Cameron 4-H Arts Day Competition

Entries will be collected either at school club meetings or can be dropped off to the 4-H Office any time before judging begins.

The last day to turn in entries is Thursday April 27th.

With each entry, please include your name, grade, school, and the category.

Participants will compete as an Elementary (3rd-6th), Junior (7th-8th), or Senior (9th-12th) member, according to enrollment card information.


  • Review the following list of 4-H Arts Day contests.
  • More information is given about each contest on the following pages.
  • If you have any questions regarding a category, please email

Contest Rules

  • Each member may enter only 1 exhibit per category (you may enter as many different categories as you would like).
  • Exhibits must be made by the 4-H member and exhibited the year it is made. (All of 2022 and beginning of 2023)
  • Only ONE (1) article may be entered by a 4-H member.
  • 4-H members are encouraged to date their projects when it is made.
  • All visual arts exhibits are evaluated using a visual arts rubric which takes into account correct use of
  • design elements; craftsmanship; and creativity.
  • Articles must be an original design and created by the 4-H member, except in Heritage Art.
  • Copyrighted or trademarked designs are not acceptable; this includes team, school, and/or business logos.
  • Kits and preformed molds are not considered original and are not acceptable in any class.
  • Combining parts of different patterns (pictures, photographs, images from the internet or a magazine) with the member’s own ideas can result in an original design, but simply changing the color, pattern and/ or size of a pattern does NOT make the design original. This also applies for ideas found on a site such as Pinterest. If you see something on Pinterest that you like, use the concept, and create something unique; however, it MUST NOT look exactly like something the judge can search for and find on Pinterest.
  • If you create a replica of what you see somewhere else, it is not your original design. If a photo, sketch, or other idea source was used, submit it with your entry, firmly attached to your exhibit. Be prepared to explain how and where you got the idea for this project.
  • In addition, 4-H’ers are HIGHLY encouraged to use tools such as 3-D printers, laser cutters, routers and/or other hand/power tools to help in the manufacturing process (NOTE: Simply 3-D printing or laser cutting an object without the other specifications does not qualify as a Maker Project). It is also HIGHLY encouraged that exhibits use Open-Source Software and/or Hardware in the build.


Division A: Canvas, Paper, Glass

Any original artwork done with pencils, chalk, pens, ink, paint, charcoal, dyes, etc. on canvas, paper, or glass. This would include all painting, sketching, drawing, cartooning, original non- computer-generated graphics, printing, etc. Painted and/or glazed pre-formed ceramics and painted porcelain dolls are not eligible for the 4-H Visual Arts Invitational. Drawings and paintings should be matted or framed under glass. (Exceptions: Oil and acrylic paintings do not require glass and are not required to be matted.) Watercolor, chalk, pen & ink, computer-generated art, etc. do require some protective covering. Gallery frames are acceptable. Canvas paintings that continue “over the edges” are acceptable without frames; however, the piece must still be prepared for hanging. Matted pieces without frames are acceptable, however the piece must be prepared for hanging OR it must include a photo of the artwork being displayed in a non-hanging manner. There is no specific requirement for the type of mat used.

Division B: Wood, Metal, Textiles

Any original artwork done with pencils, chalk, pens, ink, paint, charcoal, dyes, etc., on wood, metal, or textiles. Painted and/or glazed pre-formed ceramics and painted porcelain dolls are not eligible for the 4-H Visual Arts Invitational. Any exhibits created as a piece of wall art must be prepared for hanging.


Any original item made of clay; may be fired or unfired, hand formed or thrown on a wheel. Self- hardening clays are fine. Fire/oven-cured and cornstarch clay could be accepted. Items can include, but are not limited to, clay statues, bowls, jewelry, etc. Pre-formed ceramics are not eligible for exhibit.

Computer-Generated Art

Any original art created in any software package. Exhibit may not include scanned work, clip art, downloaded images from the internet, any imported image, or photographs. All pixels must be original. Photo mosaics are NOT allowed. NOTE: Wood and metal exhibits created through the use of laser cutting programs/devices should be entered in this class. Plastic exhibits with an artistic focus created using a 3-D printer should be entered in this class. If the art created is designed to hang, then the entry should have some protective covering, such as a glass frame, and prepared for hanging. If the art is something that has been created with a laser cutting program/device and is NOT designed to hand, it does not require protective covering nor does it need to be prepared to hang.


Any original item made of fiber. Examples are quilts, fabric collage, soft sculpture, stitchery, weaving, embroidery, cross-stitch, wearable art, hooking, braiding, duct tape artistry, string art, and baskets. Original cross-stitched, knitted, crocheted, or quilted items belong in this Fiber class. Non-original cross-stitched, knitted, crocheted, or quilted items should be entered in Heritage Arts. Machine knitted items are not appropriate for this class.


Any original item made of glass or plastic. Possible items to exhibit include stained glass, etched glass (original design), mosaics made of glass, glass beading, plastic jewelry (friendly plastic). Interlocking building block creations (i.e., LEGOS) are not suitable for the 4-H Visual Arts Invitational. Steppingstones or wall hangings that include cement decorated with glass or plastic items are not suitable for this class.

