Saving Vegetables

According to USDA, approximately 30 – 40% of the food we purchase is wasted and thrown in the garbage. When we go to the grocery store to purchase things like spinach, carrots, and mushroom, it is not our intention to let the vegetables stay in the refrigerator and go bad, but it happens all the time.

What are some of the ways that we can reduce wasting our vegetables at home? Well, here are some things we can do:

  • Plan how many nights we will cook for the week.
  • Be realistic about cooking.
  • Be creative.
    • If you have half and onion, add it to an egg, sandwich, or breakfast burrito.
    • Cook vegetable stock with the peeling of carrots, celery leaves that were left over and onion skins from that half of onion.
    • Pickle left over carrot, onion slices, cucumbers, and cauliflower to add to sandwiches and salads.
    • Freeze vegetables for later use such as broccoli, bell peppers, spinach, carrots, and lima beans.

Cutting up vegetables when we get home from grocery shopping gives us the best opportunity of eating them because they are washed and cut. Vegetables make great evening or night snacks.The children will like them also if they see the vegetables out on the counter or on the shelf in the refrigerator.

Another thing that we can use the wasted vegetables for is composting. If we have vegetables that really have rotted, use it for compost.

6/4/2020 8:22:26 PM
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