GNO Gardening - December 2022

Christopher Dunaway, Afton, William, Timmerman, Anna, Abdi, Damon, Willis, Joe, Ashbrook, Aaron

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In This Issue:

  • Look at Me—Nasturtiums (Tropaeolum majus)

By: Anna Timmerman

  • Free Leaves

By: Chris Dunaway

  • What’s Bugging You? Gulf Frilillary Butterfly (Agraulis vanilla)

By: Dr. Joe Willis

  • Plant Nutrition Part V - Soil Tests

By: Dr. Joe Willis, Dr. Brenda Tubana, Dr. Franta Majs

  • Home for the “Holly-days”

By: Dr. Damon Abdie, Jason Stagg, Dr. Jeb Fields

  • Coccinellidae: The Lady Beetles

By: Will Afton

  • Cold Weather Invaders

By: Dr. Aaron Ashbrook

  • December Planting Guide
  • In the Kitchen with Austin
  • Local Garden Centers
  • December Garden Checklist
  • Lawn Care Do’s & Don’t’s

Cover photo: A gulf fritillary butterfly collects water droplets from the leaves of a mustard plant.

Photo by Chris Dunaway

12/2/2022 4:27:11 AM
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