for a chance to win a door prize. If you participate in at least 1 project and complete at least 1 form, you will be entered to win a door prize. The quick link forms are as follows:

Positivity Campaign Form

Special Work of Art Form

Toy and Food Drive Form

St. Charles Parish 4-H General Information Access Form

Thank You Friday Form

If you have any questions, please contact the 4-H Agent, Kali Zammit, at

Positivity Campaign

Monday, November 30, 2020

Help to spread some positivity within our St. Charles Parish community. Throughout this week, we would like to share your messages of encouragement and happiness using our social media platforms. We are looking for your favorite quotes, positive words, pictures and/or videos of something positive, and/or some recommended songs that make you happy. Complete the 4-H Week of Service: Positivity Campaign Form by Monday, November 30, 2020.

Special Work of Art

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

This year’s Louisiana 4-H State Service-Learning focus is special needs. We will be partnering with St. Charles Parish Special Athletes to provide students who have special needs messages of encouragement. We want you to create a piece of art that represents what inclusion and equal opportunity means to you. Take a picture of your art creation or upload your digital art by completing the 4-H Week of Service: Special Work of Art Form by Tuesday, December 1, 2020.

Toy & Food Drive

Wednesday, December 2, 2020 (Supply Drop Off from 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.)

4-H Clubs and club members are encouraged to collect new toys and non-perishable items during this week. School 4-H Clubs may distribute new toys and food to needy families within the school. If 4-H Club Leaders need assistance with organizing and operating this drive, please contact the 4-H Agent. Individual 4-H members may also donate new toys and non-perishable items at the St. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter (4-H) Office on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 from 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. I know many of you may be donating items to your own church or a food pantry near you. Regardless of where and how you donate toys and/or food, please complete the 4-H Week of Service: Toy and Food Drive Form by Wednesday, December 2, 2020 for a chance to win a door prize.

Animal Shelter Donation Project

Thursday, December 3, 2020 (Live Virtual Meeting at 5:00 p.m.)

Join your 4-H agent and friends for a live virtual workshop, where we will make a dog and/or cat toy! You will need the following supplies: an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors. The live virtual workshop will begin at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 3, 2020. The link to the live virtual workshop will be posted on our 4-H General Information Google Classroom and Microsoft Team. To request access, complete the Access Request Form. Members who attend the live meeting will be eligible for a door prize giveaway.

Thank You Friday

Friday, December 4, 2020

Today we want you to take time to say “Thank You” to someone or some organization that has made a difference in your life. From our teachers, 4-H leaders, medical professionals, and partner agencies to our families, sheriff’s department, and community leaders, we have a community full of people who help us to make our best better every day. Take time to complete this 4-H Week of Service: Thank You Friday Form to say “Thank You” by 12:00 noon on Friday, December 4, 2020. You can choose who you want to thank and post a picture or video if you would like. All Thank You messages will be uploaded to our St. Charles Parish 4-H Facebook Page.

Things to do for 4-H in October

Each month 4-H’ers will be provided with a list of upcoming opportunities on a parish, regional, state, and/or national level. Contact the 4-H Agent or visit theSt. Charles Parish LSU AgCenter Website under “4-H Youth Development” for all rules, applications, and more information.

4-H Senior Honor Cord and Senior Jacket Awards – Awards for current 12th grade members

Current graduating senior 4-H members may apply to receive a 4-H honor cord to wear for graduation and a 4-H senior jacket to wear to show off their 4-H accomplishments. Jackets will be awarded in the winter. 4-H Honor Cords will be awarded in spring. There are two separate applications for these awards. Application deadline: November 13, 2020

4-H Regional Challenge Camp – One-day adventure for current 7th-8th grade members - $10.00 fee

This one-day trip is held on Saturday, December 5, 2020 at LOOP NOLA in City Park, New Orleans, La. Selected participants will enhance critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills. Youth will enjoy participating in a High Ropes course, canoeing/kayaking, and outdoor skills programs. Youth will also participate in a 4-H Day of Service project. COVID-19 Guidelines will be followed during this event. Space is limited, so please submit your application as soon as possible. Lunch will be served at this event. Transportation to the event will be the responsibility of the 4-H member. The event will be from 8:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. 7th graders will have first preference followed by 8th graders. For more information on the facility, visit the LOOP NOLA website. Application and fee deadline: November 11, 2020

St. Charles Parish 4-H Spotlight

4-H Wetland Week Results

Costume Contest: Most Creative: Ethan Bellanger (JBM)

Scariest: Rhyan Rodriguez (ESE)

Most Original: MacKenzie Bellanger (LWE)

Best Look-Alike: Alexander Fonseca (LWE)

Green: John Badgerow (Cloverbuds), Brian Childs (HMS), Ciaralyn Coleman (LWE), Ryli Mato (HHS), Jolie Swint (LWE), Emilee Touchet (LWE), Chandler Triche (LWE), Annalise Ward (Cloverbuds)

Pumpkin Decorating Contest: (K-5th grade)

1st – Emma Perret (ESE)

2nd – Ryder Maxie (ESE)

3rd – Lewis Logan (ESE)

Blue: Madeleine Cottrell (ESE), MacKenzie Bellanger (LWE), Rhyan Rodriguez (ESE)

Green: Luke Perret (ESE), Melia Clement (RJV), Leah Lacoste (ESE), Danae Perkins (ESE), Annalise Ward (Cloverbuds), John Badgerow (Cloverbuds)

(6th-8th Grade)

1st – Layla Lavigne (RKS)

2nd – Ethan Bellanger (JBM)

3rd – Brian Childs (HMS)

Blue: Destiny Thompson (RKS), Gabby Alexander (RKS), Jordyn Lewis (RKS)

(9th-12th grade)

1st – Ryli Mato (HHS)

Door Prize Winners:

Pumpkin Contest: Layla Lavigne (RKS)

Family Fun SET Night Workshop: Chandler Triche (LWE)

Service Project: Melia Clement (RJV)

Officer and Member Training: Ryder St. Amant (LWE)

Costume Contest: Emilee Touchet (LWE)

Monthly Safety Lesson: Distracted Driving Safety

This month we will focus on distracted driving safety. Either at your club meeting or at home, try the activity below to learn more.

Safety Activities

1. Time yourself. Give yourself 5 minutes to come up with as many things that are considered a distraction to drivers.

2. Set up 4 chairs like you would be in a car. Create 2 skits: (1) a safe driver/passenger scenario, and (2) an unsafe driver/passenger scenario. Note the safe and unsafe habits.

3. Create a tag that has a “Safe Driving” message. Give this to someone with whom you ride. Remind them to drive safely.

Reflect on Distracted Driving Safety Things to remember:

• Always wear a seatbelt. Seatbelts do not distract the driver. Seatbelts help to protect you while you are in the vehicle.

• We listed several ways that drivers are distracted. How can you, as a passenger, be more helpful not to distract the driver?

• If you are with someone who texts and drives, remind them— Don’t text and drive. Arrive alive!

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