Heritage Arts

Exhibit an item of traditional art learned from another person or from a pattern (NO KITS) may be entered in this class. Non-original cross-stitched, knitted and crocheted items by pattern fit in this class. ALL ORIGINAL cross-stitched, knitted and crocheted items should be exhibited in Fiber Arts; (machine knitted items ARE NOT acceptable for this class.) Other possibilities include: needlepoint, counted cross-stitch, crewel, embroidery, cut work, hardanger embroidery (embroidery openwork), macramé, baskets, candles, pysanki (decorated eggs), leather, quilts, baskets (made using a traditional pattern), traditional handmade dolls with handmade costumes, soaps made using nature dyes also can be made using hand-made molds or broken into chunks for display, or candles. No machine quilting allowed in Heritage Arts. Exhibitors must also bring 1) the pattern or a copy of the pattern they used to create their traditional art; and 2) a description of the traditional origins of their art choice.


Exhibit one of the following options using leather.

Leather Stamping: Exhibit should utilize one or more stamping techniques – exhibit examples include items such as belt; coasters; bookmark; key chain; wrist bracelet.

Leather Carving or Tooling: Exhibit should use simple swivel knife tooling techniques or may incorporate several swivel knife-tooling designs or patterns – exhibit examples include items such as belt; pictorial carving; key case.

Leather Lacing: Exhibit to include stamping and/or carving techniques incorporated with lacing techniques – exhibit examples include items such as wallets; purses; etc.

Leather Stitching: Exhibit may include stamping; carving and/or lacing techniques and should be a leather item or article of apparel, which incorporates hand-sewing techniques and/or stitching techniques. Hand-sewing and/or machine stitching must be the work of the exhibitor.


Any original item made of metal such as sculpture, tin punch, engraved metal, and jewelry. Items intended for industrial use (as tools and/or shop items) are not considered part of this 4-H Visual Arts Invitational and are not eligible for entry. Metal items that have been partially or totally created through the use of laser cutting programs/devices should be entered in Computer-Generated Art.


Any original item made of natural material such as wreaths, cornhusk dolls, etc. Items should be made of natural materials (which may be purchased) but securing elements such as glue and wire may be used in the inner construction as long as they do not detract from the overall “natural” appearance. Articles such as dried pressed flowers may be displayed under glass since it is necessary for protection/preservation of the natural materials. Candles are not suitable as entries.


Any original item made of paper. Examples could include origami; greeting cards; paper-cut designs, papier-mâché, hand-made paper, paper collage, paper models of architecture, quilling, etc. Paper twist articles, made from directions in craft books and stores ARE NOT original and are not appropriate for this class. Scrapbooks should be exhibited in Visual Arts Scrapbooking. Paper towel or towel roll (toilet) ARE NOT allowed.


Exhibit one album or notebook, either 8 ½” x 11” or 12”x12”, with a front and back cover. The album/notebook must have a minimum of 4 pages (front and back, 8 sides), exhibited in page protectors. “Embellishments” are defined as the decorations or special details and features that add to a page and make it more visually appealing. Embellishments may include, but are not limited to, ribbon, clips, special lettering, etc. Exhibitors must use a minimum of 12 embellishments and tell a compelling story with pictures, journaling, and other media.

Three-Dimensional Design/Mixed Media

Art pieces in this class must be comprised of at least three different media. No one medium can make up more than 40% of a piece. The piece should be either freestanding or should be prepared to be hung. It must be observable on at least three different sides. Originality and design are important concepts. Craft and preformed or assembled projects are not acceptable.


Any original item made of wood (wood carving, sculpture, collage, wood burning, etc.). No utilitarian wood items made from patterns or kits (e.g., outdoor, or indoor furniture, shelves) are allowed to be entered in the 4-H Visual Arts Invitational. Popsicle stick crafts are not acceptable for the 4-H Visual Arts Invitational. Wood items that have been partially or totally created using laser cutting programs/devices should be entered in Computer-Generated Art. All Visual Arts Wood exhibits MUST have an artistic element that the exhibitor can explain. Exhibits will be judged using a Visual Arts Rubric and not a woodworking construction rubric.


Each member may enter only 1 exhibit per category. Members can enter 1 black and white and/or 1 color photograph.

Attach photo as an image in a digital document and include Name, Grade, School, and Category. One photo per category. Email to

Photos must be taken in 2022-2023.


Each member is limited to one exhibit per category and will sew a garment and non-garment project such as a quilt, pillowcase, handbag, wall decoration, etc. Items will be judged on neatness of construction and creativity.

Creative Writing

Each member is limited to one submission in each of the two categories.The submission must be original. The submission must be typed and double spaced with the member’s name, grade, school, and category in the top right corner of the document. A photo or drawing may accompany the writing as an illustration.

For more information concerning this event, please contact Mrs. Brittany at the Cameron Parish 4-H Office at

If you have a disability which requires special assistance for your participation in any of our 4-H activities, please contact the 4-H Office so that preparations can be made.

Any adult interested in volunteering with 4-H contests/activities – give the 4-H Office a call and we will add your name on file to assist us with future 4-H events. (337) 905-1318

Cameron Parish Arts Day contest will be held Thursday April 27th. You will need to have your items turned in to school or the 4-H Office by this date. Please label each item with your name, school, grade, and the category. Arts Day has been updated to align with the Fine Arts Contest now held at 4-H University. We will have those categories, plus photography, sewing, and creative writing. This year, we will work with school art teachers to open the entries to students not enrolled in 4-H, who will compete in a separate, non 4-H category. We want to let other students know that art is a project area offered in 4-H!

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