Jurors and Schools Empowering Teens 2016 Part 2

Linda Uzzle, Lynn, Elizabeth  |  10/14/2016 2:28:25 PM

A big thank you to all the business in Bienville Parish who allowed our JET students to intern with them!

The Town of Gibsland Chief of Police, Gregory Pickens and Town Clerk, Rockettia Brown worked with the Bienville Parish JET student in teaching leadership, work ethics, and responsibility. He was recognized with an Award of Excellence.

Bienville Parish JET student would win the "Oscar" for "Entertainer of the Year" and will be greatly missed at the Arcadia Council On Aging Center where he was given the opportunity to learn job skills related to a social environment.

All Bienville Parish teens have the opportunity to apply for the JET program funded by our local police jury, school board, and extension service. Administrator, Monica Lewis at Willow Ridge Nursing and Rehabilitation Center welcomed these students to volunteer and learn about careers in the medical field.

Bienville Parish JET student exemplified a positive attitude and enthusiasm as she learned to multi-task duties. She could be given a "Congenial Award" for her great personality and eagerness to come to work. Jarvis Osborne and LaToya Lard from the Bienville Parish School Board Office have been helpful in supervising the student as she learns about work ethics and job skills.

Assisting the Activities Coordinator with Senior Olympics, Bingo, Prize Cart, gathering residents for games and activities, being good companions to residents were some of the duties of the JET students while working at Leslie Lakes Retirement Center in July. These students were very motivated, helpful, and enthusiastic as they eagerly jumped in and completed their tasks. Much appreciation is extended to Stephanie Bryant, Administrator; Debbie Williams, Activity Director and others who worked with the students while they were learning new skills and work ethics.

Bienville Parish JET students loved working at the Council On Aging and were considered valuable because of their dedication, reliability, and productivity. Special thanks to Ann Chapman, Executive Director; Lesley King, Transit Coordinator; Amber Cullins, Transit Clerk; Kourtney Adams, Program Coordinator; and Brandi Vernon, Program Director for their kindness and willingness to work with the students in teaching them job skills and work ethics.

An opportunity to work with Deanna Curtis at CASA gave this Bienville Parish JET student some insight into her dream of becoming a social worker one day. She received a Gold Evaluation Rating which is the highest rating she could receive from her employer.

Ms. Ruth Boston of Paradise Funeral Home supervised the Bienville Parish JET student who is exploring careers in a related field. The student was recognized for her positive attitude toward the job and toward others. She stated this was a great learning experience for her and she obtained valuable information to help her make decisions about her career.

Left to right: Victoria Dyson, Vanessa Braggs, JET student, Cheri Falgout, Tammy Jump The Bienville Parish JET student was most appreciative of the opportunity to learn about job skills and responsibilities of the District Attorney's Office. She was recognized for an award, as stated by her employer, as "Most Likely to Succeed".

Ringgold Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Administrator, Lynette Dhillon welcomed Bienville Parish JET students to experience a first time job during the month of July. The students were busy helping the Activities Director and visiting with residents. This opportunity was helpful as they continue to explore careers in the medical field.

Becoming a Veterinarian Technician continues to be the goal for this Bienville Parish JET student after working for Rocking Rooster Veterinary Services. She observed Randy Clemons, DVM, as he worked on animals and also helped out in other areas of the business. She valued the opportunity to observe and learn more about this career so she can create the steps for reaching this goal for her life.

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